Thank You Gifts For Men : 4 Reason Why Food is The Best Present For Him

Why food is the best thank you gifts for men? Well, who doesn’t like free pizza?

It is a nice thank you gift for everyone such as doctors, teachers, nurse, father, client, coworker, friends or boyfriend.

Everyone need food and I never reject anyone who is going to buy me food just to thank me for doing them a favor. Pizza, fried chicken, kebab, Mcdonald, you name it.

When you don’t know what to get for him, the safest gift will be food.

Let’s keep reading why you should get food as a thank you gifts for him.

1. Get To Know Him

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If your colleague or friend is helping you out, why don’t buy them a dinner as a thank you gift? You get to spend time and get to know more about him.

I got a friend in high school and we always thought he is a weirdo that is hard to understand and people seems try to avoid him.

We think it is unfair for him to get treated that way so we decided to get to know more him and hang out with him during our recess time just to know him more.

We found out he is having social anxiety and that is the reason he prefers to stay alone.

After a few months we have been chatting and having fun with him, we realise he is more comfortable to have a conversation and much more approachable.

Fast forward he is still our friend to this day I am writing this post and he said we changed his life. Whoa, now I felt like Captain America just saved the world.

When we tried to approach him the first time and it is weird just go in-front of him and say “hello, can we be your friend?”. So what we did? Ask him if he wanted to join us for food.

2. Get Him to Know You More

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If you feel like giving it a try for the guy who is trying to win your heart and he just helps you out, why not invite him to come over your house to have dinner together.

It is the best way to let him know more about you. You can start with how your grandma teaches you how to make this pasta when you are 15 years old.

Tell him where you learn how to make this food and build up the conversation from there.

Who know he might get along with you and be your future boyfriend.

If you don’t know how to cook, don’t worry.

Go to a restaurant and tell him how you love the food there and he should give it a try.

3. Best Gift For Every Mentor and Teachers


I think food basket is the best gifts to thank your teacher or mentor. Who doesn’t like a basket of free jerky?

Besides, it is easy to make as well. You can get a ready made one or custom made yourself. Get a bunch of chocolate, jerky or sweets and put it together in a basket.

I’ve found a lot of DIY food basket tutorial on the internet that is easy to make.

Here is what you can do if you are a college student, you can buy your lecturer a dinner and share the bill with everyone in the class.

This is a great way to get to know more about your teacher. Remember to take a group photo.

He will treasure that moment a lot and I am sure he is going to miss teaching you all.

4. Food Connect People

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Have you been thinking of corporate thank you gifts? Or thank you gifts for coworkers? Here is what you can do, throw them a small party in the office filled with lots of great food.

Make sure to invite your client and partner to join as well. You can have a Chinese, Indian, or Japanese food party.

This small party is a great way to connect a stronger bond with your partner, coworker, and client.

This is a chance for them to talk about their daily interest and get to know more each other.

Do you have any friend who is looking for thank you gifts for men? Share ideas with them so they can find the best gift to thank him.

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