16 Interesting Whisky Gifts For Him That Will Make Him Drink More

Whisky gifts for him that you’ll find below are perfect for any guy who appreciates the well-known taste of this remarkable drink.

Whether your father, friend or your partner is a passionate whiskey lover, with this list you’ll surely find a suitable gift for him.

Let him enjoy his favorite beverage even more!

1. Have you seen this unique glass made from ice? He can make one at home with this whiskey gifts for him

whisky gifts for him ice shot glass

Fred & Friends Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold

Made of silicone rubber, the shot glass mold allows for easy usage. Just fill the mold with juice or water and put it in the fridge.

After a couple of hours, you’ll have 4 frozen shot glasses, perfect for any kind of party. The guests will certainly have a good time drinking whiskey served from these cool looking glasses.

Moreover, if you’re feeling creative, you can make your loved one the Whiskey cake and use the mold to add a frozen touch to it.

2. Mix this elderflower tonic with his favourite bourbon and he will definitely love it

whisky gifts for him elderflower tonic

Jack Rudy Elderflower Tonic

Whisky, Bourbon and Gin- spirits that make our nights out really memorable. However, if he’d rather stay home with you, this is a perfect gift for you.

The two of you can make new drinks or at least improve the taste of old ones, with this outstanding Elderflower Tonic.

It will enhance the aroma of the spirits, due to the special updated tonic formula.

3. This breathalyzer is going to save his life


Smartphone Breathalyser Tracker

So, he’s a little bit drunk and he’s got to go home. But, how to avoid getting the ticket? Easily, thanks to this amazing little device.

He can connect it to the smartphone via Bluetooth and watch how his phone transforms into a Breathalyzer.

It will estimate his blood alcohol in an accurate way, as well as when his BAC will be 0.00%. That way, he’ll know how much time he needs to wait before he goes home.

4. He is going to love this diamond cut whiskey glass. Look how beautiful it is

whisky gifts for him diamond cut shot glass

Diamond Cut Whiskey Glass

Look the impeccable design of these whiskey glasses! Made from high-quality diamond glass, it isn’t surprising that they look like a million dollar.

Compared to other models, these may be slightly more expensive, but, honey, they are worth every single penny.

Get this set for your significant other, so he can have a memorable drinking experience.

5. This is a fun gift for a party

whisky gifts for him spinning shot game

Barbuzzo Spin The Shot

Looking for something that will bring fun to your friend’s party? Well, I have just what you need. This gift will definitely take his party to another level.

Spin-the-shot is a game for everyone who has enough courage to get drunk and to stand that awful headache tomorrow morning.

There are no rules, so he’ll enjoy making up his own. Now, are you ready to play?

6. He is going to love this beautiful hand-blown decanter

whisky gifts for him hand blown decanter

Whiskey Handmade Decanter

This decanter is really appreciated by people who truly know how to enjoy the spirits. They know that drinking isn’t about getting drunk.

Rather, it’s the art of enjoying every single sip of a high-quality spirit.

Naturally, decanter will preserve the taste of your father’s favorite spirit, which will allow him to fully enjoy the taste.

There is no doubt that a carefully handcrafted decanter, breath-taking ship, and beautiful Oak base will impress him.

7. He is going to get drunk really fast

whisky gifts for him alcohol funnel

Fun World Alcohol Funnel

This amazing beer funnel is definitely made to give us a lot of fun. If your friend is a fan of skulls and a fan of beer, this would be just the perfect gift for him.

Moreover, if he happens to be one of those people who is always searching for a great time, this will be his new companion.

With this little guy in his bag, he’ll always be ready to party.

8. Hip flask can be creative as well. Can you read what’s on the right flask? If not, then you are drunk

whisky gifts for him flask

Creative Hip Flask

Looking for unique whiskey gifts for guys? How about this one? For a whiskey lover who also loves skulls. Made from high-quality stainless steel this one will surely last for a long time.

Due to special design, his drink won’t spill or leak. So, he can carry the flask in the pocket of his jacket, without worrying about that.

Black skull design wrap and copper cap really make this flask classy looking.

9. This bullet whiskey stones is awesome

whisky gifts for him bullet whiskey stones

Bullet Shape Whiskey Stones

Is there anything worse than when ice cubes totally ruin the taste of your favorite spirit? In my opinion there isn’t. Luckily, I’ve found these chillers that saved my drink!

Not only will they preserve the flavorful taste of your drink, they’ll also cool it perfectly. Another thing that I love about them is their mind-blowing bullet shaped look.

Buy him these chillers as a gift, so he can finally treat his Whiskey properly.

10. This whiskey glass with real bullet stuck on it

whisky gifts for him whiskey glass with real bullet

Ben Shot -Shot Glass With Real Bullet

What better way to enjoy the flavorful taste of Whiskey, than to drink the one served from this unique shot glass?

Beautifully hand-sculpted, with a real bullet in it, this glass is really attention-grabbing. He’ll be proud to have this shot glass at his home bar.

Authentic and beautiful, this is one of the best gifts for whiskey drinkers.

11. Do you know what is this? It is a bullet shape shot glass

whisky gifts for him bullet shape shot glass

Barbuzzo 50 Caliber Shot Glass

Why not buy him this very appealing set of 50 caliber shot glasses? With an impressive design and gold-colored glossy finish, these shot glasses will add a sophisticated touch to his home bar.

In order to preserve their beauty, he should hand-wash them.

12. He is going to get drunk easily with this tic tac toe game

whisky gifts for him tic tac toe

KOVOT Tic Tac Toe Shot Glass

With Tic Tac Toe, the two of you will never get bored again! This game brings laugh and fun to every party, thus it’s a perfect gift for his birthday.

It includes 10 shot glasses and a mirror glass game board. He should keep in mind to hand wash the glasses and board, otherwise, the gift will be ruined (and he surely doesn’t want that happen).

13. Sauces in whiskey barrel

whisky gifts for him sauces

Bourbon Barrel Sauces

The soy, Worcestershire, and Teriyaki sauces are just perfect to enhance any dish that he prepares.

Each of these sauces has different and unique flavor, so he can make various types of food, from spicy to very delicate one.

14. This wingman shot glass is fun!

whisky gifts for him wingman shot glass

Wingman Shot Glass

Why not make his birthday party really memorable with this funny game? Not will only the two of you have a great time, but you’ll also get the chance to get drunk together. Now, isn’t that romantic?

15. Whiskey glass can be made from Himalayan salt as well

himalayan salt glass whiskey gift for him

Himalayan Salt Shot Glass

Wanna find out what are great whiskey lovers gifts? These extraordinary shot glasses, of course! Made of pure Himalayan Salt, they will enhance the aroma of any spirit.

Since shot glasses are carved from the high-quality Himalayan pink salt, it’s not surprising that they look so attractive.

16. He can make his own cocktail mid-flight with this kit

whisky gifts for him cocktail kit

The Carry On Cocktail Kit

If he’s one of those people who feels uncomfortable on the plane, this is just the perfect gift for him.

Thanks to this cocktail kit, he’ll be able to make 2-3 small cocktails, just enough to help him relax and enjoy the flight.

Have you found the best whiskey gifts for him?

So, that is all from me. Now that you have some of the best whiskey gifts for him, finding a perfect gift for your dearest one will be both fun and easy.

Feel free to share this list with others who’d appreciate it as well.