34 Best Wooden Gifts For Men On Your 5th Wedding Anniversary

Are you looking for wooden gifts for men for your 5th wedding anniversary?

First of all, congratulations on your 5th wedding anniversary. It must have been a loving 5 years if not you wouldn’t bother to find an anniversary present for him.

I have handpicked 34 best wooden present ideas from around the web and list it in this page.

Let’s get started.

1. Oree Wooden Keyboard is a great personalized wooden gifts for men


Oree Wooden Keyboard 

This wooden keyboard is not for decoration. It actually works! Besides you can make a personalize message behind the keyboard.

2. CUCOL Bamboo Watch – Wooden Watch that make him in style


CUCOL Bamboo Watch

I never know wooden watch can look this great. Besides, the leather straps offer comfort on his wrist.

3. Wood & Leather Wooden Bowtie – Wooden Bowtie that is too cute to pass


Wood & Leather Co Wooden Bow Tie

This is a great idea for your quirky husband.

4. Macaranduba – Wooden Tie Bar that is just awesome


Macaranduba Wooden Tie Bar

Is your husband working in smart casual environment? This timeless tie bar is great in any occasion with any tie he have.

5. Omega Headphone Stand – Wooden Headphone Stand that keep his headphone in place


Omega Headphone Stand

Now his headphone is going to have a proper place to rest. If his desk is a mess, try this wooden under desk headphone rack.

6. Symphonized Headphones – Wooden Headphone so he can listen to his favorite music


Symphonized Premium Wood Headphones

This headphone doesn’t just look beautiful, it is great in quality as well. The 600+ 4.5 stars review in Amazon doesn’t lie.

7. Symphonized Earphone – Wooden Earphone Noise Isolating Earphone


Symphonized Premium Wood Earphone

If a headphone is too bulky for him to bring around then try this earphone. Do you know how many review this one have? Over 6000 + 4.5 stars review.

8. Yescom Watch Display – Wooden Watch Display that keep his precious watch


Yescom 6 slot Wooden Watch Display

His watch needs a home too.

9. Large Beer Mug – Wooden Beer Mug that hold a lot of beer


Large Beer Mug

Isn’t that cool to have a beer mug made from wood. This mug can fill 600ml of beer.

10. Rocky Mountain – Razor With Wooden Handle. This count as wooden gift right?


Rocky Mountain Double Edge Razor

The handmade handle makes this razor more of a badass. Other than that, it comes with a beautiful box so it is easier for you to wrap as a gift.

11. FESS Tobacco Pipe – Wooden Smoking Pipes that make him smoke like a Chinese emperor


FESS Long Tobacco Pipe

Now your husband is going to smoke like a real gentleman. This pipe comes with a box as well so you can wrap them easily.

12. Ellen Edmonds – Wooden Shoe Trees that keep the shape of his shoes


Ellen Edmonds

Every man need at least a pair of shoe trees so their shoes will stay in shape.

13. Bright Tech Floor Lamp – Wooden Lamp that is beautiful as a decoration


Bright Tech Floor Lamp

I found this beautiful lamp on the web and I got to find a reason to squeeze it in this page.

The leg of this lamp is made from wood so it does count as wooden gifts right? I think it is a beautiful decoration for your house.

14. Rosewood Business Card Holder – Personalized Wooden Business Card Holder that make him a boss. Just kidding


Rosewood Business Card Holder

This is a great personalized gift for him to look like a boss when his client is meeting him in the office.

15. Mr.Rugged – Wooden Comb that keep his hair smoother than your skin


MrRugged Wooden Bomb

Sometimes the static on plastic comb will make his hair sticking out all over the place. Everything solved with this wooden comb, he can use this to comb his beard as well.

16. Bamboo Cutting  Board – High Quality Wooden Chopping Board is a Must


Bamboo Cutting Board

This is the gifts for your husband who love to cook.

17. Thousand Years Kauri Wood Products?


Have you heard of this? You can only get this wood from New Zealand. Around 45 000 years ago, kauri tree was destroyed by nature. So all the trees were covered and preserved by swamp.

You need to dig out from the swamp to get these wood. People are making this wood into rings, pen, accessories and many more. My girlfriend got a pen made from kauri wood and I love it!

Each product made from kauri wood have a certificate. Learn more about kauri wood here.

18. Alex Navarre Wooden Pen – I got this one from my girlfriend and I love it!


Alex Navarre Wooden Pen

Write a poem with this pen. This pen can make a doctor to have a beautiful handwriting. No, I just kidding.

19. Olina Bookmark – Personalized Wooden Bookmark


Olina Wooden Bookmark

Does he love reading? He will never miss a page that he last read anymore.

20. Age Tree Of Life – Sweet Notes in a Wooden Box. Write something sweet and put it in this box


New Age Tree of Life Wooden Box

Since it is your 5th anniversary, write a note related to “5” for him? Such as 5 reasons why I love you, 5 things I want you to do this week, my 5 years plan with you and many more. Keep the notes in a wooden box so both of you still have something sweet to read after 20 years.

21. Personalized Wooden Wine Case


Service from Everything Decorated

Wine lover will absolutely love this. Get him a wine that he love and put it inside the wine case. You can personalise this wine case as well.

22. Handcrafted Beer Tote – Wooden Beer Tote that he can bring anywhere


Handcrafted Wooden Beer Tote

Carrying a beer will be easier with this one and there is beer opener on the side.

23. Wooden Card Shuffler – Now the loser don’t have to shuffle the card again


Wooden Card Shuffler

Does he love poker? Get this wooden card shuffler for him.

24. Bamboo Docking Station – Wooden Docking Station for iPhone and Laptop that give him more space


GUS Bamboo Docking Station

Let him organize his table with this wooden charging dock so he won’t have a messy table anymore.

25. Drop Catch – Magnetic Bottle Opener, Every men need this


Drop Catch Magnetic Bottle Opener

Don’t you find this invention smart and creative? It creates a surreal decoration when the bottle caps are piled up.

26. Portable Symphonized Bamboo Speaker – Now he can listen to his favourite music anywhere


Symphonized NXT Bluetooth Speaker 

This speaker can play up to 6 hours. He can bring this beautiful present anywhere he like.

27. Pallet Wood Coaster – Now this coaster is very creative

Pallet Wood Coaster

This cool and unique coaster is an eco friendly coaster to rest his wine, beer, coffee or tea.

28. World Bazaar – Wooden Boomerang. It’s for decoration so make sure he don’t throw it


World Bazaar Boomerang

Let’s get some outdoor activities with him.

29. SpeakaBoo – Bamboo Arm Tray that keep his coffee on place


SpeakaBoo Arm Tray

Does he love watching tv with drinks?

30. Ecvision – Wooden Clock

wooden-gifts-for-him-on-his-anniversaryEcvision Wooden Clock

This is a great present in for his office or in your bedroom.I like the large number on the clock because I am always having a blurry eye when I woke up.

31. Coaster Home – Wooden Rocking Chair for him to relax and enjoy the moment


Coaster Home Furnishing Rocking Chair

Reading books on this rocking chair is so relaxing.

32. So There Stand – Wooden Guitar Stand


So There Wooden Guitar Stand

Does he play guitar? Then this is a great stand to rest his guitar at the corner of his room.

33. Grub2Go – Wooden Lunch Box that keep his lunch fresh


GRUB2GO Bento Box

Prepare his favourite lunch on this lunch box so he will think of you everyday.

34. Wooden Cufflinks


This will remind the most memorable moment when both of you say the words “yes, I do.” Let this sweet little cufflink that express your love to him even after 5 years of marriage.

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