15 Unique Birthday Gifts For Him That is Too Good To Pass

Whether you’re looking for unique or funny birthday gifts for him, you’re at the right place.

Not only these gifts are perfect for birthdays, but they are also ideal presents for any kind of a guy.

I gave my best to come up with a diverse list so that choosing the perfect present for your friend, dad, or partner is easy for you.

1. Watch how this windproof lighter works

Tesla Windproof Lighter

There is nothing worse than not being able to light up the cigarette due to a strong wind.

For all those cigarette lovers out there, this amazing lighter is a perfect solution for windy environments.

Thanks to its clever design, the lighter is windproof and is easy to use. Just one click of a button is enough to bring fire to your friend’s world.

2. Hot dog toaster does exist!

unique birthday gifts for him hot dog toaster

Vintage Hot Dog Maker

Let your husband make you tasty hot dogs with this handy toaster. No doubt that he’ll feel like a pro cooking 4 hot dogs at the same time.

Due to an adjustable cooking timer, he’ll have everything under control.

Thanks to that, you don’t have to worry if he will burn your breakfast.

You also don’t have to worry about the mess in your kitchen because the toaster comes with a handy crumb catcher.

3. This smart scale can analyze his body weight, heart rate and air quality

unique birthday gifts for him smart scale

Withings Smart Weight Scale

If your friend is obsessed with working out and measures often, then the Smart Body Analyzer is an ideal gift for him.

Thanks to this amazing analyzer, he’ll get accurate weight and body fat measurements.

Also, the analyzer features a heart rate measurement. This is especially important if your friend does cardio workouts.

Lastly, he can download Health Mate App and make the best out of measurements.

4. This is an awesome bottle opener that he will definitely love

unique birthday gifts for him personalized bullet bottle opener

Personalize Real 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

If your dad has quite a collection of bottle openers, then this one is a must-have.

What could be a better addition to his collection than this one-of-a-kind bottle opener?

Made of a real bullet, and personally engraved, this little guy surely opens bottles in style.

5. This smart watch is beautiful. He is going to love it

unique birthday gifts for him huawei smart watch

Huawei Smart Watch

This fantastic watch is a perfect gift for any guy who appreciates versatility.

Designed in a special way, the watch shows time, tracks steps, gives notifications, and alerts for texts.

It features a scratch resistant display, so no need to worry about that. Although it has a standard size, this watch is anything but the standard.

Moreover, you can choose from plenty of colors.

6. This levitating speaker that made from Mars

unique birthday gifts for him levitating speaker

7 Arc Star Levitating Speaker

Shopping for a music lover? Then you just have to buy him this spectacular Bluetooth speaker. As you can see, its design is breath-taking.

It looks like the speaker comes from another dimension.

The way it spins above a magnetic base is just mesmerizing. Moreover, the speaker provides a wonderful audio performance.

7. He can make sandwich easily with this gift

unique birthday gifts for him sandwich maker

Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker

What faster way to make him breakfast than with this amazing dual sandwich maker? It cooks two sandwiches in about 5 minutes.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning since the removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

If you have a lack of inspiration, the included recipes will certainly give you some breakfast ideas.

8. This tabletop firepit is going to keep him warm on Christmas

unique birthday gifts for him tabletop firepit

Moda Flame Tabletop Firepit

The tabletop fireplace is a perfect way to make his bday cozy and romantic.

Just imagine, the two of you are having a nice dinner, while the shades of flames are making the room perfectly cozy.

Not to mention candles, that will add a romantic and soothing touch to the atmosphere.

How does that sound to you?

9. This bed fan is going to make him sleep comfortably during summer

unique birthday gifts for him bed fan

Bed Fan With Wireless Control

If your hubby tosses and turns every night, because the room is too hot, the fantastic bed fan will blow his troubles away.

There is a ton of adjustments, so he can make his bed as cool as he wants. He’ll love the remote control that allows for an easy control.

10. Is he an adventurous guy? Then this collapsible water bottle is going to save a lot of space in his bag

unique birthday gifts for him collapsibe water bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle

If your dad travels often, this handy water bottle is just the thing he needs. The bottle is durable, reliable and versatile.

He can drink coffee or cold beverages, without worrying if they will spill. A locking twist cap ensures safe closure. Made of quality materials, this bottle will hydrate him for many years.

11. Let him clean his gun with this cleaning kit

unique birthday gifts for him bullet shape gun cleaning kit

Bullet Shape Gun Cleaning Kit

Let him keep guns as cleaner as possible with this luxury cleaning kit. No doubt that this handy kit has everything one can ask for, from brass wire brushes to cleaning patches.

12. This watch is also a lighter

unique birthday gifts for him watch lighter

Watch Lighter

If you are in a search for unique birthday gifts for your boyfriend, then this stylish watch is the perfect present.

But what is so unique about this watch – you ask. It features a lighter, so your guy can light his cigarette in a blink of an eye. Also, the lighter is weather-proof.

13. This beard shaping tool is going to keep his beard in shape

unique birthday gifts for him groomarang

Groomarang Beard Shaping Tool

Let him finally have properly shaped beard. This handy tool will make styling and shaping beard a piece of cake. Moreover, he’ll have a lot of fun discovering new beard styles.

14. He is going to love this heat changing mug

unique birthday gifts for him heat changing mug

Heat Changing Mug

This wonderful heat Changing Constellation Mug is a really unique birthday present for your husband.

Make your favorite star lover happy with this breath-taking mug, and let him enjoy his favorite beverage.

Keep in mind that he needs to hand wash the mug. Otherwise, he can say goodbye to the magic of the stars.

15. Just add a can and you will have a Can Robot

unique birthday gifts for him tin can robot

4M Tin Can Robot

Now isn’t this the cutest little robot that you’ve ever seen? No doubt that your loved one will smile every time he sees this little can guy.

But, he first needs to assemble it. No need to worry, since the process is easy. Plus, the instructions are included.

Have you decided which gift to get fo him?

So there you have it. Unique, practical, and funny birthday gifts for him – all in one place.

Don’t wait any longer to choose the best present for his birthday and make his day even more interesting.

Feel free to share these gift ideas with your friends who’d appreciate them.