13 Best Whiskey Glass Gift Set That Makes Any Whiskey Taste Better

Looking fro beautiful whiskey glass gift set for his birthday?

If you are in a search for a present that is just perfect for any whiskey lover who knows that a high-quality whiskey deserves a high-quality glass set, then stop searching because we’ve come up with this unbelievable list of 13 Best Whiskey Glass Gift Set.

Perfect for any occasion, these gifts will surely make drinking whiskey more enjoyable than ever before.

1. This is great whiskey glass gift set for him

Whiskey Glass Gift Set himalayan salt glasses

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Inspire him to try out a new way of enjoying his favorite drink by buying him this set of Himalayan Salt glasses.

This appealing set will add a flavorful taste to his drink, due to the well-known Himalayan salt.

Moreover, he will love to display these glasses so that everyone in the house can admire its unique beauty. To make these glasses last, he should store them in a cool and dry place.

2. Shot glass with a twist

Whiskey Glass Gift Set twist glass

Ashcroft Twist Whiskey Glasses

Why not make him a romantic dinner and make a toast with these cool-looking glasses? The set of two glasses would be just a perfect for your anniversary.

What we love here is the remarkable twisting design that’s definitely attention-grabbing. There is no doubt that thanks to its design, this set makes a powerful addition to your little home bar.

No need to worry if the glasses can be safely washed in the dishwasher, because they are durable and they won’t damage.

3. Playing tic tac toe a different way

Whiskey Glass Gift Set tic tac toe

KOVOT Tic Tac Toe Shot Glasses

Are you throwing him a surprise birthday party and all your friends will be there, ready to have fun? Then this gift will serve the purpose and make the party full of laugh and joy.

You’d better be prepared to have a great time!

4. What about this diamond cut shot glasses?

Whiskey Glass Gift Set diamomd cut shot glasses

Diamond Cut Shot Glasses

Designed for couples, this set is just perfect for enjoying dinner with your husband and to relax a little.

Why worry about everyday problems, when you have the opportunity to enjoy today and make your life interesting?

5. This bullet shape shot glass

Whiskey Glass Gift Set bullet shot glass

Barbuzzo 50 Caliber Shot Glasses

We’ve been searching for weird gifts for scotch drinkers and we’ve finally found this set of two shot glasses.

What makes the glasses stand out is remarkable 50 caliber look, such as he has never seen before.

So, in case your whiskey lover has an ever-growing collection of glasses, this set is definitely a must-have.

6. This unique shot glasses

Whiskey Glass Gift Set unique shot glass

Biormioli Rocco Sorgente Shot Glasses

What we love about these shot glasses, is definitely the feel we have when holding the glass, because the creative shape allows for the best comfort ever.

No need to worry how to keep them clean and beautiful, because they can be washed in the dishwasher, so they will shine like new.

One is for sure, the glasses will get a lot of compliments. Made in Italy.

7. For your information, that’s a real bullet stuck in there

Whiskey Glass Gift Set shot glass with real bullet

Shot Glass With Real Bullet

Looking for a true masterpiece, that will add an artistic look to his home bar? Then this Shot glass with a real bullet will impress your special whiskey lover.

When filled with Whiskey, the emphasis is on the beauty of this real bullet. No surprise why people find this gift appealing.

8. Who say shot glasses can’t be sexy?

Whiskey Glass Gift Set sexy shot glasses

Exotic Shape Shot Glasses

Ladies, here we have just an Awesome Whiskey Glass Gift Set for your best friend. Due to the creative shape, the glasses look really cool and they will definitely get all the attention.

Whether your friend is getting married, celebrating an anniversary or he’s just throwing a party, this set is simply a must-have.

Needless to say, it will bring a lot of laugh to any event.

9. Not easy to spill this shot glass

Whiskey Glass Gift Set rocker shot glasses

Rocker Whiskey Shot Glasses

If you’re looking for a gift that looks luxurious, then this set is certainly the one. These glasses are a great conversation piece, so they are perfect for any party.

The whiskey lovers are thrilled with its jaw-dropping design and the high-quality.

There is no doubt that your boyfriend will love the feel of this glass.

Making toasts and having fun has never been easier than with this loveable set!

10. This skull shot glass is awesome

Whiskey Glass Gift Set skull shot glass

Doomed Crystal Shot Glass

Designed to bring fun to every party, this set makes one of best funny gifts for scotch drinkers.

Needless to say, these glasses are a true piece of art due to its authentic and beautifully hand-blown design.

The best part is that the set comes in an amazing gift box which will leave a strong impression on your scotch lover.

11. Is he an adventurous guy? Then he will love this

Whiskey Glass Gift Set adventure shot glass

American Expedition Shot Glasses

Here we have a truly Beautiful Whiskey Glass Gift Set that will make his bar unique.

The details and lovely colors of the wolf are just stunning and he will be amazed at the beauty of these glasses.

More than just a way to enjoy his favorite drink, these glasses gives love, appreciation, and adventure to every Whiskey lover.

Hurry up and make his day wonderful with this remarkable gift.

12. This is something I never seen before

Whiskey Glass Gift Set special shot glass

Friday The 15th Party Shot Glasses

Is he a fan of Friday the 13th and he loves darkness? Then these Shot Glasses would be just the thing he needs in his home bar.

Needless to say, they will add a quite mysterious and dark touch to his collection.

But, these are sure to be the most interesting glasses on his birthday party and everyone will love them.

Thanks to durability, the glasses can be used for years and numerous parties.

13. Iceberg shape shot glasses

Whiskey Glass Gift Set iceberg whiskey glasses

Ashcroft Iceberg Shape Whiskey Shot Glasses

What better way to enjoy the cozy evenings with your loved one, than cheering with these lovely Iceberg Whiskey Glasses?

It is certainly a perfect gift for your whiskey lover, due to its durability and stunning design.

There is something powerful when holding this heavy glass in your hands, because you will feel like you’re unstoppable. Cheers!


Whiskey Glass Gift Set that will make his day special is certainly not easy to find, but hopefully our list helped you in that.

Enjoy choosing the perfect gift for your favorite whiskey lover! Feel free to share this list with other whiskey lovers who is looking for whiskey glass gift set.

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