18 Coolest Tech Gifts For Men That You Have To See Before Buying One

I have been searching around the web looking for tech gifts for men and realise there are lots of cool stuff you can get.

I think it is such a waste to bookmark it to keep it on my own so I have decided to make a good use of it and share with you later in this page.

I also handpicked 18 tech gift from men’s perspective that I find interesting and include it later in this post. You have to see the gifts ideas on #6 and #8.

Let’s keep scrolling.

1. Oree KeyBoard – This is a great tech gifts for men

Oree Keyboard 

This wooden keyboard is not for decoration, this is actually a functional keyboard. Besides, you can personalise the keyboard with a message. This is a great gift to compliment all the tech he have.

2. Never lost his keys again with this tracker

tech gifts for him tile

Tile Wireless Bluetooth Tracker

Does he spend every day looking for his keys and wallet and that starts to irritate you? We have a perfect solution for both of you- the Item Finder. Thanks to this handy device, he will never lose his precious items again. The best part is that is really easy to use.

3. Gaming Mouse


Razer Mamba

It looks like a normal colourful mouse doesn’t it? But I am to tell you it’s not.Have you played games where you accidently shot your teammate?The 16,000 DPI sensor on this mouse is going to make any gamer play with accurate precision. Now he can perform at his best.

4. iHome speaker/radio/alarm clock

tech gifts for him alarm

iHome Speakerphone 

Here we have a perfect gift if he likes practicality and simplicity. This pragmatic device offers the possibility to stream his favorite music and to set the alarm to FM radio.

Moreover, when paired to his phone, the speakerphone enables the use of talk and end buttons.

5. Headphones


Sennheiser Headphones

That’s probably the most beautiful and functional earphone I have ever seen. This product currently having 2200+ 4.5 stars review on Amazon. Besides, it looks great as well so he can compliment with any of his outfit.

6. Wireless charger for all type of phone

tech gifts for him wireless charger

Maxin Wireless Charger

Nowadays, this device is simply a must-have for every person, including your beloved one. There is no doubt that he will have the good use of this gift and that he will appreciate it a lot. Needless to say, this Wireless Charger will literally change his life.

7. Electronic Skateboard


Boosted Electric Skateboard

Beware when you get this for him. Only get with Boosted name on it instead of Chinese knock off. They use aerospace battery so you don’t have to worry about battery explosion.

Besides, they are using 100% Bamboo to make the board enable flexibility and durability. This is a great transport for those who live in a busy city where they can escape busy street.

8. Beautiful Home Bluetooth Speaker

tech gifts for men speaker homeBang & Olufsen Bluetooth Speaker

If he enjoys listening to music when he comes from work, then we have a perfect gift for him. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for his birthday to come, but rather surprise him today!

This Home Speaker will fit perfectly in his living room due to its beautiful white color. Moreover, the sound is clear and natural so he can relax while listening to his favorite songs.

9. Charging Hub



I am sure he have more than 3 gadget that needs to get charged all the time. He doesn’t have to use all his plug to charge his gadget anymore where he can do it all in one place. This saves a lot of space and much less complicated wire lying on the floor.

10. Loud basstard

tech gifts for men loudbasstard

Loud Basstard Amplifier

What better way to amplify the sound of your phone than with this Eco-Friendly Amplifier? Since it’s handmade, the beauty of this gift is really authentic yet very sophisticated.

11. Pocket Scanner


Pocket Scanner

This small and portable scanner is going to make any graphic designer or business admin life easier. The translation function is the one I like the most.

Just a few swipes on the document and you are done with scanning. Besides, it is small enough to bring around as well. This is the best scanner I have ever seen.

12. Touchscreen Cleaner



The good thing about this cleaner is you can reuse this roller by cleaning it with water. It clear smudges and fingerprint on your gadget. Get this for him if he have a lot of gadget.

13. Look at this windproof lighter

tech gifts for him windproof lighter

Padgene Windproof Lighter

If he has a collection of lighters, we have just perfect one that will be an impressive addition to the collection. Charging has never been easier than with this lighter, he just has to connect it to PC and wait until it’s fully charged.

14. Portable Plastic Welder



He can now fix many common gadgets that always break such as wire like the above, weld together a broken glass, broken toys even weld a key hanger on the wall. He can use this on wood, fabric, metal, wood and plastic. This stuff is just so cool.

15. Accessories Organiser



I think this is a very smart invention. Such simple concept solves all the problem that we always met, disorganise gadget. This organiser comes in different size so you can get the right size according to the amount of gadget that you have. The flat design are also make things easier to keep in the bag.

16. Amazon Echo


Amazon Echo

With the voice recognition on this device, you care allowed to command almost 100+ function on this device. Such as reading an ebook, listening to music, check the weather, call an Uber, listen to news or radio, answer questions, report traffic and much more. It is like an upgraded Siri on iPhone.

17. Drones


Holy Stone

I think this is a fun gift for those who love taking pictures. This one is a great gift for a beginner as well. I use to go for a run just to get to know more around a new town, I think this would help on that. It is a nice gifts to get guys excited.

18. 4 in 1 Camping Lantern



This is a camping lamp and a power bank that can be used for hiking, camping, fishing or emergency use. The solar plate on top allows this lamp to recharge.

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