15 Unusual Birthday Gifts For Him That is Surprisingly Unique

Looking for an unusual birthday gift for him that you care about sometimes can be challenging but I got you covered.

Whether you want to buy a gift for your boyfriend or husband this list of unique birthday gifts for him will be helpful to you in every way.

1. His EarPods seems to be falling out all the time? Then this is a great unusual birthday gifts for him. Watch this video on how it works


If he likes running and he always listens to music, this gift is just what he needs to make running more enjoyable.

Earhoox is a perfect way of making his earbuds comfortable and tight enough so they won’t shake or slip while he’s jogging.

The best part is that this handy set includes one small and one large pair, so he can choose which one suits him best.

2. Sign language just got a whole lot interesting

unusual birthday gifts for him sign language

Rude Hand Gesture of The World

For men who doesn’t have a problem with being rude towards everyone (whether it’s a complete stranger or a friend), this is a very clever gift.

This “Guide to Offending without Words” is certainly a book where your man will learn new, creative ways on how to go beyond limits of politeness. Being nice has always been boring anyway.

3. This magnetic bottle opener is awesome

unusual birthday gifts for beer lover

Johnny Catch Magnetic Bottle Opener

Arguably the most popular way to open his favorite beer, this Bottle opener will blow his mind. Made of high-quality stainless steel, there is no doubt that he will have the good use of this gift.

It can be placed on the wall in the kitchen or if he prefers in the living room. Either way, the Bottle Opener will look amazing because it is very slim.

4. Let’s grow some chia in the house

unusual birthday gifts for him pottery planter

Donald Trump Freedom of Choice Pottery Planter

Running out of ideas for unusual birthday gifts for a husband? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with this hilarious gift.

Chia Donald Tramp is a gift that will make him laugh every time he looks at it. Instructions are included so no need to worry if he will know how to get the best results.

After two weeks, he will enjoy watching green hair of Donald Trump!

5. I really want to see what’s inside

unusual birthday gifts for him weird book

Images You Should Not masturbate To

Here we have a book that will broaden his horizons in every way.

The book presents the most interesting collection of images that will keep his hands away from his pants.

Moreover, he won’t react even if you are completely naked on your bed. It’s not surprising why these images make perfect gag birthday gifts for him.

6. You get this as his birthday gifts and tell me in the comment if it works for him, okay?

unusual birthday gifts for men crazy underwear

Wildman Men’s Ball Lifter

Are you looking for a way to boost his confidence? Needless to say, this gift will definitely do that. The Ball Lifter is a terrific way to make your man happy.

It provides comfort due to the combination of nylon and elastane. Your man will be thrilled with this Ball Lifter!

7. Let him learn how to dance better than Justin Bieber

unusual birthday gifts for him dancing book

Dancing With Jesus

If he always wanted to dance, we have the perfect gift that will inspire him to finally do it.

“Dancing with Jesus” offers a remarkable collection of best dance moves inspired by Moses and Jesus.

He will enjoy learning how to dance the Water Walk, the Judas Hustle, the Temptation Tango and the Apostolic Conga. Fun is guaranteed!

8. This beer hanger is going to save a lot of space in the fridge

unusual birthday gifts for boyfriend

Bottle Loft Magnetic Bottle Hanger

What is better than a cold beer? If his birthday is getting closer, we have just the thing he needs, so he can enjoy a cold beer while watching the game.

This Magnetic Bottle Hanger fits perfectly on the ceiling in the refrigerator so it won’t take up a lot of space.

9. This will be the best T-Shirt he will ever received

unusual birthday gifts for him t-shirt

Kim Kardashian Human Centipede T-Shirt

Shopping for a man who loves T-shirts with unique prints has never been more interesting than with this gift.

The funny look of Kim Kardashian will definitely get all the attention wherever he goes. The best part is that the print is all over the shirt.

10. Can’t make a decision?


Magnetic Decision Maker

Among unique birthday gifts for a husband is definitely this Magnetic Decision Maker.

If he has a choice to make and he isn’t sure about it, this gift will choose instead of him.

He just needs to move the ball and then to release. The answers can be different so we wish him good luck!

11. How about a shot glass with real bullet in it?

unusual birthday gifts for him shot glass

Shot Glass With Real Bullet

If he likes drinking his favorite scotch from unique glass, he’ll appreciate this gift.

This shot glass is hand-sculpted in a careful way in order to create authenticity.

The best part is a real bullet that looks just amazing.

12. It’s okay if he don’t cycle, he can hang this on his car mirror or on his bag… and this is just a reversed heart shape. What were you thinking?

unusual birthday gifts for cyclist

Funny Heart Shape Safety Light

Want some more gift ideas for your special one? Among weird birthday gifts for him is this Tail light.

It’s perfect to keep him safe at night because the heart shaped look is definitely attention-grabbing. It’s waterproof, tough and resilient.

13. It seems relaxing to have this on his table. Watch this mesmerising video

Executive Edition Kinetic Helicone Art

This gift is just perfect if he likes unique things. This Helicone is breath-taking due to its design. It comes with a wooden display stand.

There is no doubt that this gift will add an elegant touch to his room.

14. This is when he can use his wallet comb to open up his favourite drinks

unusual birthday gifts for him go comb

Go-Comb Wallet Comb + Bottle Opener

What is better than having a wallet comb? Obviously, having a wallet comb and bottle opener.

This makes a perfect gift for his birthday because he never knows when he is going to need a bottle opener, so it’s best to be prepared.

The best part is that it’s incredibly thin so he won’t even notice that it’s in his wallet.

15. A calendar that can be use for 50 years?

unusual birthday gifts for him calender

50 Year Calender

Although it may sound strange these calendars are unique birthday gifts for boyfriend. I know that you’re now thinking what is so unique about them?

Well, this original calendar will enable your boyfriend to look for any future date up to unbelievable 50 years from now. Isn’t that amazing?


Unusual birthday gifts for him on this list are some of best ones that you can find.

It’s time to make shopping more interesting and enjoyable with these gifts.

Feel free to share this article with your friends so they can also pick the best unusual birthday gift for him.

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