23 Best Star Wars Gifts For Him (You Got So See #20)

Unique Star Wars gifts for him on this list are just the thing you need if you’re looking for star wars gifts for his birthday or any other occasion.

If he’s a fan, and you want to make his special day truly special, then you can stop searching, because we’ve got 22 gift ideas for you!

Let’s see the first one.

1. Voice changing Kylo Ren Helmet is an awesome Star Wars gifts for him

starwars gifts for him kylo ren mask

Kylo Ren Voice Changer Helmet

What better way to relive his favorite series than by being able to actually reenact it?

This unusual star wars gifts for him is realistically detailed and an accurate representation of Kylo Ren’s actual mask!

Can you imagine the delight on his face when the helmet electronically changes its voice to sound like Kylo Ren?

It also comes with adjustment straps on the front and back so no need to worry if this star wars gift for him will fit. Instructions are included.

2. Stormtrooper Mug

starwars gifts for him stormtrooper mug

Stormtrooper Sculpted Ceramic Mug

This mug is custom sculpted ceramic, which makes it a truly unique star wars gift for him, the one of a kind person in your life.

Enhance the joy of the first-morning coffee with the company of a stormtrooper, and simply heat anything up in the microwave.

We do recommend hand washing it since you surely want this unique collectible to last. The best part is that it ships in a full-color gift box so you don’t need to wrap it!

3. Rey Figurine

star warsgifts for him rey figurine

Rey Star Wars Figurine

The new heroine of the galaxy has arrived and who wouldn’t like to have her in their own home?

Standing at 3, ¾ inches tall, she is perfect for any desk. It is guaranteed that she will bring a smile to your face every time you see her thanks to her charm and beauty.

Star wars gifts for men have never been easier with this Rey Figurine!

4. Hans Solo wall decal

star wars gifts for him decals

Hans Solo in Carbonite Door Decal

Going for the grand and one of the most unusual star wars gifts for him? This wall decal is easy to apply; just peel and stick, which makes it ideal for decorating any room.

Tears, rips, and fading are not an issue due to the thick high-grade vinyl made in the USA. It’s safe for any smooth surface and painted wall.

Are you ready to be the life of the party with Han Solo as your companion?

5. Boba Fett


Boba Fett Sculpted Ceramic Mug

This realistically crafted ceramic mug in the shape of Boba Fett’s helmet will be a worthy addition to his ever-growing star wars collection.

One of the best star wars gifts for him due to its practicality and hand painted accuracy of the actual helmet. Enjoy your favorite drinks, or simply use this mug as a decorative item, but it will surely be a very useful star wars gift for him.

6. Jedi Robe

star wars robe gift for him

Jedi Bath Robes

Make him feel like one with the galaxy with this unique stars wars gift for his birthday. The soft, 100% cotton, the material will surely make him more comfortable after every shower or bath.

Unleash his Jedi powers and put a permanent smile on his face. Don’t fret over sizes, since this robe will fit almost everyone!

7. Darth Vader toaster

star wars gifts for him darth vader toaster

Darth Vader Toaster

Running out of ideas for breakfast? Why not defeat the hunger with deliciously toasted pastries with a star wars logo on them?

Though in the shape of Darth Vader, this toaster is much more than just an excuse to join the dark side.

With multiple functions and an adjustable thermostat, this toaster makes one of the best star wars gifts for him. Clean up has also never been easier since it comes with a dispensable crumb tray for those pesky crumbs.

8. Table lighting

star wars gifts for him light

BB8 Star Wars Lamp

Light up your world and a room with this fascinating 3D light in the shape of our favorite new droid: BB8.

This makes a perfect star wars gift for men because it’s not only functional but also a simple yet sophisticated décor for any space.

It is durable and energy saving, just perfect for creating a nice, dimmed atmosphere on those cozy nights spent in bed.

9. Assemble this Millennium Falcon

star wars gifts for him falcon

Star Wars Millenium Falcon

Does he like spending his afternoons solving puzzles and building various models of various things? Then this star wars gift for his birthday will be perfect!

It has never been more fun to build a model of your favorite starship than now.

Easy and convenient, the millennium falcon also produces realistic battle sounds and has a hyperdrive that lights up. Spark his imagination and make his day with this unique star wars gift for him.

10. Yoda is watching you

star wars gfts for him yoda

Yoda Figurine

Make master Yoda your companion by placing him on the monitor of your computer.

Whether he’s doing work, or just playing games, under the watchful eye of Yoda, he will surely have more success and luck. Ideal star wars gift for him for any occasion.

11. Kylo Ren Mug

star wars gifts for him kylo ren mug

Kylo Ren Sculpted Ceramic Mug

Who wouldn’t want the new villain of the galaxy as part of their personal collection? Microwave safe, this unusual star wars gift for him is not only accurately hand painted, but also crafted in the most beautiful way.

Feel free to use it as a pen holder, if that’s more your cup of tea. We do recommend hand washing it, in order to keep its pristine, ceramic beauty.

12. Star Wars book collection


Star Wars: The Jedi Path and Book of Sith

Is he a bookworm that has nothing left to read or simply a fan that wants to know more about this ever expanding universe?

Why not get him a book collection as a star wars gift for his birthday? Guaranteed to entertain him for days, these books are perfect for anyone who wants to know the paths of the light and dark side of the force.

13. Pizza cutter

star wars gifts for him pizza cutter

Underground Star Wars Pizza Cutter

We’ve all seen how lightsabers can cut through everything in the movies, but with this unique star wars gift for him, you will be able to cut through any pizza.

The experience will be enhanced by realistic light saber sounds coming from the accurately represented lightsaber handle!

The blade is removable thus enabling easier washing, but it is preferred if you hand wash it. Now that we’re done with the technical stuff, who’s ready for some pizza?

14. Stormtrooper Bobblehead

star wars gifts for him bobblehead stormtrooper

Stromtrooper Bobblehead

Stormtroopers may not be the best at shooting, but this cute bobblehead sure is a perfect star wars gift for his birthday.

Feel like the leader of an army with this little stormtrooper by your side, and relive your favorite scenes in the most spontaneous ways.

15. Star Wars umbrella

star wars gifts for him umbrella

Lightsaber Umbrella

Rains will never again be a drag if you opt for maybe the best star wars gift for him. Never be afraid of the darkness with a handle that lights up.

Tap into your inner Jedi and don’t let something pesky like rain stop you from going anywhere. Gift wrap is also available!

16. Star Wars Imperial Destroyer

star wars gifts for him imperial

Metal Earth Imperial Destroyer

This 3D model of the imperial destroyer is suitable for any surface in need of décor. Especially when you have spent the time and effort in assembling it.

Want something to make him proud of himself? Get him this star wars gift for his birthday and watch his eyes glisten with joy after successfully assembling it.

17. He is going to make you dinner with this Darth Vader apron

star wars apron for him

Darth Vader Apron

He is going to love this apron that you bought for him if he loves cooking.

18. Can you believe this is a measuring cup set?

star wars gifts for him measuring cup set

Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

Does he love baking? This will be a great gift for him. Besides, it is easy to keep as well. All the cups can be assembled into R2-D2.

19. Want to make a Death Star pancake?

star wars gifts for him death stars pancake maker

Star Wars Death Stars Pancake Maker

He is going to love pancake even more.

20. He is going to love this levitating speaker

star wars gifts for men levitating speaker

Star Wars Death Star Levitating Speaker

This levitating speaker look surreal. This is a great decoration for his table or room.

21. Make a lightsaber ice cream with this

star wars gifts for him popsicle lightsaber mold

Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

Your kids is going to find this gift so cool.

22. Light up the lightsaber with his hot coffee

star wars gifts for him magic mug

Lightsaber Mug

Just pour hot water and watch the lightsaber glow.

23. 1:1 scale storm trooper helmet

star wars gifts for him storm helmet

The Force Awaken Stormtrooper Helmet

Are you ready to become a proud trooper of the imperial army? This realistic and lightweight star wars gift for him is ideal for reenacting all of the movies.

It’s ready to wear straight out of the box, so just unpack and enjoy. It is also complete with digital files from the actual films!


Going through this list of the best star wars gifts for him, you can now choose your favorite and make the special guy in your life truly happy.

Unusual star wars gifts for him are hard to find but if this list was helpful for you, feel free to share it with those who would also appreciate it.

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