20 Amazing Travel Gifts for Men That He Will Find Very Useful

You can easily find a list of travel gifts for men on the internet.

But which one you should get for him?

For that questions, I have handpicked a few travel gift ideas for him from a men’s perspective (I am a dude, trust me) that he will absolutely love.

Let’s keep on reading.

1. This gift is one of the best travel gifts for men to rest comfortably on a long journey

travel gifts for men travel pillow

Neck Support Travel Pillow

2. Charger carrier is an useful travel gifts for men to organize his gadget


Mark & Graham $49.00

Leather transport charger that carries his phone charger, earphone and all type of wire stuff.

This beautiful roll up leather will let him carry his charger in an organized manner.

This leather case is compact enough so it won’t eat a lot of space in the bag.

3. Safety Brief


Diversion Safe Gildan $12.99

Safety comes first. You don’t want anyone to steal your credit card, passport or money. This safety brief is not meant to wear (well you can if you don’t mind the fake poop stain).

It is a diversion so people don’t realise there is money in there. This is the most unique travel gifts I have ever seen.

Besides, it is quite funny as well.

4. He is going to find this high quality toiletry bag useful

travel gifts for men toiletry bag

Vetelli Toiletry Hanging Bag

5. Lightweight Travel Backpack


Outlander $17.00- $19.00

This backpack is very convenient for a guy who always travel for 2 to 3 days travel. It is lightweight so he can pack more things. Besides, he can roll this bag up so it saves space in his house.

Here are one tip of using this bag, If you travel for 3 weeks or more than that vacation, he can roll this bag and put it into his big luggage.

When he reach the destination he can use this bag to travel around there instead of bringing around the big bulky luggage.

6. G-RO Carry on Luggage

Get it at G-RO

Enough said I am going to get this one myself even is not my birthday yet. This is the best carry-on luggage I have ever seen.

7. This travel iron is both small and convenient

travel gifts for men travel iron

Steamfast Mini Steam Iron

8. Functional Duffle Bag

KP Duffle Bag

Why there are so many awesome things invented when I am broke.

9. He is going to love this book

travel gifts for men travel book

Destination Of A Lifetime

10. Baubax Travel Jacket

Can you imagine a jacket could have 15 features?


Baubax Travel Jacket

This is probably the best travel jacket you can get for him. It comes with 4 design as well such as windbreaker, jacket, blazer and bomber jacket.

You can get this awesome jacket from Baubax

11. Let him have his favourite coffee anywhere he go

travel gifts for men staresso portable coffee maker

Staresso Portable Coffee Maker

12. Pack This Pad!


Knock Knock Pack This Pad $6.96

The worst things that happen in the airport, you forgot to bring your passport and it is boarding in 5 minutes while you live an hour away from the airport.

You don’t want that to happen, get this for him.

13. Let him make his favourite cocktail on the plane

travel gifts for men cocktail kit

The Carry On Cocktail Kit

14. Toiletries Kit


eBags $25.49

This small kit can pack a lot. I think you can put in a few more bananas or potatoes in this bag.

15. Mark the country that he have been before with this map

travel gifts for men scratch the mapScratch The World 

16. Digital Luggage Scale


Camry Luggage scales $14.99

This scale is small and lightweight. He can bring this around with him so he doesn’t have to worry about spending extra charge on overweight luggage.

17. Earphone


Action Pie $26.99

It can be bored on a plane so why not get him a new earphone so he can enjoy his favourite music or podcast on the plane.

18. Phone Camera Clip


Ollo Phone Camera Clip $79.99

It is heavy and tiring to bring a DSLR camera while travelling. With this clip, he can take a better picture with his phone.

19. Let him bring all his favourite book with him with Kindle Paperwhite

travel gifts for men kindle paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

20. Travel With Him

travel gifts for men travel with him

Yes, travel with him can be a great gift for him. Besides, you will have a chance to get to know more about him. If you find comfortable to travel with him, he could be your future husband.

Start plan a trip with him now.

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