101 Best Small Presents For Guys That Fit in His Stocking Stuffer

Small presents for guys that you’ll find below are not just for Christmas but perfect for any occasion.

Who says that you have to buy him a big gift in order to express your love?

In my opinion, it’s much better to buy him a gift that it’s convenient so he can always carry it with him.

That way, your love will follow him everywhere.

Let’s check out what I have handpicked in this infographic.

small presents for guys

1. Personalized Money Clip With Hidden Knife

small presents for guys personalized money clip

Gerber Money Clip With Hidden Knife

This handy money clip is just perfect to keep his cash and credit cards on safe all the time. Thanks to a slim design, he will carry it in his pocket, without even noticing it’s there.

2. Watch – He can wear this watch in any casual occasion

small presents for guys watch

Daniel Wellington Watch

This sensational watch is a great gift for a guy who appreciates elegance. It matches perfectly with business attire, adding a nice touch to it.

3. Earphone – Does he love music? This earphone comes with exra bass

small presents for guys watch earphone

Billy Heavy Bass Earphone

Lightweight design of these amazing in-ear headphones will allow him to listen to his favorite music on the go, without his ears getting tired.

4. Socks – This socks is going to keep his feet warm

small presents for guys watch socks

Comfortable Unisex Socks

These colorful socks are perfect for enjoying the holidays in style and comfort! He’ll have a lot of fun matching them with his clothes.

5. Gun Pocket Knife – This is a creative pocket knife

small presents for guys watch pocket knife gun

Gun Shape Pocket Knife

With this handy tool packed in a cool-looking gun, he’ll always be prepared for the unexpected situations!

6. Oreo Dipping Spoon – This is a great gift for the guy who love Oreo

small presents for guys oreo dipping spoon

Oreo Dipping Spoon

Let him completely enjoy the perfect Oreo taste with this interesting dipping spoon. He can even choose his favorite color in this set of 5 spoons.

7. Lip Balm – Say no more to chapped lips everytime you kiss him

small presents for guys lip balm

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

The set of Natural Lip balms will keep his lips moisturized and nourished during whole winter. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the kisses like never before!

8. Shot Glass – This is such a beautiful shot glass

small presents for guys shot glass

Ashcroft Crystal Cut Shot Glass

With a mind-blowing design, this remarkable glass will be a perfect addition to his home bar. He’ll definitely enjoy drinking spirits served from this beauty. Cheers!

9. Small Succulent Plant – This small plat is a great decor for his work desk

small presents for guys succulant

Japanese Stye Plant Pot

With a cacti displayed from this unique plant pot, his office will feel like home and he’ll enjoy working!

10. Bookmark – This is a great gift for the guy who loves reading

small presents for guys bookmark


Bookworms just can’t get enough of bookmarks, can they? Give him this one-of-a-kind gift and make his reading a lot easier.

11. Personalise Keychain – This is a sentimental gift that he will never forget

small presents for guys keychain

Personalized Laser Engraved Keychain

What better way to remind him of your love than with this cute personalized keychain? Choose the words of appreciation and fill his every day with romance.

12. Animal Figure Wall Hook – This creative hook is a great decor as well

small presents for guys wall hook

Animal Figure Wall Hook

This charming figure is a perfect combination of art and practicality. Moreover, it is a great place to keep his keys, because he’ll always know where they are.

13. Amazon Echo Dot – Life will be easier with echo dot

small presents for guys echo dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Let him be in charge of every single switch and device at his home, with this Echo Dot. He won’t even have to move off his bed, because Alexa can hear him across the room!

14. Door Knocker – Let’s make a secret knock with this one

small presents for guys door knocker

Celtic Door Knocker

This knocker is a great, green way to give his guests a warm welcome. The GreenMan may not have the friendliest face they’ve seen but he certainly has the most interesting one.

15. Paperweight – I never knew paperweight can be this beautiful

small presents for guys paperweight

Gemstone Globe Paperweight

The gemstone globe paperweight is a breath-taking piece of art that will last for many years. Thanks to beautiful gemstones, the world looks delightful.

16. A5 Size Water Bottle – This water bottle is going to save a lot of space in the bag

small presents for guys water bottle

A5 Water Bottle

Reusable water bottle is a perfect gift for any guy who takes care of his environment. Thanks to a unique design, the bottle will fit perfectly in his bag. He’ll never be thirsty again!

17. Swiss Army Knife – There is a lot of function with this tool

small presents for guys swiss knife

Swiss Army Knife

Featuring even 19 tools, this handy item literally has everything he needs, from a bottle opener to a wire stripper. With this little guy by his side, he’ll always be prepared to take action.

18. Personalize Bullet Shape Bottle Opener – This bottle oepenr is actually made from real bullet

small presents for guys bullet shape bottle opener

Personalized Real 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

Let him open his favorite beer with style! Made from a real bullet, this bottle opener is far from an ordinary.

19. Tile Item Tracker – His wallet, keys or bag will never gone missing again

small presents for guys bullet shape tile tracker

Tile Item Tracker

He’ll never again lose his keys or wallet, thanks to this clever device. Just imagine, no more searching all over the house for his valuables. How does that sound to you?

20. Cableyoyo Earbud Cable Management – This organiser is going to keep his earphone tidy

small presents for guys bullet shape cableyoyo

Cableyoyo Earphone Organsiser

Is there anything worse than twisted earphones in his pocket? Well, with this gift, his troubles will be over. From now on, his earphones will be perfectly organized.

21. Orbitkey – Does he have a lot of keys? This will help him organise

small presents for guys orbit key

Orbitkey Key Organiser

Key Organiser -Made of premium leather, Orbitkey will prevent scratching phone while at the same time his keys will be elegantly housed.

22. Leather Bracelet – This is a great gift for stylish man

small presents for guys bracelet

Leather Bracelet

Look just the beauty of this bracelet! It seems like Stainless steel and leather go hand in hand when comes to creating a unique, eye-catching design.

23. Cologne – I have this one and it smells great!

small presents for guys cologne

Hermes Cologne

He’ll lose among sophisticated and pleasant notes of this popular cologne. Like your man, this cologne is unique and powerful, with a gentle touch.

24. Aftershave – Every guy need to apply this after they shave their beard

small presents for guys aftershave

Rugged & Dapper Aftershave

Let him be forever young using this outstanding aftershave lotion. It’ll keep his skin in a perfect condition, due to its remarkable formula.

25. Premium One Blade Shaver – This is the smoothest shaver he will ever have

small presents for guys shaver

Premium One Blade Shaver

This is a perfect gift for any guy who appreciates high-quality razor. He’ll enjoy shaving his beard in style, due to a dazzling finish.

26. Beard Oil – THis oil is going to keep his beard and mustache healthy

small presents for guys beard oil

Art Naturals Beard Oil

This amazing beard oil will bring his beard to life, thanks to rich ingredients. His fellows will be green with envy and he’ll be proud of his shiny beard.

27. Staresso – Make his favourite coffee anywhere with this portable coffee maker

small presents for guys portable coffee maker

Staresso Portable Coffee Maker

Mini Portable Coffee Maker -He doesn’t have to go to the local café in order to enjoy the flavorful espresso. With this machine, he can make his own!

28. Beautiful Playing Cards

small presents for guys playing cards

Bicycle Playing Cards

Let him learn the magic tricks with these magical playing cards. He’ll definitely love their dark side!

29. Funny Pizza Cutter – For him who loves pizza more than his wife

small presents for guys pizza cutter

Harley Davidson Pizza Cutter

With this awesome pizza cutter, the slices will have perfect lines, so let him cut any way he likes!

30. Magnetic Bottle Opener – This is an awesome bottle opener

small presents for guys magnetic bottle opener

Johnny Catch Magnetic Bottle Opener

The time has come for the naughty bottle caps to be captured with this magnetic catcher. On the other hand, the bottles will be finally free thanks to the bottle opener.

31. Portable Speaker – Listen to his favourite music anywhere with this portable speaker

small presents for guys portable speaker

Photive Portable Wireless Speaker

Why limit his fun when he can carry this portable speaker with him wherever he goes? That way, he’ll always have a good time and he’ll bring fun everywhere.

32. Fitbit – Let him track his daily activity with Fitbit

small presents for guys fitbit


With this clever tracker, motivation and focus will be at his side, reminding him to keep moving forward. He’ll love the feel on his skin because this is one comfy tracker.

33. Skull Figurine – This is a great home decor

small presents for guys skull figurine

Celtic Skull Figurine

Perfect for any skull collection, this figurine will bring style and power. Hand painted, it’s no wonder that the colors are mesmerizing.

34. His Favorite Character Bobblehead

small presents for guys bobblehead

Starwars Bobblehead

If he’s an enthusiastic fan of Star Wars, let the power within him awaken with this appealing figure. It is certainly a worthwhile collectible.

35. Windproof Lighter – You can even light it up when raining

small presents for guys windproof lighter

Tesla Windproof Lighter

With this stylish lighter, his cigarettes will be smoking hot! Just the click of the button is enough to bring the lightness to his world.

36. Bullet Shape Whiskey Stone – This is the most unique whiskey stone he will ever received

small presents for guys bullet shape whiskey stone

Bullet Shape Whiskey Stones

Blow his drink away with these unique chillers! They will cool perfectly his drink while at the same time, the flavorful taste will be preserved.

37. Toiletry Bag – Does he love travel around? Then he will find this gift useful

small presents for guys toiletry bag

Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag

Get him one of these, so he can be organized wherever he goes. There is enough space for his toothbrush, after shave and other precious items. His things will be perfectly organized!

38. Elderflower Tonic – Let’s have some drink

small presents for guys elderflower tonic

Jack Rudy Elderflower Cocktail

Let him enhance the appetizing taste of his favorite Bourbon with this courageous Elderflower Tonic. He’ll fall in love with this unique drinking combination.

39. Bacon Salt – Get this for the guy who loves bacon more than they love their mother

small presents for guys bacon salt

Bacon Salt

This is a perfect gift for any bacon lover. With this yummilicious bacon salt, every dish will taste like bacon.

40. Oreo – Oh, for your information this is my favorite snack

small presents for guys oreo cookies

Oreo Cookies

Fill his world with a rich and soft crème of Oreo cookie. Oreo is an ideal for taking a break from his work and enjoying the sweet taste of life.

41. Carry on Cocktail Travel Kit – let him have some of his favourite cocktail on the plane

small presents for guys carry on cocktail

Carry On Cocktail Travel Kit

With this handy cocktail kit, he’ll certainly enjoy flights. He can make two or three cocktails, and enjoy the perfect taste among the clouds.

42. Stress Release Toy – Doe she work in a stressful environment?

small presents for guys stress release toy

Stress Release Toy

Who needs a psychologist when we have these amazing stress relief toys? This comfortable toy will help him to live carefree because stress will be out of his life.

43. Ashtray – This ashtray is both weird and unique

small presents for guys ashtray

Cast Iron Hand Shape Ashtray

This old-fashioned inspired ash tray is both functional and cool-looking. Iron and antique patina make this hand a powerful, decorative item.

44. Zippo Handwarmer – This will keep his hand warm during winter

small presents for guys handwarmer

Zippo Handwarmer

With this handy item, he’ll have an opportunity to feel that nice, cozy warmth while walking down the streets looking how the snow is covering everything around him.

45. Magnetic Car Phone Mount

small presents for guys magnetic car mount

Magnetic Car Phone Mount

This is something that his car just needs to have. The magnet is very strong so his phone will be on safe wherever he’s driving.

46. Heart Shape Marimo Moss Balls

small presents for guys marimo ball

Heart Shape Marimo Moss Ball

Marimo is a worthwhile item that will bring him luck and good fortune. This is just the perfect gift to remind him of your love.

47. Beautiful Agate Coaster – You never knew coaster can be this beautiful

small presents for guys agate coaster

Agate Coaster

What a splendid coaster! His coffee table will look vivid with these coasters, and at the same time will be protected from stains.

48. Leather Passport Holder

small presents for guys leather passport holder

Leather Passport Holder

While his passport will fall in love with this fascinating leather holder, he’ll fall in love with its practicality. There is even space for his credit cards!

49. Shoe Polish – Let him take care of his favourite shoes

small presents for guys shoe polish

Kiwi Shoe Polish

With this quality shoe polish, his shoes will look dazzling for a long time. He just needs to apply a thin coat of this polish and his shoes will be nice and protected.

50. Travel Nail Clipper Set – Now he can clean his nail with this kit while traveling

small presents for guys nail clipper set

Travel Nail Clipper

This is an ideal gift for any guy who loves benefits of Manicure and pedicure. With 10 different pieces, his needs will be fulfilled.

51. Lapel Pin – Sad Pepe….

small presents for guys lapel pin

Sad Pepe Lapel Pin

Get him this one-of-a-kind Pepe, so Pepe won’t be lonely ever again. He’ll love having this amazing pin!

52. Mini Travel Portable Iron – This is one of the best gift for traveler

small presents for guys travel iron

Collar Perfect Portable Travel Iron

This portable iron is an easy and quick way to make him look tidy. Due to 6 heat settings, he can iron any piece of his clothes.

53. Collar Stay – Thsi will keep his collar neat and tidy

small presents for guys collar stay

Wurkin Stiffs Collar Stay

His collar will be perfectly still with this handy little collar stay. Thanks to that, he’ll look neat and professional.

54. Tie – This is going to make him look smart

small presents for guys tie

Retreez Casual Tie

This stylish tie is just the perfect gift for Christmas. He can combine it with his formal outfit or with a casual one. Either way, he’ll look cool and classy.

55. Belt

small presents for guys leather belt

Weave Leather Belt

This remarkable leather belt will turn his outfit into a stylish one. Made of premium leather, it will last for many years.

56. Creative Iron/Sew Patch – This is a beautiful collection for him who travel alot

small presents for guys iron patch

Creative Iron Patch

This gift will make his bag and his clothes happy! Made of a high-quality material, and with vivid colors, this is a perfect addition to his collection of patches.

57. Amazon Dash Button – MAke his life easier with these buttons

small presents for guys dash button

Amazon Dash Button

Thanks to this little guy, he’ll never again run out of his favorite products. Only one press is enough and supplies will be in front of his door.

58. Camera Strap

small presents for guys camera strap

Leather Camera Strap

With this stylish camera neck strap, his camera will always be ready for capturing all funny, romantic, dazzling, and sappy moments of your relationship!

59. Tea Infuser – Isn’t this cute?

small presents for guys tea infuser

Funny Tea Infuser

What better way to enjoy his tea than with this adorable sloth tea infuser? Looking at this cute face, he’ll feel love and gratefulness.

60. Hedgehog Cheese Grater – I don’t know who come out with this ideas and I find it awesome

small presents for guys cheese grater

Hedgehog Cheese Grater

Let him grate cheese with elegance! Melamine and BPA free, this grater is a safe and practical kitchen accessory.

61. Microsoft Arc Mouse – This this probably the most comfortabe mouse in the market

small presents for guys microsoft arc mouse

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Get him this outstanding mouse so he can completely enjoy the benefits of modern technology. Bluetooth Technology and a flexible design will make working on his computer a lot easier.

62. Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge – Drink in a creative way

small presents for guys whiskey wedge

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

What a perfect combination of art and spirits! There is no doubt that he’ll fall in love with this creative Whiskey wedge.

63. Himalayan Salt Shot Glass – This glass seems awesome

small presents for guys himalayan salt glass

Himalayan Salt Shot Glass

Perfect for parties and gatherings, these unique shot glasses will enhance the taste of his favorite Tequila. Due to their attention-grabbing look, these are great conversation starters!

64. Wine Stopper – This wine stopper is beautiful

small presents for guys wine stopper

Creative Wine Stopper

With this colorful Venetian Owl Stopper, his favorite wine won’t have a chance to spill. Moreover, this cute Owl will preserve the taste of his wine, so he doesn’t have to drink a whole bottle at once.

65. Game Of Thrones Style Bottle Opener

small presents for guys bottle opener

Game Of Throne Style Bottle Opener

Inspired by Game of Thrones, this bottle stopper is perfect for keeping his wine fresh. The gold finish makes this gift really sparkling!

66. Cufflinks

small presents for guys cufflink

Bullet Shape Cufflinks

The set of unique cufflinks is a perfect gift for any guy who appreciates small things. Moreover, these will add a tiny but powerful touch to his outfit.

67. Thin Optic Glasses – This glasses is great gift for you dad

small presents for guys thinoptics

ThinOptics Glasses

ThinOptics is ideal for reading on the go. Convenient design allows for easy storing. He can even stick the glasses to his phone!

68. Tyre Inflater For Bike – No need to worry about flat tyre anymore

small presents for guys tyre inflater

Compact Tyre Inflater

If he cannot live without his bike, this is a great gift for him. The inflator will help his bike (and him) to keep moving forward and stay on track.

69. Charging Dock – This chargind dock is going to keep his desk organized

small presents for guys charging dock

Wooden Charging Dock

Perfect for his office, this multi-purpose device will organize tangled cables and keep his desk neat. It’s will also add a nice touch to the desk, due to a modern design.

70. Smart Plug – You can now turn the switch on and off with your phone

small presents for guys smart plug

TP-LINK Smart Plug

What a clever way to change his life forever (and make it a lot easier). From now on, he’ll be in a complete control over his home. Let him play with switches and electronics!

71. Amazon Firestick – He can watch his favourite show with this gift

small presents for guys amazon firestick

Amazon Firestick

What better way to spend holidays than watching family movies? This excellent firestick will give him a chance to enjoy the best channels even without satellite.

72. Emergency Solar Hand Crank – Listen to radio and charge battery with this solar and hand crank powered emergency tool

small presents for guys hand crank charger

Emergency Solar Hand Crank

This handy emergency radio will be his reliable rescuer. It can be self-charged, so it won’t depend on any kind of weather.

73. Titanium Spinning Top – This is a great gift when he need a deep thinking session

small presents for guys spinning top

Titanium Spinning Top

Whenever he’s under a lot of stress, he just needs to spin this silver top. The way it spins is so soothing that he’ll forget about his problems.

74. Digital Tape Measure – Now he can measure accurately

small presents for guys e measure tape

Digital Tape Measure

Handy or not, he’s going to need one of these. The tape measure offers a new, digital way of measuring and memorizing that will make his work a lot easier.

75. Clip-On Lens For Phone – Let him take better picture with his phone

small presents for guys phone camera lens

Clip On Phone Lens

Let him capture every worthwhile moment in his life with this wonderful gift.

76. Pocket Shot – This is a great gift for backyard game

small presents for guys pocket shot

Pocket Shot

It’s time for your loved one to have some fun and feel like a child again. The pocket shot is great for playing with his fellows.

77. Keychain With Pill Holder – He will never forget to bring his pill again

small presents for guys pill holder

Cielo Keychain With Pill Holder

Why not have both aspirin and car keys in one place? This clever keychain is super lightweight and super durable.

78. Floating Speaker – This is probably one of the best gift you can get him as a stocking stuffer

small presents for guys floating speaker

Wireless Floating Speaker

It seems like this speaker is walking on the air, thanks to the perfect combination of technology and design. Moreover, the sound is as magical as the speaker itself.

79. Bondic Plastic Welder – This plastic welder can fix almost everything

small presents for guys plastic welder

Bondic Plastic Welder

Let him fix anything in a blink of an eye, thanks to the premium liquid plastic welder. It seems like this little guy is just the thing every man needs.

80. Table Topic – Conversation Starter Card – Never run out of conversation with this gift

small presents for guys conversation starter

Tabletopic Conversation Starter

Perfect for a family reunion, the conversation starters have a plenty of interesting ideas to keep the atmosphere on a high-level.

81. T-Shirt

small presents for guys t shirt

Funny T-Shirt

Whichever color you choose, he’ll be thrilled to have this old-fashioned T-shirt in his closet.

82. Blueberry Jam

small presents for guys blueberry jam

Blueberry Jam

Bring some sweetness to his life with this flavorful gift.

83. Grounded Coffee – Let him stay awake for 10 years. Just kidding

small presents for guys death wish coffee

Death Wish Grounded Coffee

Thanks to this super strong coffee, he’ll be full of energy.

84. Tea bag – For him who drink 10 cups of tea in a day

small presents for guys tea

Tea Assortment

Tea tray offers 8 different ways to enjoy his teatime.

85. Wireless Bluetooth Rollup Keyboard – This keyboard going to save a lot of space in his bag

small presents for guys roll up keyboard

Wireless Rollup Keyboard

Roll his virtual world up with this amazing keyboard.

86. Fountain Pen – This is the most affordable and high-quality fountain pen I can found in the market

small presents for guys fountain pen

Muji Aluminium Fountain Pen

This sophisticated fountain pen will turn the words into magic!

87. Naughty Coupon

small presents for guys coupon book

Romantic Coupon Book

Spice up your love life with this romantic gift!

88. Grab Hand Hook – Turn his wall into something surreal and creepy

small presents for guys hand hook

Grab Hand Hook

This creative hook is certainly a funny and a little bit creepy way to decorate his home.

89. Van Goth Guitar Pick -Does he play guitar?

small presents for guys guitar pick

Van Goth Guitar Pick

This one-of-a-kind guitar pick will make his music even more meaningful.

90. Funny Mug

small presents for guys funny mug

Gag Mug

What better way to start his morning than with coffee served from this quite inspirational mug?

91. Waterproof Matches

small presents for guys waterproof match kit

Waterproof Matches

Add some fire to his life with this windproof and waterproof matches!

92. Beard Shaping Tool – Keep his beard stay in shape easily with this tool

small presents for guys beard shaping tool

Groomarang Beard Shaping Tool

His beard will definitely fall in love with the Groomarang!

93. Asshole Repellent

small presents for guys asshole repellent

Soy Candle

(I never knew this exist) -Calm his mind down with this soothing, long-lasting candle.

94. Silicone Wedding Ring – Let you and your husband keep your wedding ring in a safe place

small presents for guys silicone wedding ring

Silicone Wedding Band

Each one of these rings has a unique design, so he can wear them for various occasions.

95. Quality Travel Cup

small presents for guys travel mug

Contigo Travel Mug

The perfect gift that will keep him hydrated on those long, exhausting trips.

96. Pork Shredder – Let him shred some meat like wolverine

small presents for guys meat shredder

Cave Tools Meat Shredder

Let him be in charge of every dish he prepares, thanks to this amazing shredder.

97. Nose Trimmer

small presents for guys nose trimmer

Panasonic Trimmer

His nose and ears will be perfectly neat every single day.

98. Underwear – It’s probably too sexy to include the picture here

(You can go for sexy one) -It’s time for passion babe! Show him your naughty side.

99. Amazon Echo

small presents for guys amazon echo

Amazon Echo

He just needs to sit comfortably on his bed and the Amazon echo will read and play the music for him.

100. Multi-Function Card

small presents for guys ninja wallet

Wallet Ninja Multi Tool Card

Whatever he needs, this multi-purpose tool has!

101. Mini Tank Made From Bullet – Don’t you find this very creative?

small presents for guys tank made from bullet

Mini Tank Made From Bullet

Bring some golden color to his office with this breath-taking little tank.

So, there you have it. A wide variety of gifts for any kind of a man. Share this list with your friend so they can find the best small present for guys to fit in their stocking stuffer.