Ultimate Birthday Printable Bundle That Will Make Him Love You More (91% off for a Limited Period of Time)

Is your boyfriend or husband birthday around the corner?

And you are not too sure what to get for him?

Is he a little bit picky and seems to have everything?

Then this printable birthday bundle will be a great gift for his birthday.

It is actually a great gift that helps couple to communicate and have a deeper understanding of each other.

Simply said, it is a gift that will make him love you even more.

This beautiful birthday printable include :

birthday printable for boyfriendLet’s Take a Look The Beauty Inside This Bundle

If you are having trouble looking for birthday gift for your husband or boyfriend, look no further than this bundle.

It’s fun, beautiful and it’s on 91% off!

I have personally designed this beautiful printable bundle from a men’s perspective and he will like it for sure.

Let’s take a short trip on how this printable bundle look inside.

printable birthday-gift ideas

2 x Beautiful Birthday Card That Light Up His Birthday


Birthday present without a birthday card is like having a burger without cheese. This eye-catching and fun birthday card is definitely going to light up his birthday.

64 x Conversation Starter That Make a Deeper Relationship With Himconversation-starter

Lack of conversation on a dining table? This conversation starter is definitely going to keep the conversation going between the two of you.

I have picked the best questions that will make both of you to know each other more to another level.

4 x Awesome Birthday Tags That is Too Beautiful To Throw Away

This birthday tag is too beautiful to pass. I have left empty at the back to you can write down a love message for him.

24 x Naughty Love Coupon That Both Of You is Going To Have Fun

This is a fun coupon that I am sure that both of you will have a great time. Because I am the dude who made this bundle so I know what a guy want from their girlfriend or husband.

Sometimes it’s weird to ask “hey honey, can you wake me up with a blowjob in the morning? Thanks”

This coupon is going to give him a smoother way to fulfill their wildest fantasy. (Threesome is not included in this bundle because is too naughty)

5 Reason To Get This Birthday Printable For Him

  1. You got plenty of space on the birthday tag and birthday card to write down how much you love him
  2. The conversation starter is going to give both of you endless meaningful communication that will make you know each other deeper
  3. The love coupon is going to fulfil his wildest fantasy that will make him the happiest man on earth.
  4. The one who make this printable is a guy (me) so this birthday printable is made from a men’s perspective.
  5. If you ask a professional designer to design this, it would probably cost you a few hundred bucks.
Get this birthday printable for him now