10 Best Surprise Gifts For Husband Birthday That Will Make Him Speechless

Looking for surprise gifts for husband birthday?

Who doesn’t love surprises?

I just enjoy discovering new ways to surprise people around me, so I thought why not share them with you ladies?

Surprise gifts for his birthday that I’ve come up with will help you in choosing the best way to surprise your loved one.

Why not make his day memorable?

1. Get a wallet put his favorite artist concert ticket inside. This is a nice surprise gifts for husband birthday

surprise gifts for husband birthday wallet with concert ticket inside

Timberland Men’s Hunter Wallet

One of the best surprise gifts for a husband that will just spin his head is this one.

You really need to buy him this high-quality Timberland wallet that looks so stylish. It’s made from leather thus it will last him for a long time.

Of course, that’s not all otherwise this gift wouldn’t be a surprise at all.

However, if you buy tickets for his favorite singer’s concert and put them into this wallet, well, that would be just a perfect way to surprise him.

2. Hard drive that contains a copy of video of you telling him reasons that you love him

surprise gifts for husband birthday external hard drive with video of you

Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive

Why not make videos that will contain all the reasons why you chose him?

Moreover, you can make a list of his favorite movies, so you can watch them on his birthday.

I’m sure these ideas are great ways to celebrate his birthday.

But, how you should give him that gift?

Logically, you’ll need this external hard drive that has plenty of space so you can copy all those files.

Just don’t forget to copy both- videos and movies, because that’s a sure way to make him smile.

3. Laptop bag with a new laptop inside

surprise gifts for husband birthday laptop bag with new laptop inside

VANZ Handmade Vintage Laptop Bag

Do you know what is better than a leather bag? The leather bag with a laptop in it.

That’s definitely a gift that he doesn’t expect, does he?

This bag is made of high-quality leather so no need to worry if his laptop will be on safe.

Moreover, this bag will last for years, probably until you’ll need to buy him another laptop.

The classic and elegant design look just fantastic, and there is no doubt that he’ll love this bag (although he’ll love the laptop even more).

4. Adopt a puppy for him and hide it in a box

surprise gifts for husband birthday adopt a puppy

What better way to surprise him than with adopting an adorable puppy?

He just won’t be able to resist those beautiful eyes that just want some love from him.

From now on, he’ll learn how to take care of someone else and how to give out some love.

The best part is that the two of you can take a puppy for a walk, and spend some quality time together.

The three of you will be a great family!

5. A normal looking notebook full with journal of both of you inside

surprise gifts for husband birthday journal

Moleskin Notebook

You have to make sure the notebook is normal enough so he thought “Oh, just another notebook” and receive the surprise when he open up the journal and saw you write a list of reasons what you love about him.

6. Write a letter and post it to him

surprise gifts for husband birthday [post him a letter

Letters To My Love

If you’re a truly romantic person, this gift is just a perfect way to express that.

Nothing is more romantic than hand-written letters, so I think that you should definitely write them.

He’ll enjoy reading all those beautiful words that you wrote, and you’ll certainly make him fall in love with you again.

7. Write him a message and put it in the bottle

surprise gifts for husband birthday message in a bottle

Message in a Bottle

One of the best surprise birthday gifts for a husband is definitely this personalized gift.

Write him a romantic message and then put it this beautifully designed bottle.

The seashells and sand add such a nice touch to the overall look of the bottle, while an elegant wood crate will look just terrific on his favorite shelf.

8. When he get back from work, wear a sexy lingerie to open the door, cook, and the the “adult” thing

surprise gifts for husband birthday sexy lingerie

Bluetime Lace Sleep Wear

I think there is no better surprise for a man than when he comes home from work and he finds his wife in a bed, looking smoking hot in this sexy lingerie.

Whether he loves black, red, or green, he will love seeing you in this sexy outfit.

He probably won’t even notice the color but you can still choose his favorite one.

9. Get him a new shoe with this cheeky message inside

surprise gifts for husband birthday shoes

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One of the best surprise gifts for a husband on his birthday is definitely a pair of shoes.

Now, you must be thinking that I’m crazy because what the heck is so surprising about shoes?

Well, I’d say don’t judge a book by its cover. You should write “I’m beyond blessed to have had someone like you walk into my life” and put a message in the box. Now you get it, don’t you?

10. Print out the photos that you took with your phone and put it in an album

surprise gifts for husband birthday photo album

Pioneer Photo Album

Want more surprise birthday gifts ideas for your husband? Then you’re definitely going to love this one. It’s finally time to print all those photos and to make memories count.

Buy him this lovely album and bring the favorite moments of your relationship back to life.

There is no doubt that this birthday will be special to him.

So how do you plan to surprise him?

Now that you have all these ideas, it’s time to choose the best way to make his day memorable.

I’m sure that you’ll enjoy his smile when he opens a gift and realizes what you bought him.

Don’t you just love surprises?

Feel free to share these ideas with your friends who is looking for surprise gifts for husband birthday.

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