Top 10 Gifts For Men 2017 That You Must See (Especially #7)

Looking for top 10 gifts for men in 2017? You will realise there are a lot of good stuff if you try to search online.

That is why I am having trouble to handpick only 10 best products to list it on this page.

Hopefully, these 10 gift ideas will get the best present for your men.

Let’s see the first one.

1. Modern Day Briefcase is one of the top 10 gifts for men

Brenton Company 

This is probably the best backpack that I have ever seen. The backpack design allows him to travel comfortably, organise all his gear and look awesome.

So this backpack is suitable for both professionals and student.

There are plenty of space designed for laptop, notebooks, charger, pen, wallet and much more.

If you want to go into the details :

  •  Two leather handles – The purpose of two handles instead of one allow the backpack weight to spread out evenly for you to carry around easily. One handle backpack often tore out easily and the two handle serves to solve that problem.
  • Laptop sleeve with secure strap so your laptop won’t dance around in the bag
  • Pen and business card holders
  • 8 internal pocket

The wax cotton on the external of this back is making this bag water resistance. So this is a great gift for him if he

So this is a great gift for him if he live in a country where rain often.

Check out their products at Brenton Company

2. Prepd Pack


Lunchbox made easy. This lunchbox made to the top 10 list is because of its simplicity that makes big innovation.

They are redesigning a lunchbox that makes us eat and live healthier.

The premium modular design of the container with different sizes is made to control the portion of food we eat.

Besides, the free apps allow him to plan his meals easily and all the recipes are made by the professional nutritionist.

The apps also give you all the shopping list so you know what to buy at the store.

Get one for him at Prep

3. Field Skillet

The Field Skillet

This is probably the best gifts for him who love to cook. Skillet is often very heavy.

So these guys have come out the right weight for the skillet that lighter than a 13 inch Macbook pro.

The size of the pan is made to let the heat spread evenly on the pan so you can get the perfect medium cook steak.

The pour spout doesn’t solve the drip issue so they have taken out that feature that will cost you more money.

I think this is a very versatile pan that can cook a pizza, steak, pie, pan fried, stir friend and much more.

The cast iron made this pan so durable and you can pass this to his next generation.

Check out the Field Skillet

4. Virtual Reality Headset


Samsung VR Headset

Virtual reality is hot selling gadget in 2016. You can watch videos and play games in a whole new experience with this headset.

This Samsung VR headset is so easy to use, all you need to do is slot in your phone into the headset and you are set to watch your favourite movies.

5. Nautica Voyage


Nautica Voyage

I think this is a great Christmas gifts for him although this is not a new product in 2016. But this perfume tops the list as best Amazon best-selling men’s perfume.

This cologne is not too strong, and long lasting as well.

This sea breeze carries a romantic scent that soothes the tension.

6. Drone


DJI Phantom 3

Drone is a perfect gift for the man who love taking videos with a new experience. This is a hot toy for guys who love taking videos.

The 4k UHD video recording with fully stabilized 3-axis gimbal vision positioning system allows you to stably fly indoors.

The Lightbridge digital streaming allows you to see live viewing at 720p video (full resolution video is simultaneously recorded on the internal microSD card).

7. Ossic X 3D Headphones

Ossic Headphone

Now he can listen to his favourite music and movies like never before.

Imagine combining these headphones with virtual reality headset, playing video games and watching movies will never be the same again.

The 3D sound re-create what you heard around you.

The integrated head tracking will make the sound appear from outside of your head. This is truly a headset evolution.

8. Ukeg Growler by Growler Werks

Growler Werks

Although this is a 2014 product, it is still relevant today. I mean who doesn’t drink beer?

Many craft beer doesn’t sell in a bottle, and often they just put your beer into a glass growler which makes the beer goes flat as soon as you open it.

This spoil the beer and you are not able to enjoy the freshness of the beer.

Growler Werks has made a great growler that keeps craft beer fresh.

The double wall vacuum insulated keep the beer cold for hours and the pressured cap protect the beer from getting flat.

The handle is specially made for you to travel around to party, beach or hang out in a friends house.

There is a glass designed to let you track your remaining beer without opening the growler cap. Get it at Growler Werks.

9. Help Him Sleep Better With Sense

Sense By Hello 

Sense is a system that tracks your sleep and monitors the environment of the bedroom. It comes with an app that includes the alarm system.

I really like this feature the most. It wakes you up at the right point of your sleep cycle so you don’t have to wake up feeling like crap.

Besides, the apps also tell you how much you have slept last night with unique Sleep score each night.

That’s why Sense made it  top 10 gift ideas for men.

Sense is available to purchase here.

10. Mott & Bow Jeans


Mott & Bow 

This is the most comfortable jeans he will ever wear.

Mott & Bow jeans provide 35% elasticity that helps him to move around comfortably.

It made from high-quality cotton, polyester, and elastane that helps to him the 35% stretch.

He can now cycle, going up the stairs, and running to catch a bus without restricted movement with this jeans.

This will be his best birthday gifts ever.

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