11 Unique Birthday Gifts For Husband That is Too Awesome to Pass

Looking for unique birthday gifts for husband that will impress him and make his day fantastic?

Well, ladies, we can tell you with certainty that below you’ll find just the perfect gift for your hubby, whether he loves art or whiskey (or perhaps both).

1. This is going an unique birthday gifts for husband

unique birthday gifts for husband aurora sand art

Aurora Sand Art

Aurora Borealis- a stunning performance of natural lights that is just breath-taking.

If he didn’t have a chance to see this miracle in person, at least you can buy him this sand picture so he can get a chance to enjoy the magical lights.

This is a real masterpiece in the world of art, because the valleys, dunes, and mountains look just sensational.

He will be amazed at the beauty and uniqueness of this picture and he will watch it for hours.

2. Get this unique glasses for him

ThinOptics Keychain Reading Glasses

Want some unique birthday gifts for him? Well, it’s your lucky day because we have the perfect gift that he will find useful- Keychain Reading Glasses.

With these stylish glasses, he will be ready to read newspapers, books or even advertisements, wherever he is.

The nose pads provide comfort so he can wear glasses for as long as he wants. The practical case will keep his new favorite glasses on safe, whether they are in his car or in his jacket.

3. You can paint and draw on this glass holder to make it one and only glass holder for your husband

unique birthday gifts for husband glass holder

Customisable Glasses Holder

Among unique birthday gifts for men, we’ve come across this one.

The Holder Stand is just perfect for keeping his glasses on one place all the time, so he won’t have to look for them around the house.

He can draw or paint this gift and place it on his favorite table, so others can admire it. The Holder Stand comes in a lovely gift box, so you don’t have to wrap it.

4. He will definitely appreciate this beautiful table

unique birthday gifts for husband decorative table

Design Toscano Elephant End Table

Looking for a perfect end table that he will love? Then this one is just perfect. What makes this end table stands out is the fact that each piece is hand-painted by skillful artisans.

The unique elephant design brings life to any living room. The upper part of the table is made of glass thus it’s easy to keep it clean.

5. Having a shot in a normal glass is so lame. Try this Himalayan shot glass

unique birthday gifts for husband himalayan salt shot glass

Himalayan Shot Glass

Don’t you think it’s time to spice up his tequila shots? Why not do that with remarkable Himalayan salt?

These shot glasses are just the perfect gift for his birthday, to make that toast count. The Himalayan salt is antibacterial, plus it will keep glasses strong for a long time due to the minerals.

A natural pink color will look perfectly on his end table. These glasses are awesome birthday gifts for husband.

6. Have he seen this beautiful agate coaster before?

unique birthday gifts for husband agate coaster

Natural Sliced Agate Coaster

Does he take care of his table and he wipes it three times a day? Then these coasters would be the best gift for his birthday.

Not only that they will keep his table clean but they will also add a vivid touch to the table. These are definitely attention-grabbing due to the unique look and shape.

Whether he loves teal, green, purple or natural, you can choose the most suitable color for your loved one.

7. Get him a personalized whiskey barrel

unique birthday gifts for husband personalized whiskey barrel

Personalized Aging Oak Barrel

Is smaller really better? Well, in this case, it is since this barrel won’t take up a lot of space. This wonderfully handcrafted Barrel is just a perfect gift for any whiskey lover.

From now on, your special one will enjoy the taste of his favorite whiskey more than ever before.

Thanks to the American white oak, his whiskey will age to perfection. He can use it over and over again, for unbelievable 8 years. The best part of this gift Is that it’s personalized.

8. Don’t get me wrong, these are whiskey stones not bullet

unique birthday gifts for husband bullet whiskey stones

BarMe Bullet Shape Whiskey Stones

Here we have a perfect thing for your husband if he likes drinking perfectly chilled Scotch. Not only that these chillers will chill his favorite Scotch, but they will also do that without diluting it. Isn’t that just amazing?

Apart from that, the chillers have a quite stunning look that will add a nice touch to his glass.

No need to worry if the bullets will rust or corrode, because they’re made of stainless steel.

9. He can light up anything with this windproof lighter

unique birthday gifts for husband windproof lighter

Tesla Coil Rechargeable Windproof Lighter

Looking for uncommon birthday gifts for husband’s birthday? Search no more, because we have a rechargeable Lighter that will blow his mind with its cool, fancy look.

Thanks to its size, he can carry it in his pocket without worrying if it will fall out.

Moreover, lighting up has never been easier due to the button, he just needs to click it and it’s done. The best part is that the lighter is rechargeable, he can charge it up via USB.

10. Your husband can keep his secrets in this book as well

unique birthday gifts for husband hidden flask

Sneaky Book Diversion Safe

What can be a more fantastic gift than this recycled book safe with a flask? Your husband will definitely love this gift especially because it’s recycled. The book is hand-crafted and it’s perfect for hiding his favorite flask.

11. This bottle magnet holder is going to save a lot of space in the fridge

unique birthday gifts for husband magnetic bottle hanger

Bottle Loft Magnetic Bottle Hanger

When comes to buying nice birthday gifts for husband, we know that you want to get him the one that he will love and more important, have a good use of it.

So, we’ve been searching for a gift like that one and we came up with this terrific Magnetic Bottle Hanger.

As you can imagine, he will be more than happy to install it in the fridge and to hang bottles. It’s a true space saver and the strong magnets make sure that every bottle stays in a place.


Unique birthday gifts for husband on our list are perfect for his special day. Whether you want to buy him a Magnetic Bottle Hanger or Keychain glasses, we’re sure that he will love the gift very much.

We hope that you love this article and that you will share it with your friends who is looking for unique birthday gifts for husband. Enjoy the shopping!

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