What to Get Your Boyfriend For His Birthday? (21 Ideas) You Have to see #17 and #19

What to get your boyfriend for his birthday?

You will find lots of gift ideas if you try to search online.

But which one is the best from a men’s perspective? I had a look around on the internet and handpicked 20 items that I think your boyfriend will like. (especially #17 and #19)

Let’s keep reading.

1. What to get your boyfriend for his birthday? How about a funny gift?


Boogey Tin

A felt pad is included in the bin so he can wipe off his booger comfortably on the pad.

Besides, the hooked velcro lets him hang this bin wherever he want such as under the table, on the wall, beside the bed, and in the car.

This bin is small and compact so he can bring this anywhere in his pocket.

2. Cute Gift Ideas For Him



What are the cute things to get your boyfriend for his birthday? This couple mug is for a couple like you. He will think of you every morning whenever he is making a coffee.

The simplicity of the stick figure makes this mug even more attractive.

Get this for your boyfriend if you are in a long distance relationship. I am sure he will appreciate this cute gifts on his birthday.

3. This T-shirt that says everything

best birthday gift for boyfriend awesome t shirt

Best Boyfriend Ever T-Shirt

I think this is the sweetest thing you can get for him on his birthday.

4. Romantic and Sentimental Gift


Letters To My Lover

We live in a world where messages can be delivered within second. It is hard to find any digital messages that he send you 5 years ago as our inbox were buried with thousand of messages.

Write a letter for him is the most romantic gift ideas for him as a present.

Besides, he can keep it for a long long time. If both of you works out well and get married, you can show this to your kids.

5. Cool Gifts for Him


Fred & Friends Doomed Glass 

Does he love having a shot? Then this cool birthday gifts for boyfriend is going to let him have his whisky in a badass way possible.

The beautifully crafted skull on the glass is going to get more visible when a drink is poured in. Just make sure both of you don’t get too drunk.

6. Give For Boyfriend Who Love to Cook


Bialetti Pasta Pot

Does your boyfriend love to cook? The built in strainer is going to make your boyfriend life even easier. When the pasta is ready, he can easily tilt the pot and drain all the water.

Not just pasta, you can cook hard boiled egg, potatoes, vegetable and any dishes that require a strainer in this pot.

This is the most important part, he get one less thing to wash.

7. Does he Love Running?


Neutrogena $8.09, Banana Boat

Yup, a sunblock or sunscreen is the best gifts you can get for him. He is going to need it every time he goes for a run.

If your boyfriend doesn’t like to use sunscreen, please advice them because this can prevent skin cancer. I find the spray sunscreen is much less oily.

8. Protect Your Geeky Boyfriend Eyes



Most geek spend their day in-front of computers. This is going to make their eyes uncomfortable.

This is a thoughtful gifts for him to protect his eyes from eye fatigue, headache, and any possible harm that a computer can do to his eyes.

This glasses comes with different design and color to suit his fave.

9. Fitness Gifts for His Birthday


Promixx $28.90

This protein shaker is so cool that he can mix his protein shake evenly with a press of a button. While protein shake is easy to make with this bottle, it is easy to clean as well.

Simply add water and switch it on. The Japanese invention never fails to impress.

10. Fishing Gifts


Greatest Fishing Stories Ever Told

Sitting there enjoying the breeze while reading a book is definitely a great moment to enjoy. He can read the most talented writers recount their personal memories of catching bass, trout, bluefish marlin, tuna, and more.

Even the tales of Zane Grey where he struggle with a 1000 pound blue Marlin.

11. DIY Birthday Gifts


Don’t stress yourself if you cannot come out with 52. The point here is the message that you want to express, but not many you can come out with.

This DIY present for your boyfriend is easy to make. Follow the tutorial here. In my opinion, this is a thoughtful DIY gifts you can get for him to keep for a long time.

12. Outdoor Gifts For Him



This compact outdoor gift is awesome. He can easily slip this in his pocket and have a 10 in 1 survival tool anywhere he want.

This multi-tool include a serrated knife, bottle opener, large and small slotted screwdriver, compass, magnifier, tweezer, toothpick, ruler and a position wrench.

This is a great gift for your boyfriend who love outdoor activities.

13. For Boyfriend Who Loves Traveling



What is the worse thing that can happen to him when he travel? Getting his credit card stolen with just a tap on his wallet. Yup, that happen all the time. He can travel safely with this wallet.

14. Wine Gift for Boyfriend


Big Mouth

This wine glass is so big that it can hold up to 750ml of wine. It is a funny gift and I think it is a great for decoration as well. Just make sure he don’t drink too fast.

15. Tea Gifts For His Birthday



Does he love drinking tea? There are 8 flavours in this gifts set so he can find his favourite tea in this box. All these teas are made in England. Besides, it comes with a box so you can easily wrap this up.

16. For Him Who Loves Hunting


TAC Knife

Never go hunting without a pocket knife. The blade is made from stainless steel so a rough condition can never make this blade rust.

The finger ring grip made this pocket knife a whole lot easier to hold and cut.

17. The World Strongest Coffee


Death Wish Ground Coffee

I think this is the best gifts for him that are having a hard time to wake up in the morning. This coffee is so strong that will force his brain to wake up while his eyelid is closed.

This always happens When I had too much coffee and trying to sleep at night. This is the best wake up drinks.

18. Does He Love To Fix Things?


Bondic Plastic Welder

This is a great tool to fix all the broken wiring. This is the first liquid welder that ever made. It can fix almost everything you can ever imagine.

Your boyfriend Batman figurine is broken? weld it with Bondic. The nontoxic plastic allows you to fix kids toys so they can use this safely.

19. Food For Him


Jack Link’s Jerky

You can never get wrong with jerky. Who doesn’t like jerky? This Jerky is 96% fat-free so he can eat as much as he wants without worrying about getting fat. I am just kidding.

The best part is it comes with teriyaki flavour.

20. Unique Wireless Speaker


Airmate Wireless Speaker

This wireless speaker is such a beauty. It looks like a galaxy and the shimmering frost or glitter from inside the speaker it is going to be a beautiful decoration in your boyfriend room.

It comes with a remote control where you can change the light preferences as well.

21. A gift for Music Lover


Symphonized Headphones

Does he love listening to music? Then this noise cancelling headphone is going to make is music listening session more enjoyable. It works with most device.

This headphone also provide a strong deep bass so this headphone is perfect for him that love the sound of the bass.

This review should help you to pick the best noise canceling headphone for him.

Do you have any friends that don’t know what to get for their boyfriend? Share this gifts ideas from a men’s perspective with them so they can get the right present for their boyfriend.

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