16 Best Unusual Gifts For Men (#9 is Awesome!)

Finding unusual gifts for men is certainly an interesting task for you. That’s why I am willing to help you to get your man the gift that he will absolutely love.

Below you’ll find our quite interesting gift ideas on what would be the best unusual gift for him so keep reading.

1. The coolest mug he will ever had. This is a very unsual gifts for men

Real Leather Goat Mug

It’s time that your man gets a quite interesting gift that he can use every day. One of the best unusual gifts for men is definitely this horn-shaped coffee mug.

That’s right, you heard well. It comes with straps so carrying around won’t be a problem and he will enjoy drinking coffee like never before.

2. The most beautiful bookend that he will ever seen

unusual gifts for men bookend

Natural Agate Crystal Stone Bookend

If your man loves reading books, we have an amazing gift that will impress him. Moreover, if he can’t get enough of those Bookends, this authentic Bookend will look perfect on his bookshelf.

Whether his favorite color is black or purple, you can choose it on your own so he can be completely satisfied with this gift.

3. For him who love dragon

unusual gifts for men dragon figurine

Dragon Statue Display With Light Up LED

When we were kids, we were fascinated by mighty dragons and we pretended to have one.

So, if your man falls under that category, you should consider buying him a super cool Dragon Statue with a wonderful design. Whenever he looks at it, he would remember his childhood.

4. Award winning slim card holder : With one click all credit card slide out gradually

unusual gifts for men card holder

Secrid Card Holder

In case you’re looking for awesome unusual gifts for men, you’re at the right place because we have a perfect one that your man will absolutely love.

Although this Card Holder looks quite sophisticated, it offers much more than that. Your man’s credit card will be safe and sound and there is no way they can fall out. Spending money would never be easier!

5. This beautiful skull figurine

unusual gifts for men skull figurine

Celtic Lion Skull Figurine

Finding a creative gift for a man that collects Skulls is pretty easy now that we have done that for you. But, hey, we don’t judge you- it’s always better to ask experts.

So, it’s time for you to surprise your man and get him this Hand painted Skull that will add a nice touch to his collection.

6. Does he love hunting? This pocket shot is awesome

Pocket Shot

Every man needs some time with his fellows when they can drink beers and do their things. No, that doesn’t include other women- relax.

It rather includes shooting those beer cans with this amazing Pocket Shot and a lot of laughs. When he gets home relaxed, your man will be ready to watch your favorite movie. How does that sound to you?

7. Get his stuff organise with this magnetic holder

unusual gifts for men magnetic knife holder

Magnetic Holder

As much as I hate to admit, we have always had some issues with organization. Let’s just say that organization isn’t our best side. But, thanks to products like this one, we can improve it.

So, it’s time that your man stops losing his keys and keeps it in one place. This gift will definitely make him (and you) happier.

8. This creative shot glass


Generic Skull Shot Glass

As a man, I can tell that drinking Scotch from the same, classic glasses can become mundane and we really need a set of new glasses.

So, it’s not a surprise why you can find this gift among weird gifts for men. Needless to say, your man will be thrilled to make a toast with this cool looking glass.

9. I think he is going to have fun with this coloring book

unusual gifts for him coloring book

Calm The F*ck Down

As you already know, stress is a real distraction from enjoying the beauty of life. So, we all do our things to get relaxed and that’s why you’ll find this Adult Coloring Book among the funny gifts for men.

Your man definitely doesn’t have to be talented to use this book, because it’s all about having a good time.

10. This money clip is more than awesome

unusual gifts for boyfriend money clip

Gerber GDC Money Clip

Here we have a gift that will be pretty useful to your man and make paying so much easier. This handy Money clip can hold five cards plus it has a small knife blade.

Your man won’t even notice that he carries it around and he will be happy to know that his cards are safe.

11. Never tangle his cable anymore

unusual gifts for boyfriend earphone management

Blue Lounge Earbud Cable Management

Ladies, you’ll probably agree with me that there is nothing more frustrating when your earbuds tangle and each time you lose about ten minutes to unravel them. However, that agony is now over thanks to this amazing product.

Whoever came up with this, he literally saved the world. So, feel free to buy your man this Earbud Cable Management so he can finally enjoy listening to music.

12. The coolest cheese greater that he will ever seen

unusual gifts for men cheese grater

Hedgehog Cheese Grater

If you’re wondering what is the best unusual gift for men who have everything, we have a perfect solution- this cool looking cheese grater.

Thanks to its creative design, the grating cheese will be more enjoyable to your man. Although I must warn you that you will be eating cheese every day.

13. This playing card is more than awesome

unusual gifts for men playing card

Bicycle Master Playing Card

If your man is into playing cards and he needs a new set- we have the one that will take his breath away.

With its high-quality finish and a powerful design, these cards will become his favorite ones and he will enjoy winning like never before.

14. Want to train his patience? This balancing blocks will help

unusual gifts for men balancing rocks

Areaware Balancing Blocks

If you want to find out how creative your man is- we have a perfect gift for him. These Balancing Blocks will definitely wake up his creativity.

Moreover, you should join him and the two of you can create a real masterpiece. One is for sure, you will become addicted to this Blocks.

15. This is a wallet comb and also a bottle opener

unusual gifts for men comb

Go-Comb Wallet Comb + Bottle Opener

When you’re a man, it’s important that you keep things as simple as possible. If you’re not sure what to buy for your man that he will love, you should go with this amazing product.

It’s both a comb and a bottle opener, which will fit perfectly in his wallet so he can use it whenever he wants.

16. This speaker that levitate?

unusual gifts for him levitating speaker

Levitating Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Is there anything cooler than Levitating Speakers? Well, I believe there isn’t. Also, I believe that your man will be amazed at these extraordinary speakers, especially because of amazing color.

Without a doubt, you have to get this gift and the two of you will enjoy listening to your favorite songs.


Now that you have these interesting gift ideas- you only have to pick the one that your man will love the most and to enjoy the smile on his face when you give him that perfect gift.

We hope that you loved the above list of unusual gifts for men, so feel free to share it with your friends who is looking for weird gifts for their loved one.

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