101 Best Valentines Gifts For Him in 2017

Are you currently in search for a Valentines gifts for him that will surely make him feel that he holds a special place in your heart?

Then this post is the ideal place for you. With all the information presented in here, you can gather more useful ideas about what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day.

All the gifts here are not only romantic but also practical and useful, so you will never regret picking one from this list.

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1. This valentines gifts dor him that he will never forget the 5 years of sweet moment you have been through together

qna valentines gifts for him

Q&A a Day : 5 Year Journal

Searching for a nice Valentine’s gift for boyfriend that will make him smile from ear to ear? Then this 5-year journal from Potter Style is definitely one of your best options.

With this gift, he will get the chance to see how he got to where he is currently at right now. This serves as his 5-year journal, which clearly indicates the things that go through his head every day for up to 5 years.

It’s a beautiful, small book that he will surely love. It contains great, and sometimes provocative, questions that will let him notice how his answers change, or stay the same throughout the years. This journal features a classic design, and makes a perfect gift for your special someone this Valentines.

2. This paper roll is probably going to make him laugh so hard

toilet paper valentines gifts for him

Just Paper Roses – I Love You From Top to Bottom

Are you currently thinking of what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, which is not only unique, but will also showcase your love for him?

Then let this toilet paper from JustPaperRoses do the job. Each sheet has a legible print of the phrase “I Love You from Top to Bottom”, thereby giving you the chance to let him know how you feel for him while also letting him laugh at the same time.

Most of those who bought it praised its nice package and clear and bright, readable print.

3. A jar full of reason why you love him

I love you jar valentines gifts for men

DIY Enthusiasts

If you love to do things on your own, especially those that involve arts and crafts, then why not show him how much you love him by exerting an effort to make him a gift from your own creative hands.

This homemade jar can let you do just that. All you have to do is to get one unused jar at home, then fill it with hearts, ribbons, accessories and other nice embellishments that will tell him why he is so important and special to you.

This will definitely turn out as one of the best Valentines gifts for men that you ever gave him.

4. Book shelf, bookmark and light


Running out of unique Valentine gift ideas for him? Then try checking out Lililite bookshelf, especially if you noticed that he loves reading.

This clever and smart gift works not just as a bookshelf, but also as a bookmark and reading light. When he wishes to read his book, the light will turn on automatically just by lifting it from its place.

Once he’s done reading, the light also switches off automatically. He just needs to put the reading material back down for the auto-off function to work.

Aside from being functional, it also features a pleasing design, giving it a place in anyone’s bedroom.

5. Both of you will never run out of conversation anymore

birthday gifts for couple

Tabletopics Couples

If you are searching for the best Valentines gift for him that will continue to ignite the passion and fire in your relationship, then this is the most ideal option.

Whether you have been together for a long time, it is still crucial to maintain meaningful and interesting conversations. The good thing about the questions in this gift is that they serve as excellent conversation starters.

In fact, the gift also features thought-provoking questions designed to let you and him get to know each other even more intimately. Aside from being a great gift this Valentines, it also allows the both of you to play a therapeutic and entertaining couples game.

6. Daniel Wellington Watch

daniel wellington watch valentines gifts for him

Daniel Wellington Classic Belfast Analog

Women are not the only ones who love accessories. Men love these, too, so giving him this elegant watch this Valentines will surely let him appreciate you.

You no longer have to worry about what to get boyfriend for Valentine’s Day with this gift. It has an elegant rose gold-tone case made of stainless steel, and features white, blue and red NATO strap made of nylon.

It also has a white dial featuring rose gold-tone hands, as well as index hour markers. It is water and scratch resistant. It has a masculine design, making it work ideally for men.

7. This custom made wallet insert is going to make him remember you all the time

wallet card valentines gifts for him

Custom Engraved Wallet Insert

If what you are searching for are personalized Valentine’s gifts for him, then this metal wallet card or wallet insert with custom engravings fit the bill.

It gives you the option to engrave your preferred text on it, so you can decide to put something on it that he will definitely love and appreciate.

It has the same size as credit cards, and is made of ultra-thin, yet strong metal, allowing it to stay in his wallet without bulking it up.

The text is also long-lasting since it is guaranteed to not wear off or fade even after a long time.

8. Best Spoke Post – Luxury gifts from around the world

bespoke post valentines gifts for him

Bespoke Post

Any of the subscription boxes at Bespoke Post can actually be considered as among the most ideal Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

Bespoke Post is one of the best sources of luxury gifts that target men. It features themed boxes of luxury gifts and products that tend to change every month. Subscribers are also given the chance to view upcoming boxes before shipment.

This means that if you think that the theme or the specific products included in the box are not perfect for him, then you can choose to opt out.

This means that you can get nothing, but the most suitable gifts for the man of your life.

9. This will be the sweetest book he will ever get

me without you valentines gifts for him

Me Without You

One of the cute Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend is this book written by Ralph Lazar. This is also one of the best ways to tell him you love him.

It contains several cut color illustrations, featuring scenarios that are incomplete without the two. Expect him to enjoy this gift more than what you initially expected.

All its pages are very interesting, so there is a great possibility that he will be too engrossed and absorbed with its contents.

10. Homemade shaving cream

homemade shaving cream valentines gifts for him

Follow this tutorial on Food for Family

This is another of just a few awesome Valentine’s Day ideas for him, which you can do on your own at the comforts of your own home.

This is a very functional gift, which he can use to get a nice shave or to simply pamper himself. Made primarily out of Shea butter and coconut oil, expect this to produce a nice scent combination of rosemary and mint.

It is made of natural ingredients so it can produce a non-scrub cream. He can rub it on his face before shaving, allowing him to feel more refreshed with a razor-burn-free and smooth face afterwards.

11. He can keep this engraved tagua nut forever

tagua nut valentines gifts for him

Engraved Tagua Nut

This is among those Valentine’s Day gifts for husband or boyfriend that you will definitely feel proud to give.

With this gift, you can express your love for him and show how special he is to you in a unique way. The Tagua nut is placed in a box, which also features an information card showing its story. It is also elegantly secured using a stretch loop.

The fact that the nut is engraved with “I Love You”, the words he will most likely want to hear this Valentines season, makes the gift even more special.

12. Beautiful vintage radio

Vintage radio valentines gifts for him

Crosley Vintage Radio

This is one of the best Valentine’s presents for him who loves to collect retro stuff. This retro AM/FM radio features a solid built.

It is also simple enough that he will never have problems operating it. It produces high quality and good sounds, and it can also deliver loud sounds if he wants. It has a lighted tuner dial, making it easier to use.

With its classic design, he can proudly display it anywhere, which is visible to anyone. It has delicate details and powerful speaker, which makes it really useful for him.

13. It is going to be fun with this love coupon

coupon book valentines gifts for men

The Romantic Coupon Book

This is a more realistic coupon book for couples, which is capable of bringing a higher level of passion to any relationship.

It is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men, especially if you want to showcase how in love you are at the moment. It has 22 nicely illustrated coupons that the both of you can use for freebies and discounts mainly designed for lovers.

This is a great way to spice up your relationship whether you are still on the dating stage or you have already been married for a long time.

14. Comfortable wireless mouse

mouse valentines gifts for him

Logitech Master Wireless Mouse

This wireless mouse from Logitech works perfectly for those who use their PCs or laptops regularly. It is a high-end product, which also doubles as one of the best things to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day considering its functionality.

It features stunning designs, highly advanced features and a comfortable and hand-sculpted contour. It works well for both Mac and Windows. It also features a unique thumb wheel designed to promote ease when navigating it horizontally.

Its wheels and buttons are also positioned well, making it easier to control them.

15. If watching movie is boring, then try this book

try valentines gifts for him

100 Fun and Creative Ways to Spend Time Together

With this gift that you can get from Lovebook, you and your special someone will learn about a hundred fun and creative ways to spend more time together.

This is among the good Valentine’s Day gifts for him because the two of you can actually use all the information stated therein.

Plan your next adventures together with the help of this gift. You and him will be able to challenge yourselves to go beyond your usual activities.

This book also has a spot designed to let the two of you maintain records of completion dates for each activity, making each one more memorable.

16. Does he love having tea?

tea kettle valentines gifts for men

Copper Bull Handmade and Hand Painted Teapot

If he is a tea lover, then this elegant-looking copper teapot is the perfect Valentine gift for him.

Many have already attested to the craftsmanship, elegance and beauty showcased by this teapot.

It is also nicely packaged, which makes it a really nice gift. It works without the risk of leaking, discoloration and marks on top.

It also features a wooden, durable handle, which also adds to its unique and elegant appeal.

17. Tell people how he feels with this glass in the morning

coffee mug valentines gifts for him

Go Away Funny Coffee Glass Mug

This coffee mug with 13-oz. capacity is one of the funny Valentine’s Day gifts he will ever receive from you.

It is imprinted with a “Go Away” statement, telling all those around him to stay away until he finishes up his coffee. It is made of high quality glass material.

The funny and unique text imprinted on the mug is also clearly visible even from afar because it is in bright white.

Aside from being useful either at home or in the office, he can also conveniently bring it with him during his travels.

18. If he is really into vintage stuff

vintage phone valentines gifts for him

Paramount – Eifel Tower Reproduction

If what you are looking for are unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him, then this is definitely among your best choices.

The entire set is solid and heavy, showcasing its sturdiness and durability. It is also well-made. It has realistic Magneto generator ornaments.

It also features handset and body frames made of die cast material. It has an easy to use handset volume. You can get it in color black, which also features elegant brass metal accents.

19. This dice is going to be fun

dice valentines gifts for him

Erotic Dice

This is one of the cutest and most creative Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend or husband. It allows the two of you to enjoy a dice game, which also has a way of taking your relationship to an even higher and more intimate level.

It is a fun and new game set, which includes position dice, 2 regular number dice – numbered as 1 to 6, and 2 command dice.

Each dice is also made of durable and hard solid plastic. This serves as a fun and exciting Valentine’s Day surprise for him that will spice your relationship up a bit.

20. Taste Trunk – If he love to eat, this gifts is for him

taste trunk valentines gifts for him

Taste Trunk

If you are wondering what to get your boyfriend for Valentines that will surely satisfy him then consider getting any of the subscription, gourmet boxes from Taste Trunk.

Taste Trunk is actually a monthly subscription box, which offers around 4-6 products, great recipe ideas, discount coupons and company backgrounds based on any of their 4 offered themes namely BBQ, Sweet, Healthy Chef and Gourmet.

Aside from their subscription boxes, you can also purchase any of their offered trunks that are available for a single purchase. This can give you something interesting to give him this Valentines.

21. Do you know what is this? It is a speaker!

speaker valentines day gifts for him

Banf & Olufsen Wireless Home Speaker

This gift will definitely satisfy him, especially if he is a music lover. It is a powerful music system capable of streaming music through various means including DLNA, AirPlay and Bluetooth.

It is also versatile enough that you can expect it to work on all digital devices. It gives him access to huge music streaming providers, giving him millions of curated playlists, as well as songs to choose from just by one tap.

The system also gives him an option to alter its front cover and wooden legs, so it can perfectly suit his style as well as his home’s theme and décor.

22. I think this is a good way to tell him how awesome he is

awesome valentines gifts for him

Why You’re So Awesome

This is among those cute Valentine’s Day gifts for him that will surely have a place in his heart for a long time.

This small, yet memorable gift, comes with blank lines to fill in, describing how awesome he is. All you have to do is to fill in the lines, so he will receive a personalized and unique gift from you, which tells him how awesome and special you find him.

This will definitely cheer him up this love season.

23. This gleaming gold double edges shaver

shaver valentines gifts for men

3 Piece Double Edge Razor

Are you searching for more functional and practical Valentine gift ideas for husband or boyfriend?

Then giving him this safety razor kit is a wise decision. It works as a complete travel kit because it features 11 blades made of stainless steel, carry case made of durable plastic and a mirror.

He can use it whether he is at home, at work or when he is traveling. It has a solid handle with just the right amount of weight, thereby providing the right pressure for a clean and close wet shave. It also works gently, thereby preventing cuts, nicks and irritation.

24. You hit a home run with me

baseball valentins gifts for men

Romantic Baseball

If he is a great fan of baseball or any other sports, then giving him this gift this Valentines will definitely make him feel extremely special.

You also get the chance to purchase five balls – namely for soccer, baseball, golf, basketball and football. Consider giving him all these, so he can receive a full collection of balls for his favorite sports.

The balls are small and compact, making them fit on his desk. The printing is also guaranteed to be of high quality.

25. Have a beautiful bar with this

old world globe bar valentine gifts for him

Italian Replica Old World Globe bar

You will no longer have to constantly ask yourself the question “what can I get my boyfriend for Valentine’s gift” with this elegant globe bar.

It boasts of an elegant and old-world charm, making it a really nice gift for him. It also features a hinged meridian, which works in revealing hand painted frescoes on its interiors in a more artistic manner.

It is also well-packed in a box. It works as a beautiful wine cabinet, which features smooth and elegant-looking finish.

26. Ring Ring Ring… in the morning!

bell valentines gifts for him

Sex Handbell

Are you planning to make this Valentines even more memorable for the both of you? Then consider giving him a humorous, gag gift, which can make him laugh.

Showcasing its nice red finish, you can set up the mood for a fiery and fun Valentines. With this gift, you can instantly let him know what mood you are exactly in.

You can immediately communicate what you really want through this bell.

27. This stand will save the space on his desk

macbook verticle stand valentines gifts for him

Book Arc For MacBook

This silver-colored Valentines gift works as a vertical desktop stand mainly designed for an Apple notebook.

One great thing about this stand is that it is guaranteed to save a lot of space. He will definitely love this gift since he can use it to cradle his MacBook in a secure space.

It also features an integrated cable catch design, which is useful in keeping connections more accessible and handy. He can also integrate a full-size keyboard and mouse in it.

28. The best backpack for his gadget

Cocoon Innovation Slim Backpack

This slim backpack features a simple design, but it is guaranteed to keep all the things he places inside organized.

It features luxurious pockets that work in storing his 15-inch laptop, 10-inch tablet, as well as his documents. It also has ballistic nylon, which is guaranteed to be water resistant, as well as waterproof zippers.

This ensures that all the things he stores inside the bag remain dry and safe. It features a minimalistic design plus adjustable straps, making it easier and more comfortable to use.

It prevents him from messing up the bag, since it can help him organize everything.

29. Portable speaker

portable speaker valentines gifts for men

Bang & Olufsen Wireless Portable Speaker

This is another of the many cute things to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, especially if he is a music lover.

This powerful Bluetooth speaker is guaranteed to be highly portable, allowing him to have something to use wherever he decides to go.

It delivers an innovative True360 Omni-directional sound. Its core is also constructed out of solid aluminum material, which supports its mobility and stability.

It also showcases an advanced sound technology, thereby ensuring an impressive music experience.

It also has an intelligent smartphone charging feature, which ensures that he won’t run out of battery.

30. This is a great book to add on his knowledge, I think you should read too

influence book valentines gifts for him

How To Win Friends & Influence People

This bestselling book written by Dale Carnegie is one of the last minute Valentine’s Day gifts that you can give him, especially if he loves reading.

This is an influential, empowering and inspirational book that will definitely motivate him to reach his goals.

This bestselling book contains time-tested advices that those who already achieved success both in their personal lives and in their career have used.

With this gift, he can learn some techniques to handle people, get them to like him, win people and change their way of thinking. He can definitely use all the information in this book to achieve success.

31. He should never run out of condom anymore

condom valentines day gifts for him

144 Count Assorted Lubricated Condom

This gift contains 144 high quality and premium lubricated condoms. The condoms are thick, flavored and well-textured, thereby giving you and him the opportunity to explore, experiment and spice things up.

The good thing about each condom included in the fish bowl is that it is tested thoroughly for reliability, flexibility and strength. Each condom is also in a shape, which makes it convenient to put on and wear.

This makes a great gift this Valentines, especially if you want to be more intimate with him without worrying about unplanned pregnancy.

32. This decanter is beautiful

decanter valentines day gifts for him

Hand Blown Globe Decanter

This decanter works not only for whiskey, but also for scotch, rum and other liquors. It has a 1000-ml capacity, making it capable of securely holding his favorite drinks.

It is also made of thicker and more resilient lead-free glass, thereby ensuring its strength and durability.

It has a glass stopper, which produces a seal, which can last a lifetime. It works in preserving alcohol for a long time.

It is also a genuinely collectible piece considering its elegant craftsmanship and style. He will definitely feel proud putting it in his home considering its striking features.

33. This water floss will keep his teeth clean

water floss valentines gifts for him

Waterpick – Professional Water Flosser

This is one of the most useful, yet inexpensive Valentines gifts for him. It is practical and useful in such a way that it provides him with a more efficient and easier means of flossing.

It is presently available in four colors, so you can pick one, which he will surely love. It also has satin finish and advanced features.

The flosser boasts of an on/off water control displayed on its handle, around 7 water flosser tips, LED info panel, as well as modern tip storage case.

With this gift, he will have something to use to achieve brighter teeth and healthier gums.

34. For the guy who hate reading

massage book valentines gifts for him

Tantric Massage For Beginner

Tantric Massage for Beginners is a book written by R. Riley. Giving this to him as a Valentines gift will let the both of you discover the most essential techniques liquid to tantric massage and love making.

Add more intimacy and passion in your relationship with the aid of this gift. With this book, you and him will feel even closer when in the bedroom.

You can use the information indicated in this book to spice things up in the bedroom, and make the two of you feel more intimately and deeply connected.

35. This collectible is so cool

skull collectible valentines gifts for him

Celtic Lion Skull Hand Painted Figurine

This is a practical gift for him because it allows him to manage his finances even better. It is a nice addition to his skull collection.

It features gold Celtic designs that cover the whole skull. The skull head is also capable of storing money or coins securely.

It is well-crafted and made of durable poly resin/hard plastic. It has a compact size, making it easier to store anywhere. It has rich details, thereby adding to its unique appeal.

36. He is going to love this coloring book

coloring book valentines day gift for him

Irreverent Adult Coloring Book

Crafted by Sasha O’hara, this is a nice and unique gift that you can give him this Valentines.

It is an adult coloring book, which he can use to relax. He will definitely love this because of its effectiveness in letting him relax and unwind in a more humorous and creative way.

With the aid of this adult coloring book, he can color things he can’t express.

It features 21 coloring pages plus 2 color test pages, making it really satisfying. Among the many images that he can see and color inside the book are abstract doodles, fairies, people and animals.

37. This will keep the air fresh in his room

himalayan salt valentines gifts for husband

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

This is one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for him due to its ability to brighten any room, making the space look even cozier.

It produces a warm amber light, which blends well with any space. It also works as an efficient air purifier just by activating salt crystals. Its 15-watt bulb is capable of delivering its promise of providing warm amber glow.

He even has the option to alter the bulb’s color, thereby providing a different color into the area. He can use it as a gentle light at night or as a means of creating a more romantic mood in the bedroom.

38. Not Another Bill – Get a surprise gift for him

surprise valentines gifts for him

Not Another Bill

Surprising him this Valentine’s Day is easier with the help of Not-Another-Bill. This is an excellent source of beautifully and elegantly wrapped and carefully curated surprise presents.

It makes it easier for you to access wonderful Valentines gifts from the best brands, designers and artists.

The good thing about this gift provider is that it focuses more on the experience of the recipient, so they make the gifts look and feel perfect.

This is the main reason why they carefully select even the ribbons, boxes and personalized letters included in the gift. This can make the gift even more special.

39. This awesome whiskey glass

corkcircle valentine gifts for him

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

One of the most remarkable things about this gift is its ability to retain the best flavor of his favorite drinks. These glasses are capable of preserving ice for long hours. These are also easy to use.

All it takes is to insert the features silicone wedge into each glass, fill it with water then freeze for up to four hours.

This will produce a well-chilled and smooth liquor. Each glass is also constructed out of high quality clear glass material, which can resist cracks.

With this gift, there’s lower risk of watering down drinks when chilling them.

40. This is a great gift to clean his car

vacuum valentines gifts for him

Lithium Pivot Vacuum

This gift makes use of lithium technology, which promotes fade-free power, as well as strong suction. It features a lightweight design, making it easier to carry.

It also has a standing charging base. Aside from being powerful, it also has a compact size, so he can easily store it without the risk of mess.

Its high performance motor also guarantees excellent suction capability. Its 3-stage filtration system adds up to its functionality.

It also has a filter flicker, which loosens up embedded debris from the filter, thereby increasing its suction power.

41. Both of you will have a lot of fun date after reading this

gary chapmen valentines gifts for him

52 Uncommon Dates : A couple Adventure Guide For Praying, Playing and Staying Together

You can give this book as a small Valentines gift for him, so both of you will have something to use to further strengthen your connection.

The book provides lots of useful information that can guide the both of you when it comes staying, playing and praying together.

It is not just a book. It is a source of information that will let couples experience several adventures together. This is something that the two of you can use to understand how you can speak your love language.

Expect him to feel happier upon receiving this book since this will give you something to use to ignite playful yet prayerful connections that will surely improve your relationship.

42. He will never lose his key or phone anymore

Tile tracker valentines gifts for him

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

Tile functions as a small Bluetooth tracker, which he can use to find his phone, key and any other items that he tends to lose so easily.

He will love this gift if you give it to him this Valentines since he can actually use it. It also works as an app, which is guaranteed to be user-friendly for his convenience.

With the aid of this item finder, he will no longer spend too much time finding his stuff. All he has to do is to attach tiles to his items, so he can locate any of the lost ones via sound or by detecting their last location.

43. I think both of you should read this book

love language valentines gifts for him

Gary Chapman – The 5 Love Language

This is a bestselling book written by Gary Chapman. It is a great gift this Valentines because it allows you and him to further strengthen your relationship.

With the aid of this book, he will know exactly how to deal with the somewhat challenging phase of staying in love.

Both of you will learn from the techniques mentioned in this book, especially when it comes to strengthening your relationship and keeping it fresh despite the demands, boredom and conflicts that you may face in the future.

He will discover ways to strengthen your relationship and keep the level of intimacy high through this book.

44. Shot glass made from soapstone

soapstone valentines gifts for men

Top Shelf Living Soapstone Shot Glasses

Offered in a set of 4, these shot glasses from Top Shelf Living is a nice gift for him this Valentines considering its solid look and guaranteed durability.

It is heavy and features a nice and natural look. The glasses showcases a modern presentation whether he intends to serve traditional shots or customized concoctions. It is also constructed out of 100% pure and natural soapstone.

It chills liquor in an instant. It is also one of the most unique gifts you can ever give him this love season.

45. He is going to love this mini wooden fireplace

mini fireplace valentines day gifts for him

Green Mini Wooden Fireplace

This elegant-looking mini-wooden fireplace from Green Peak will surely make him smile this Valentines. It works as a portable electric-infrared quarts heater capable of heating rooms with an area of around 800 square feet.

Its outer case is made of wood and it also features dark oak finish. This freestanding electric fireplace is also powerful enough that it can rapidly heat the entire room.

It features a flame effect, which is not only cool to watch, but also delivers an ambient feel. This also works as an elegant accent to his bedroom or living room, so expect him to really appreciate this gift.

46. This coffee will keep him wide awake in the morning

death wish coffee valentines gifts for him

Death Wish Ground Coffee

You can also give him Death Wish ground coffee this Valentines, especially if he is someone who is a self-proclaimed coffee lover.

This is one of the strongest coffee brands in the world, capable of bringing out his inner rebel by significantly increasing his energy.

Aside from being dark, bold, rich and flavorful, it also has an extremely high caffeine content. This allows him to take a drink every day, which will boost his focus and clarity. It has a smooth taste, and does not come with any touch of bitterness.

He will also love the hints of chocolate and cherry that come in this beverage.

47. Why I Love You – A Journal of us

a journal of us valentines gifts for him

Why I Love You – A Journal of Us

This is a unique Valentines gift for him considering the fact that it is a bit more personal. Created by Suzanne Zenkel, it works as a journal, which tells him exactly the things that you love about him.

It has a lot of room and space for pictures and answers to certain questions. It has a nice design, which also features raised embossing and gold foil accents. There are also highlights of glossy heart designs in the journal.

Expect your relationship to become even deeper and better by giving this to him as a gift this Valentines.

48. Why not plant something together?

bonsai valentines gifts for men

Plant Theatre Trio Kit

If he loves gardening, then he will definitely love this bonsai trio kit from Plant Theatre. The kit contains all the things he needs to grow three distinct bonsai trees.

These are the silver birch, red maple and mountain pine. The contents are also enclosed in a nice box.

It also contains growing, sowing and cultivation tips that will help ensure that the trees will grow and mature well. The kit also has clear and easy to follow instructions.

49. Forgot where he parked his car? This gift can help him

car tracker valentines gifts for him

Nonda Smart Car Locator

This is one of the most ideal USB car chargers, making it one of the nicest Valentines gifts for him, especially if he is always on the go.

It features an elegant European design, allowing the charger to showcase class and craftsmanship. This gift also features a smart car finder, which allows him to locate his car in a crowded parking lot.

It is also capable of detecting the specific device it is currently charging. It has the highest charging output and can completely charge 2 iPads within just 3-4 hours. It is two times faster than other USB car chargers today.

50. Man Crates – Get a gift for him that comes in a crate!

man crates valentines gifts for him

Man Crates

If you think that your man deserves better this Valentines, then consider gifting him any of the gift kits and packages from Man Crates.

It allows you to give him a gift box full of stuff mainly designed for him. He needs to open the box, usually with a crowbar. Man Crates is considered by many as the ultimate gift basket for real men.

Instead of the traditional gift boxes, it encloses all the items in a manly box. It will give you and him a unique yet fun gifting experience. Expect to see his excitement as he tries to unveil what is inside the box.

51. He will have a good laugh at this knock knock pad

knock knock pad - valentines gifts fo him

Knock Knock Why I must Have Sex With You

This is a Valentines gift that he will never forget. It is a humorous yet useful gift for the both of you as it can heighten the intimacy in your relationship.

While sex is one of the basic needs of most couples nowadays, there are various reasons why they engage in it and putting these reasons into writing can further increase your desire and passion for each other.

Use this pad to clarify your desire through a checklist. Include possible reasons such as real desire, lack of self-control and boredom.

He will definitely enjoy reading through the checklist plus it can bring your relationship into a whole new, intimate level.

52. Does he love cycling?

phone mount on bicycle valentines gifts for him

Quad Lock Bike Mount for iPhone6/6plus

Quad Lock is a Valentines gift that he will definitely enjoy using for a long time. Many consider this as the strongest, lightest, as well as the safest smartphone bike mount currently available in the market.

With the aid of this gift, he can easily integrate his phone into his currently active lifestyle. It can securely and easily mount on various types of strollers, motorcycles, bikes or anything, which comes with a handlebar.

This kit also comes with a quad lock poncho, which works as a weather- and rain-resistant slip-on cover that he can use right after the installation.

53. You can never get wrong with this beer tote

beer tote valentines day gfits for men

Beer Greeting Card Box

This gift will definitely satisfy his love for craft beers. It comes in an innovative 6-pack carrier, plus it features a greeting card.

It is well-decorated and well-made. It also has its own card where you can write your personalized message for him. The good thing about this gift is that it is enclosed in a smart and clever gift package.

He will love and appreciate you even more once he receives this gift from you. He will also feel extra special with the greeting card attached to it.

54. This wireless headphone is going to declutter his desk

ss headphone valentines gifts for him

Bose Quiet Comfort Wireless Headphones

This wireless headphone is a great Valentines gift for him, especially if you notice his great love for his type of music.

It features world-class noise cancellation feature designed to make music sound even better and more soothing.

It also has volume-optimized EQ designed to give him a well-balanced audio performance regardless of the volume. With the innovative controls, as well as voice prompts that form part of this wireless headphone, controlling and communicating his music is also less troublesome.

It also has a lithium-ion battery designed to offer up to twenty hours of playing music wirelessly.

55. Men’s wool trench coat


APTRO Men’s Wool Slim Fit Coat

If you are thinking of giving him something that he can wear for work or business, then the APTRO French business coat is a great choice. It is made of 50% wool, making it really comfortable to wear.

It is made using the expert and innovative hands of professional designers. It is a combination of woolen warmth and wind jacket style. The other 50% of its material is polyester, which makes it even more convenient to wear.

It also underwent high quality construction and printing process, so expect it to not fade or shrink even after using it for a long time.

56. Good morning handsome!

handsome mug valentines gifts for him

Funny Mug – Good Morning Handsome

This is one of the many cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for him, but rest assured that he will definitely love it. It works perfectly for all his favorite cold and hot beverages.

It also has an 11-ounce capacity, making it convenient to use. It is made of high quality ceramic material and features “Good Morning Handsome” prints on its two sides.

One remarkable thing about this mug is that it comes with a handle that he can comfortably and easily grip. It is an adorable gift that he will most likely use every day.

57. This wall decoration is awesome

wall decoration valentines gifts for him

Design Toscano Aliscon Unicorn Wall Sculpture

This well-designed Alicorn unicorn trophy wall sculpture boasts of its proud and classical Gothic symbol. It is capable of displaying an enchanted image in a high quality designer resin featuring a faux stone finish.

He will love this gift considering the fact that it works as an elegant addition to his home. It has a classic style, which can provide his room with a 3-dimensional makeover in an instant.

It is also beautifully crafted with lifelike features and details, thereby adding depth and character to his living space or in any other place he intends to display it.

58. This Dyson air purifier

air purifyer valentines gifts for him

Dyson Pure Link Air Purifier

With its ability to eliminate at least 99% of pollutants and allergens, Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier makes a very functional and useful Valentines gift for him.

It can perform complete purification intelligently. It works by automatically monitoring, reacting and purifying whatever it comes in contact with.

He can also use its nighttime auto mode feature. This setting allows him to use the purifier to monitor, react and purify at night without producing too much noise.

It also has LED display dims, allowing it to operate without causing any disturbance.

59. Let him learn how to survive in dangerous situation

seal survival book valentines gift for him

100 Deadly Skills Guide to Survive

This is a highly informative and comprehensive guide written by Clint Emerson for those who would like to elude pursuers, evade capture and survive dangerous situations.

This is a great gift for him since it can inform him about the things that he can do just in case he is in danger. He will get ideas about what he can do in case there are threats to his personal safety.

It prepares him to deal with various dangerous and unwanted scenarios. He will love this gift since he will feel how much you value his safety.

60. Personalized trophy – What about “World’s Best Boyfriend?

trophy valentines day gifts for him

Personalized Oscar Like Achievement Trophy

This is a replica of the achievement awards usually given in Oscars. This is a great way to recognize a man who is important to your life.

There is no need for him to deliver an outstanding performance or showcase an excellent talent to receive this award. Just staying with you all throughout the years is already worthy to be recognized.

Give him this achievement trophy and you can make him feel that you really treasure him. You can also integrate up to four lines of personalized text into a gold metal plate that you can attach to its base.

61. Shred meat the easy way

beast claw valentines gifts for him

Pulled Pork Shredder Claws

Crafted out of superior quality and BPA-free polymer material, these shredder claws are capable of withstanding up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit of heat.

It has excellent heat-resistant quality, which offers a guarantee that its teeth won’t melt, curl or break in the long run. It has shredding forks that allow him to carve, lift or tear hot foods without the risk of burning his hands.

He can also easily and comfortably grip it with its hollow-backed prongs. Its handles are also designed in such a way that they can perfectly fit hands of all sizes, making it possible for him to work on various foods without worrying about painful cramps.

62. The classic design of this watch is going to match almost all his outfit

fossil watch valentines gifts for him

Fossil Grant Brown Leather Watch

Fossil leather watch never fails to be included in most of the lists of the best men’s Valentine’s gifts. One of the Fossil watches that he will definitely love to receive is Fossil FS4735 grant watch.

It is a gold-tone watch, which features textured white dial displaying Roman numerous, cut-out hands featuring white tips and 3 chronograph sub-dials. Its strap is made of brown leather, making it durable and comfortable enough to wear.

It is also water-resistant. It has a classic design, which he will surely love.

63. This badass wine glass

dragon glass mug valentines gifts for him

Medieval Dragon Skeleton Wine Glass

This drinking goblet comes in an Ossuary style, making it nice to look at. It showcases two well-detailed dragon skeletons and a base created out of rings and bones of vertebrae at the top and bottom, giving it a more Gothic feel and look.

It also has a stainless steel liner, which is not only easy to clean, but is also capable of making the goblet even more solid and durable.

It is capable of holding up to 7 fl. oz. of his favorite drinks. It is a perfect gift for him, especially if he loves to collect these types of items.

64. If he is into survival stuff, this book is a great gift for him

survival book valentines gifts for him

Bush Craft 101

This book is his ultimate source of information if he wants to learn everything there is to learn about surviving in the wilderness.

With all the information that survivalist expert Dave Canterbury included in this book, he can knowledgeably prepare for his next backcountry trip. The book is written with those who aim to survive in the wilderness in mind.

It contains lots of useful information that will aid in crafting available resources from his surroundings and enjoy the exciting yet wonderful feeling of being in the wilderness. This is a book that every man will love reading.

65. Not just a compass..

heart compass valentines gifts for him

My Heart Will … Pocket Compass

This is a romantic Valentines gift idea for him, which will remind him that you will always be here for him no matter what.

This is especially perfect for him if he often travels – either for business or leisure. With this gift, he will remember that you are always there waiting for him to come home. This well-designed heart compass is handcrafted out of fine pewter.

On one side, the pocket compass carries the words “My Heart will Guide you Home” while the other side showcases a compass, which he can use. Remind him of your love regardless of where he is with this gift.

66. Wireless floating bluetooth speaker

floating bluetooth speaker valentines gifts for him

ICE Portable Bluetooth Speaker

He will definitely love this wireless floating Bluetooth speaker, which is not only portable but is also highly functional.

It is functional in the sense that it perfectly blends in with the constantly and rapidly changing lifestyle of the modern generation. It features a base and levitating orb, which also works as a charging dock.

This makes this Bluetooth speaker an even more wonderful style statement. The spinning orb also comes with a quality speaker system, allowing him to play his favorite songs at his desired volume without worrying about unwanted distortion and noise.

67. This gift is a perfect way to tell him how much you love him

love bottle valentines gifts for him

Message in a Bottle

This is a personalized Valentines gift that can make him feel extra special. It comes in a dramatic glass bottle, around 12 inches, decorated with seashells and sands.

It also features a sophisticated wood crate and vellum scroll designed in such a way that you can print your personalized message for him.

This is a great option if you are thinking of a sentimental gift for him. It is crafted to perfection and showcases everything meticulously, so expect to receive his genuine thanks upon opening this gift.

68. This double mounted glass will keep his hand cool from hot drinks

ozeri beverage glasses valentines gifts for him

Ozeri Serafino Double Wall Insulated Glasses

He will surely feel delighted upon receiving this gift, especially if he is a coffee and liquor lover and if he is fond of collecting beverage glasses.

The glasses are more durable and stronger than common ones. Each of these glasses also comes with a wrap-around contour, capable of providing it with a more natural and comfortable grip without ruining its aesthetic look.

It is designed in such a way that he can retain the coolness of his hands despite it holding hot drinks. It also prevents chilled beverages from experiencing condensation.

69. There is a lot more option to choose from

pewter valentine day gifts for him

Crosby & Taylor Pewter Sentiment Coin

Made by one of the most prominent names in the field of handcrafted and artisan products, Crosby & Taylor, you will take pride upon giving this solid sentiment coin to him as a Valentines gift.

It has the text You + Me Forever engraved on the coin, so expect to make him feel that you will always stand by him no matter what.

Most of those who already bought this coin love the excellent quality and craftsmanship displayed by the coin. It has an irregular shape, yet it still showcases unparalleled smoothness.

70. Amazon Echo

amazon echo valentines gift for men

Amazon Echo

With this Valentine’s Day gift, he will have something to use to play all his favorite music from Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, TuneIn and Prime Music.

Aside from playing his favorite sounds, it also works efficiently in answering questions, reading news and audiobooks, reporting the weather and traffic, providing sports schedules and scores, and providing relevant information about local businesses via Alexa Voice Service.

It is a great device because it works primarily as a hands-free speaker, which he can control effortlessly just by using his voice.

It can also control thermostats, switches and lights. It has been fine-tuned to ensure that it continues to deliver crisp and rich vocals.

71. This sweet personalized guitar pick

guitar pick valentine day gifts for him

Hand Stamped Custome Guitar Pick

Is he a music lover? Does he play any musical instrument, specifically the guitar? Then giving him this guitar pick this Valentine’s Day will surely make him smile.

Aside from being a guitar pick, it also works as a keychain. It is made of highly durable stainless steel. The good thing about this gift is that you can choose to customize it.

You can customize it by incorporating names, quotes, phrases or anything that you think will make him feel special. As long as it is around 20 letters, you can incorporate any text to the keychain, making it more personalized and special.

72. Let’s hope he gets what you mean

hot dog mug valentines gifts for men

Moslion – Funny Dog Mug

I am sure he know what you mean. This mug is definitely going to bring a lot of laugh from him.

73. This cute drinking glass

silicone glass valentines gifts for men

DuVino Mr. and Mrs. Silicone Drinking Glass

This durable drinking glass set from Duvino will definitely make him feel great this Valentine’s Day.

The glasses are highly durable considering the fact that they are made of food-grade silicone material, which is not only shatterproof, but also eco-friendly, dishwasher-safe and shatterproof. It does not also have any rubber taste.

With this gift, he will enjoy his drinking experiences in the future even more. It is considered by many as the best gift this Valentine’s Day since it is also enclosed in a nice and elegantly designed gift box.

74. This will let his collar stay in place

personalize collar stay valentine gifts for him

Personalized Stainless Steel Collar Stay

Made of stainless steel, this is one Valentine’s gift that he will surely appreciate and will never forget. The fact that it is constructed out of stainless steel makes it durable, so expect it to stay for a long time.

You can choose to engrave some important or special text into the collar, such as his initials, your and his initials, a special message, or a date. You also have the choice to engrave different texts on each side and use different font styles.

This can turn this simple gift into a more elegant, special and personalized one.

75. Let him enjoy his favorite drink in this copper mug

copper mug valentines gifts for him

Drinkware Essentials Solid Copper Mug

This is one classic and attractive mug that you will never feel ashamed to offer as a Valentine’s gift to your special someone.

In fact, you will feel proud considering the fact that no one can ever find any copper mug of this kind in the market today. The mug was handcrafted and created by skillful artisans. It is constructed out of 100% thick and pure copper and features a very unique design.

It also features a stylish, yet comfortable and easy to hold handle made of brass. It works better in keeping cocktails stored in it cold for a longer time.

76. Elephant coat hanger

elephant coat hanger valentines gifts for him

Herngee Wall Hook

This is one of the most special decorative gifts that you can give him, especially if he is fond of unique and attractive wall arts.

It is mainly constructed out of resin material and it features a keyhole on the back designed to help him hang it securely. It works ideally as a wall decoration.

The good thing about this gift is that it is also versatile that it can work in any room in his house. He can also use it as a secure hook for his keys, hats, coats, and other accessories.

77. If you are looking for valentines gifts for yur husband, this will be a perfect one

best birthday gift ideas for husband

Conversation Starter for Husband & Wives

Crafted by Christian Arts Gifts, these boxed cards are perfect for couples who are already together for a long time or for couples who would like to have something to talk about each day that will make their relationship even more interesting and deeper.

Deepen your relationship and improve the level of intimacy by getting to know each other every single day. Give this box to him as a gift this Valentines and both of you will start having fun and exciting conversations every day.

The good thing about this box of conversation starters is that it has questions accompanied by quotes and verses that will further add some spark into your conversations.

78. Lunch bag for your husband and boyfriend

lunch bag valentines gift for him

Fluf Organic Cotton Luch bag

This lunch bag is a great way to remind him not to skip meals when he is at work. Pack him his favorite lunch every day in this bag, and he will surely love and appreciate you even more.

The good thing about this bag is that it looks really professional without the boring design. It is made of 100% pure and organic cotton.

It also has a food-safe lining, which is guaranteed to be free from lead and BPA. It is highly durable and provides a lot of room and space for his lunch. It also has a water-resistant lining.

79. This soap can reduce acne at his back

african soap valentines gifts for him

Handmade African Black Soap

Made by Better Shea Butter, this is a Valentine’s gift for him that he can surely use for quite a long time. This is a large block of black soap, which will surely last for a few months.

He can use it exactly how he sees it when he opens the gift or use a small cut or slice of the block of soap. He can then store the rest into a re-sealable pouch to use in the future.

One great thing about this soap is that it has unrefined Shea butter, which works in keeping skin soft and well-moisturized. Using it regularly will prevent him from dealing with skin problems such as acne, eczema and redness.

80. This amazing bookend

Decorative bookend valentnes gifts for him

Polished Agate Geode Decorative Bookend

Another unique yet nice Valentine’s gift that you can give him is this Agate from Crystal Allies Gallery. With this gift, he will receive additional energy when necessary.

It is a grounding and stabilizing stone designed to enhance his intellect, analytical capacity and perceptiveness. Since Agate is also a stone, which represents self-confidence and courage, you can give it to him as a way to show him that he has such amazing qualities.

This is a nice gift that will show him how important he is to you.

81. Letter to my love

letter gifts for boyfriend birthday

Letters To My Love – Write Now Read Later

If you are the more romantic type, then give him this romantic Valentines gift to make him feel even more special.

Many people love this gift idea, especially those who feel like handwritten love letters are more romantic than other gifts. With this gift, you can show him all the things that you cherish and love about him, as well as your entire relationship.

This gift comes in an innovative format, inviting you to declare your affection to him using 12 fold and mail letters that he can open in the future.

Express your love for him and let him appreciate you even more through this gift.

82. Espresso anyone?

espresso maker valentines gifts for him

Staresso Coffee Maker

Staresso is a small and portable coffee maker, which he will love considering its many features. It can be his best buddy if he loves coffee.

Aside from espresso, this coffee maker also allows him to prepare French coffee, quick cold brew and milk foam tea. It is just one portable and small machine, but it can perform four functions efficiently – milk foam (cappuccino), espresso, French plus and quick cold brew.

It is capable of producing espresso and coffee with rich flavors, less bitterness and lower acidity level. He can also make adjustments on the taste by controlling operation power, water, speed, as well as ground coffee.

83. He will find this useful if your boyfriend is in college

kitchen opener valentines gifts for him

Gidli 5 in 1 Opener

This is one versatile kitchen gadget that you can give him this Valentine’s Day, especially if he is already suffering from pain in his hands and fingers.

With this gift, he can prevent his hands from experiencing extreme pain while also protecting his fingernails from damage.

It also has raised grips designed to help in smoothly enclosing and getting rid of all forms of seals, caps and lids. With this amazing and unique gift, he can open bottles, cans and jars with less effort on his part. It will never put too much stress and pressure on his joints and ligaments.

84. Magnetic bottle opener

magnetic bottle opener valentine gifts for him

Johnny Catch Magnetic Bottle Opener

This wall-mounted magnetic bottle opener made of stainless steel is also one of those potential Valentine’s gifts that he will most likely appreciate.

He can mount it on the wall, so he can start using it to catch up to twenty bottle caps when opening bottles. It has a strong adhesive, making it easier to mount it even on areas that are a bit uneven.

It is slim and does not take too much space on his wall. It is a cool bottle opener, which is guaranteed to be strong and durable.

85. This journal will make you know him better

questionaire journal gifts for him

The Secret Me : A Questionnaire Journal

This is another questionnaire journal, which you can fill out personally, to make it a more personalized gift for him.

You can purchase a copy of this journal for him, so you can reveal some things that the both of you should know.

The journal contains several unique questions that need your answers. The good thing about this questionnaire journal is that it is created in such a way that you will never feel ashamed to share a lot of things about yourself to him through it.

It is an affordable journal, so you don’t have to spend too much for this gift. It is intimate because it shows him some secrets that other people don’t know about you.

86. If he need a fancy way to drink his beverage

stainless steel tumbler valentines gifts for men

Stainless Steel Double Wall Tumblers

With its attractive chiseled design, you can expect this Valentine’s gift to get his attention. It works perfectly for cold and hot beverages.

It also has a stainless steel construction, which further strengthens the tumbler. It also features a tight and secure seal, thereby preventing possible leaks and skills.

With its double-wall insulation, you can expect his drinks to stay either cold or hot for a long period. It features an anti-skid surface and boasts of its ability to hold drinks up to 16 ounces.

87. One Line a Day

one line a day valentines gifts for men

One Line a Day

With this Valentine’s gift, both of you will have something to use as a classic memory keeper, which is an efficient way of keeping track of your life’s ups and downs.

It allows him to input up to 365 daily entries that tend to appear 5 times per page. This gives him the opportunity to revisit his previous memories and thoughts in the past five years. This gift is of excellent quality.

This is a perfect gift for him, especially if he loves to put his thoughts into writing and finds it relaxing to journal keep a record of everything that happens to him – whether good or bad – every day.

88. This beautiful desk decoration


Playable Art Helicone

This helicone does not only represent striking botanical structures, but also allows him to witness stunning transformations in front of him.

Watch him be amazed as he watches his gift transform magically from a pine cone to a helix and vice versa with just one quick twist. It features 38 laser-cut and exact wood-pieces organized on a tube made of brass.

He will also notice its stunning aesthetic structure through its sturdy and solid display stand made of wood. It is enclosed in a nice gift box, making it work ideally as a Valentine’s gift.

89. Beard Balm

valentines day gifts for him beard balm

Virtu Beard Balm by Liberty Grooming

Virtu Beard Balm by Liberty Grooming is made with premium, all-natural ingredients, and helps successful men condition, strengthen, and style their beards better.

With a subtle eucalyptus scent, it refreshes you when applied, and then remains just faint enough that only those very special people who get close enough to your face will be able to smell the wonderful scent.

90. This book can help him release stress

50 shades of bullshit valentines gifts for him

50 Shades of Bullshit

Do you want to give him a one of a kind Valentine’s gift that will surely stand out from the rest? Then this swear word coloring book created Alex Fleming is a great choice.

It is a humorous gift, which can give him a new coloring experience. It features designs that appear attractive and vibrant. He does not also need to worry about putting colors outside the lines.

It is a nice gift with beautiful one-sided pages that feature varying designs – such as leaves, abstract patterns as well as animals.

91. Windproof lighter

windproof lighter valentines gifts for him

Tesla Coil Lighters USB Rechargeable

This USB rechargeable windproof arc lighter will be a great buddy for him once you offer this to him as a gift. It works innovatively by producing an electric arc just by pressing one button.

It is also rechargeable, so you don’t need to worry about it running out of power, provided you charged it before you bring it with you anywhere.

It does not use any flame, so aside from being windproof, it is also environmentally-friendly and economical. It also comes with a safety feature, thereby preventing it from lighting up with a closed lid.

Here is a little extra in case you want to cook something for him

92. Sliders 4 Ways

You can also prepare homemade recipes for him this Valentines. Showcase your culinary skills by preparing any of these four types of sliders for him – the barbecue chicken sliders, breakfast sliders, chicken parmesan sliders, and cheeseburger sliders.

He will definitely appreciate your effort when you prepare these recipes for him. All it takes is to gather all the required ingredients and follow the instructions indicated on the YouTube video.

93. BBQ Chicken Bake Paste

This delicious pasta will definitely make his mouth water. You can prepare it in as little as 40-50 minutes. It is also easy to make and requires easy to follow instructions.

All that you need to prepare this delicious pasta for Valentine’s Day and surprise him are rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, corn, red onion, ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, fusilli pasta, pepper, Mozzarella cheese and parsley.

94. Nachos 4 Ways

You can also celebrate Valentine’s Day together by preparing any of these 4 different versions of Nachos. This is something that the two of you can enjoy while having a nice talk.

These 4 nacho recipes include barbecue cheeseburger nachos, pizza nachos, buffalo chicken nachos and steak fajita nachos. Each version has 4-6 servings, and you can make it in as little as 15-20 minutes.

95. Cheddar Burger Ranch Burger Bowl

Surprise him with your cooking skills by preparing this cheddar bacon ranch burger bowls recipe. It has six servings, and you can prepare it within 35-40 minutes.

The only ingredients that you need to gather to prepare this for him are cheddar cheese, bacon, jalapeños, ranch dressing, salt, pepper, ground beef, burger buns and lettuce.

Both of you will definitely enjoy this recipe plus you can choose to add your desired toppings.

96. Double Cheese Burger

If he is a cheeseburger lover, then preparing this double cheeseburger, which can produce 3 double cheeseburgers, for him this Valentine’s Day will definitely make him smile.

For the burgers, all the ingredients that you need to prepare are chuck roll, smoked bacon, Kosher salt, black peppercorns, thyme and garlic.

You can also prepare the sauce by mixing mayonnaise, pickle relish, ketchup, lemon juice, salt, pepper and white wine vinegar based on the amounts indicated in the instructions.

For the garnish, prepare potato rolls, onion, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, dill pickle chips and American cheese. The servings are enough to satisfy his cravings for this recipe.

97. Brownie Tiramisu

If he loves sweets and desserts, then this recipe works well as a Valentine’s gift for him. This can produce four servings in as little as 15-20 minutes. However, you need to chill it for up to one hour to ensure that it showcases the best flavors.

For the brownies, you will have to prepare an egg, vegetable oil, strong coffee or espresso and brownie mix. The filling, on the other hand, is composed of espresso powder, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, heavy cream and mascarpone cheese. He will definitely feel delighted upon receiving this gift from you.

98. Cheese Burger Onion Rings

This recipe can make around six to eight delicious onion rings. These are very easy to make. You can actually finish the entire recipe within just 10-15 minutes.

This recipe is composed of the following ingredients: ground beef, cheddar cheese, garlic powder, salt, pepper, white onion, eggs, oil, Panko bread crumbs, flour and ketchup.

99. Crepes 4 Ways

Did you notice his love for crepes? Then show him how skillful you are in the kitchen by preparing any of the 4 crepe recipes in this YouTube video – chocolate and strawberry crepes, caramel and banana crepes, berry cheesecake crepes and S’mores crepes.

It does not take too long to make these crepes, but the results are amazing.

100. Mozerella Stick Onion Rings

He will also love this Mozzarella stick onion rings recipe, especially if you made it especially for him this Valentine’s Day.

Show him how you love him by spending time preparing this delicious recipe for him. Some of the ingredients that you need to gather for this recipe are breadcrumbs, eggs, flour, white onions, Mozzarella cheese, oil and marinara sauce.

The onion rings should be golden brown before you remove them from the frying pan to ensure that they deliver the best flavors.

101. Black & While Mille Crepe

Preparing this crepe recipe is also a great way to please him this Valentine’s Day. You do need to spend several hours to prepare it. Just gather the required ingredients and store them at room temperature.

These include large eggs, whole milk, all-purpose flour, butter, water, vanilla, whipped topping, dark chocolate powder, sugar, and powdered sugar. It is best to serve it to him after chilling it in the fridge.

102. Pizza Bomb

This pizza bombs recipe is also an excellent way to make him feel extra special. With just a few minutes of preparation time and minimal effort on your part, you can already make sixteen pizza bombs.

Just gather the required ingredients including the biscuit dough, garlic cloves, butter, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, marinara sauce, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese.

Now that you have an extensive list of the best Valentines gifts for boyfriend, husband or any other male loved one, handpicked from a men’s perspective.

Show him how much you love and care for him by giving him any of the practical and functional gifts in the list this love season.

Share this with your friend who is looking for valentines gifts for their boyfriend or husband.