101 Best Small Gifts Ideas For Men in His Stocking Stuffer on This Coming Christmas (Infographics)

Are you looking for small gifts for men? The quick list in the infographic below should help you find the best small present for him.

Make sure to scroll all the way down where I put all the links to the product I recommend.


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Here is the transcript from the above infographics along with links and DIY tutorial to the gifts I recommend.

1. His favourite cologne is a great small gifts ideas for men – What’s better than a man that smells great

Small Gifts Ideas For Men cologne

Terre D’Hermes By Hermes For Men

Bring France to him with this long-lasting cologne, and let him smell all the romance and amour that are in the air.

2. A leather wallet – A slim wallet that won’t make his butt look like out of balance

Small Gifts Ideas For Men wallet

Bellroy Slim Leather Wallet

Perfect for any guy who loves minimalism, this stylish wallet is designed to fit tightly at his pocket. No more bulky wallets for your loved one!

3. Pocket knife – This will come in handy for the guy who loves outdoor activities

Small Gifts Ideas For Men pocker knife

Gerber Swagger Pocket Knife

If your guy is outdoorsy type, this pocket knife will come in handy in a number of unexpected situations. With a quick opening mechanism, and a plunge lock, this knife is easy and safe for use.

4. Zippo Handwarmer – I think this is a great gift for your boyfriend so both of your hand can stay warm while holding hand

Small Gifts Ideas For Men handwarmer

Zippo Handwarmer

Thanks to this high-quality hand warmer, he’ll completely enjoy the joy and magic of Winter. The hand warmer will give him that nice, cozy feeling while he’s outside.

5. Tesla Windproof Lighter – Living in a windy place?

Small Gifts Ideas For Men windproof lighter

Tesla Coil Windproof Lighter

Completely safe, elegant and practical, this is the perfect gift if your guy is a smoker. Just one click and there will be fire.

6. Beard Oil – His beard is going to stay as healthy as his hair

Small Gifts Ideas For Men beard oil

Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil

There is nothing that will nurture his beard better than an organic combination of jojoba and argan oil. He’ll finally have the beard of his dreams.

7. Hanz De Fuko Hair Clay – They claim David Beckham use this to style his hair

Small Gifts Ideas For Men hair wax

Hanz De Fuko Quicksand

His hair will be perfectly neat with this high hold wax and dry shampoo. It’s paraben free and ideal for breathing life into his hair.

8. Tie Clip – A quality tie clip that prevent his tie from dancing around. Great gift for college student who just graduated.

Small Gifts Ideas For Men tie clip

Puentes Tie Bar

Silver, black or gold tie clip – each one is for different outfit, so he’ll always look elegant and professional.

9. Wooden Beard Comb – That keep his beard tidy

Small Gifts Ideas For Men beard comb

Mr Rugged Wooden Beard Comb

This handcrafted comb really has it all – a nice looking design, durability and it will contribute to the growth of his beard.

10. Vintage Razor – It is still the best tool for shaving

Small Gifts Ideas For Men vintage shaver

Vikings Blade Vintage Razor

Let him have a luxury shaving experience over and over again with this marvelous razor. It comes in a stylish gift box, so it’s ready for giving right away.

11. Bottle opener – Every man need this small inexpensive gifts. I always lost this after party. Somebody must have kidnap my bottle opener!

Small Gifts Ideas For Men bottle opener

Alehorn Game Of Throne Styles Bottle Opener

Inspired by Game of Thrones, this is really one-of-a-kind bottle opener. No doubt that this gift will add a nice touch to his home bar.

12. Mustache Wax – If he wants to make an art with his mustache

Small Gifts Ideas For Men beard wax

Secondary Mustache Wax

Crazy, romantic, silly – his beard can look whatever way he wants, thanks to this super strong moustache wax.

13. Goatee template – His beard will never get out of shape no more

Small Gifts Ideas For Men goatee template

Goatee Shaving Template

His goatee will never again look sloppy, because this template allows for creating perfect shape.

14. Cigar – Let him smoke like a boss

small gifts ideas for men cigar

Don Rafael Connecticut Cigar

Let him feel like a boss smoking this top notch Don Rafael cigars.

15. Shoe Polish – Shoes is a very important for man

small gifts ideas for men shoe polish kit

Shoe Shine With Elegant Case

Perfect for traveling, this shoe shine kit will keep his shoes dazzling and protected.

16. Pocket Square – DO NOT buy a matching tie with pocket square that comes together in a box

small gifts ideas for men pocket square

Suit Supply Pocket Square

This is an ideal gift for a man who loves elegance. Choose the design that resonates with him and fill his day with style.

17. Socks – Men can never get enough of this

small gifts ideas for men socks

Art Casual Funky Socks

These unique and colorful socks will be the best part of his outfit. He’ll be noticed everywhere!

18. Jerky – Nobody can resist Jerky

small gifts ideas for men jerky

Exotic Jerky Sampler Pack

No one, including your guy, can resist this small batch of flavorful Jerky. This is just the perfect snack for his break.

19. Gifts Card – Does he already have a wishlist on his Amazon account? Then this gift card should help.

small gifts ideas for men gift card

Amazon Gift Card

If you cannot choose the appropriate gift for him, let him do that. This gift card is excellent way to show him your love without bothering with shopping.

20. World Strongest Coffee – This will make any men wake up within 5 minutes

small gifts ideas for men ground coffee

Death Wish Ground Coffee

Let him have a nice, strong cup of coffee the first thing in the morning on Christmas. He’ll be full of energy whole day!

21. Shaving Cream – Do you know it hurt our face when we shave our beard without shaving cream?

small gifts ideas for men shaving cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream

He’ll enjoy every second of shaving, because of this rich shaving cream. His face will be smooth and hydrated like never before.

22. Beanie – This is a great Christmas stocking stuffer so he can keep his head and ear warm

small gifts ideas for men beanie

Neff Men’s Beanie

This is just the perfect stocking stuffer gift that is both practical and stylish. Made of 100% Acrylic, this Beanie will fit loosely.

23. Bruce Lee movie – He is going to spend most of his Christmas holiday at home watching Bruce Lee

small gifts ideas for men bruce lee movie

Bruce Lee Movie Collection

If he’s an avid fan of Bruce Lee movies, this is just the perfect way for him to enjoy Christmas. He’ll be impressed with this gift.

24. Shot Glass – It is a glass and also a shot glass

small gifts ideas for men shot glasses

Shot in a Pint

You have to admit that this unique shot in the pint glass will be an interesting addition to his ever-growing drinking collection.

25. Lip Balm – Dry weather can make his lips chapped

small gifts ideas for men lip balm

Burt’s Bees Natural Lip Balm

Prepare his lips for your kisses with this natural Lip balm. The set includes 4 balms, enough to keep his lips moisturized for a whole winter.

26. Sexy Undies – For him to wear, for you to enjoy

small gifts ideas for men sexy undies

Men’s Leopard Print Low Rise Underwear

Bring the passion to your bedroom (or any other room) with this sexy and comfortable underwear for your guy. He’ll definitely sweep you off your feet.

27. Glow in the dark condom – Have you seen mini Light Saber before?

small gifts ideas for men glow in the dark condom

Glow in the Dark Latex Condom

Wanna have some dazzling moments in your bedroom? No problem. Just get him these glowing condoms and enjoy 30 minutes of sensational, shiny experience.

28. Camera Memory Card – Let him use this to keep all the photos you took with him

small gifts ideas for men camera memory card

SanDisk Memory Card

This is just the thing he needs to capture all those magical Christmas moments with your family. It’s time for many silly, funny, and happy photos.

29. A thoughtful message – Nothing beat a thoughtful gift

small gifts ideas for men love book

What I Love About You

Make his Christmas even more special with this romantic gift. Write down everything you love about your wonderful relationship. You can be as romantic and sappy as you like.

30. Tooth floss – This little gift cleans up the big mess in between his teeth

small gifts ideas for men dental floss

Oral-B Dental Floss

Let him have the most beautiful smile that will sweep you off your feet, thanks to this handy gift. It will clean those hard-to-reach areas that his toothbrush cannot touch.

31. Recipe Book – Does he love to cook? Then let him cook on this Christmas holiday
small gifts ideas for men recipe book

Gordon Ramsay Recipe Book

This is just the perfect stocking stuffer gift if your loved one is a cook. He’ll make the most delicious Christmas dinner in his life.

32. Shoe Horn – Every men need this to take care of his shoes

small gifts ideas for men shoe horn

Extra Long Shoehorn

With this extra-long shoe horn, he’ll easily slide into his shoes. Made from sturdy plastic, it surely won’t break.

33. Personalized Photo Tag – You can put a name, message, poem or even a photo with this tag


Personalized Custom Engraved Photo Tag

Bring love to him with this personalized photo tag. There is even space for message so choose the most romantic words that you possibly can.

34. Sudokube – Does he love sudoku? This is great stocking stuffer for dad

small gifts ideas for men sudokube

Sudoku Puzzle

Instead of spending time on his computer, he can actually spend it more efficiently. The Sudoku cube is a great way to improve his brain capacity wherever he is

35. Barbecue Sauce – I don’t know why I eat roast turkey with barbecue sauce. I actually put barbecue sauce on everything

small gifts ideas for men barbecue sauce

Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauce

This is the perfect flavorful addition to his barbecue and even other dishes. He’ll surely love the bold taste.

36. Guitar Pick – One guitar pick is never enough

small gifts ideas for men guitar pick

Handmade Guitar Pick From Real USA Coin

This handmade guitar pack will be a great gift for any music lover, including your boyfriend. Exceptionally polished, it’s really a breath-taking stocking stuffer gift.

37. Camera Lens Mug – I got this one from my girlfriend last Christmas and I am still using it today

small gifts ideas for men camera lens mug

Camera Lens Mug

Every wonderful moment of holidays will taste magical thanks to this amazing camera cup.

38. Barrel Aged Cocktail Kit – Let him make his own cocktail

small gifts ideas for men barrel age cocktail kit

Barrel Aged Cocktail Kit

He can finally make his own barrel-aged cocktail with this clever cocktail kit.

39. Beer Tasting Kit Glass – They say different beer need different glass to unfold their flavors

small gifts ideas for men beer tasting kit

Spiegelau Beer Tasting Kit

He’ll be amazed at how drinking from the right glass can actually enhance the flavorful taste of any beer.

40. Towel – Trow away his smelly towel and replace with this one

small gifts ideas for men towel

Luxury BathTowel (100% Genuine Turkish Cotton)

Choose his favorite color and turn his bathing into luxury and comfortable experience, thanks to these high-quality towels.

41. Leather Belt – A casual weaved leather belt that easy to paired with any jeans

small gifts ideas for men belt

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Braided Belt

Here’s one stylish stocking stuffer gift that he’ll definitely love. This belt will last him a long time, due to the real leather.

42. Man Candle – From fart to new car smell they have it all. The weirdest present you can get for him

small gifts ideas for men mens candle

Man Candle

This is certainly one of the weirdest stocking stuffer gifts that you can get him. But, hey, I don’t judge. In fact I’m pretty sure that he’ll love it.

43. Whiskey Chilling Stones – Now he his whiskey won’t taste different affected by melted ice

small gifts ideas for men whiskey stones

Whiskey Stones

Let him enjoy the like-a-dream cool whiskey without any change in the taste, thanks to these chilling stones.

44. Handmade Flask – He can drink his favourite bourbon anywhere now

small gifts ideas for men handmade flask

Handmade Pewter Flask

This flask will come in handy in these freezing days, because it will keep him warm.

45. Money Clip – So his pocket doesn’t look like it’s “pregnant”

small gifts ideas for men money clip

RFID Blocking Money Clip

Perfect for any guy who loves simplicity, this wallet money clip will keep his money on safe with style.

46. Never Soggy Cereal Bowl – No more disgusting “Cereal Smoothies” every morning

small gifts ideas for men cereal bowl

Obol Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

If he doesn’t love wet cereals, this is just the perfect stocking stuffer gift for him. A spiral slide design allows for having flavorful, crispy breakfast.

47. Phone Cover – Teenage love accessories for their phone

small gifts ideas for men phone case

Zizo Slim Phone Case

Choose from these marvelous color variations the perfect one for his phone, so it can be cool-looking and highly protected.

48. Pallet Coasters – Just to keep your table wet free

small gifts ideas for men pallet coaster

Pallet Coaster

Look just how cool these coasters are! Moreover, they’re perfect for both cold and hot beverages.

49. Beer Soap– Does he love beer ? I am worried if he might swallow this

small gifts ideas for men beer soap

Beer Soap

Set his skin free from all those toxins with this one-of-a-kind beer soap. His skin will be glowing and healthy.

50. USB Drive – Any music lover? Store all his favorite music in here

small gifts ideas for men gun thumbdrive

16 GB Gun Shape Flash Drive

Even if he has USB flash drive, he certainly doesn’t have one that looks as awesome as this gun shaped USB flash drive. No doubt that he’ll love to have this as a gift.

51. Darkfin Gloves – Does he love water sports? This will make him swim like a fish

small gifts ideas for men darkfin

Darkfin Webbed Power Gloves

He’ll be unstoppable with this power gloves. 3-D shape will provide impeccable comfort and will increase hand surface by 70%.

52. Handmade Copper Mug – This is the coolest gifts for your father

small gifts ideas for men mule mug

Moscow Mule Mug

The two of you will have such a great time drinking cocktails served from these authentic mugs. The straws are included.

53. Small Plant – This small succulent plant is going to brighten up his desk

small gifts ideas for men succulent

Unique Succulent Collection

These beautiful plants will turn his office into the most pleasant space ever, so he’ll be motivated to work all the time.

54. DIY Tie Phone Case – Learn how to make one

small gifts ideas for men tie phone case

Pop Sugar

If you’re creative then you’ll definitely be eager to make him this tie phone case. That is simple and fun way to give him stocking stuffer gift.

55. Tickets to his favourite sport or concert – You can never get wrong with this

What could be a better gift for Christmas than the two of you going to the concert of his favorite singer? If he prefers sports, you can even take him to watch the game.

56. DIY Handwarmer – Want to make one for your boyfriend? Follow this tutorial

small gifts ideas for men diy handwarmer

Rae Ann Kelly

Make him this little cozy gift and warm up his world!

57. Flash Light – So he can light up his world with the light from you. I am so cheesy

small gifts ideas for men flashlight

Adjustable Mini Flashlight

It goes without saying that having a quality and bright LED flashlight like this one, is something that every guy needs to have.

58. Gaming Mouse – For gamers who always lose their game

small gifts ideas for men gaming mouse

Venus Gaming Mouse

Specifically designed for passionate game lovers, this mouse is very comfortable. It’ll give him full control over his game.

59. Protein Bar – For the guy who love fitness

small gifts ideas for men protein bar

Quest Nutrition Protein Bar

This delicious protein bar will give him enough energy to move through his busy day.

60. Pizza Cutter – Make sure he cut it evenly

small gifts ideas for men pizza cutter

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

Let him enjoy the perfectly sliced pieces of pizza, thanks to this amazing pizza cutter.

61. Toiletries Bag – All his essentials in one place

small gifts ideas for men toiletries bagVetelli Toiletry Bag

Perfect for traveling, this elegant toiletry bag will keep all of his essentials in one place. Made of high-quality material, this bag will be his companion for years.

62. Locker lock – Nobody is going to steal his stuff again at the gym

small gifts ideas for men locker lock

Master Lock

This set of 2 locks is ideal for keeping his things completely safe, wherever he is.

63. Cocktail recipes book – Invite his friends to taste the new recipes and get drunk everyday

small gifts ideas for mencocktail recipes

The Ultimate Bar Book

He’ll mix cocktails like a pro, thanks to this all-he-needs-to-know-about-drinks guide. Let him have a cheerful Christmas!

64. Odorless Deodorant – Scented deodorant smells weird

small gifts ideas for men deodorant

Unscented Deodorant

Speed stick is a perfect deodorant for any man who wants to have control and comfort, without any scent.

65. Pocket Leather Journal – He can keep all his thought in this journal

small gifts ideas for men journal

Genuine Leather Journal

This is just the perfect stocking stuffer gift so he can write down (with style of course) every worthwhile moment of Christmas.

66. Apron – Does he love cooking?

small gifts ideas for men tactical apron

Tactical Chef Apron

He’ll look so cool wearing this super comfy apron. There is a lot of space for his tools, so he can win the kitchen!

67. Leather Mittens – It is cold on Christmas, get this to warm him up

small gifts ideas for men gloves

Kinko Gloves

These amazing gloves will keep his hands warm every day of Winter. Even if the gloves got wet, they will dry quickly.

68. Portable Espresso Maker – I get this for my Italian friend and he made me the best espresso I’ve ever had

small gifts ideas for men espresso maker

Staresso Coffee Maker

Thanks to this handy espresso maker, he’ll be able to enjoy the perfect espresso anytime, anywhere.

69. Diamond cut whiskey glass – Beautiful glass and a classy bar

small gifts ideas for men whiskey glass diamond cut

Ashcroft Diamond Cut Whiskey Glass

Let him make diamond toasts on the Christmas eve with this high-quality and eye-catching glass.

70. Earphone – Does he commute to work and listen to music and podcast?

small gifts ideas for men earphone

Symphonized Noise Cancelling Wooden Earphone

These handcrafted noise canceling headphones will bring him a unique listening experience. He’ll feel like there is no one else in the world but him and wonderful notes.

71. T-shirt – Get more of this for him so he will never run out of t-shirt to wear

small gifts ideas for men t shirt

Best Boyfriend Ever T-Shirt

Now, is this romantic gift or what? He’ll definitely love to show off this super comfortable T-shirt.

72. Tumbler Holder – For him easier to handel

small gifts ideas for men tumbler handle

Tumbler Handle

He can finally carry his favorite mug with him wherever he goes. This sturdy handle will firmly hold it.

73. Car Freshener – No more pizza smell in his car

small gifts ideas for men car freshner

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Bring freshness into his home or car with this amazing air-purifying bag. It’s designed for absorbing excess moisture in order to prevent creating bacteria.

74. Mens Bracelet – Make him a bracelet made from baseball. Follow this tutorial

Make him this unique bracelet that he can wear in the gym and with his sportswear. He’ll love the soft skin on his skin.

75. Grilling Spice – Grill some meat on this holiday

small gifts ideas for men grilling spice

Handcrafted Grilling Spices

Fill his world with a lot of flavour with this set of five handcrafted gourmet spices. Packed in a handy box, the gift is ready to make Christmas delicious.

76. Compass – This meaningful compass

small gifts ideas for men love compass

Pewter Pocket Compass

With this cute, romantic gift, he’ll always find a way to your heart, wherever he is.

77. Fishing Accessories – Does he love fishing? This fish finder will let him track fish easily

small gifts ideas for men deeper fish finder

Deeper Fish Finder

This handy device will certainly take his fishing at another level.

78. Easy to grow herb seeds – Since he is retired, let him grow some greens during his free time

small gifts ideas for men seed

Ecofarm Heirloom Seeds

Make his world green with these popular seeds. He’ll enjoy creating his own little garden.

79. Water Bottle – This water bottle that save a lot of space in his bag

small gifts ideas for men water bottle

A5 Water Bottle

Thanks to this leak-proof bottle, he’ll always be hydrated. It’s so compact that it’ll fit where he needs it.

80. Collectible Action Figurine – Batman, Superman, Joker, Gundam and many more

small gifts ideas for men bobblehead

Star Wars Characters Bobblehead

Let him make his very first collection of Star Wars figurines such as Darth Wader, Chewbacca and much more.

81. Party Games Guide – He will never get bored during a party again

small gifts ideas for men drunk stoned stupid

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

This game will bring a lot of laugh to every party. He and his friends will become addicted to this hilarious game.

82. Tactical Pen – Heavy duty pen made from lightweight aircraft aluminum

small gifts ideas for men tactical pen

Self Defense Tactical Pen With LED Light

Let him have everything under control with this handy tactical pen. It’ fit perfectly into his pocket.

83. Nail Cutter – No more dirty nails

small gifts ideas for men nail clipper

Klhip Nail Clipper

This top-notch nail clipper will give him all the precision his nails need. It comes with a nice case, so his nail clipper will be on safe when not in use.

84. Back Scratcher – This scratcher is big enough to hit every part of his back

small gifts ideas for men back scratcher

Redneck Back Scratcher

Let him have the best scratching experience ever, with this super long back scratcher.

85. A new phone – It is time to replace his old broken phone

New Phone

If your budget is not limited, why not buy him a brand new phone?

86. Selfie Stick – It is a must have everyday use

small gifts ideas for men selfie stick

Selfie Stick

Silly, crazy, romantic – he can capture every moment thanks to this practical selfie stick.

87. Phone Camera Lens Kit – Take a professional picture with only your phone

small gifts ideas for men phone lens

Techo Phone Lens

These HD lenses are perfect to make every small object, building, landscape, and persons even more beautiful.

88. Gorilla Tripod – Hang his phone anywhere and take picture with this pod

small gifts ideas for men gorilla pod

Joby Gorilla Pod

He’ll enjoy creating art on the go, with this flexible tripod.

89. Electronic Toothbrush – There is a timer for this toothbrush to tell him how long he should brush his teeth

small gifts ideas for men electric toothbrush

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

He’ll have the brightest smile that you’ve ever seen because his teeth will be perfectly clean.

90. Ear Muffs – If he needs a quiet reading, or doing some heavy noise duty

small gifts ideas for men ear muff

Clear Armour Ear Muffs

Protect his ears and hear with these quality ear muffs.

91. Ball Scratcher – Whoah, you never knew this exist right?

small gifts ideas for men ball scratcher

Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher

Let him have a unique scratching experience with this charming ball scratcher.

92. Jelly Boobs – Nice snacks. Get this for your bestie

small gifts ideas for men jelly boobs

Jelly Boobs

No doubt that he’ll love eating these delicious jelly boobs.

93. Mini Alcohol – Men already label alcohol as best gift so any alcohol will do

small gifts ideas for men travel size liquor

Mini Alcohol

Buy his favorite type of spirits in this handy little package.

94. Poncho – Nothing can beat this during a windy and rainy days

small gifts ideas for men poncho

Charles River Poncho

This poncho may not be the prettiest one but it is surely the most useful one. It’ll protect him from rain and the wind.

95. Windproof umbrella – Have you flipped over an umbrella before when the wind is strong? This umbrella will prevent that from happening

small gifts ideas for men windproof umbrell

EEZ-Y Windproof Umbrella

Let him walk in the rain in style, thanks to this durable and sturdy umbrella.

96. Spinning Top – Have you watch the movie inception? That’s the thing where Leonardo Di Caprio to spin just to figure out if he is in reality.

small gifts ideas for men spinning top

Forever Spin Spinning Top

The way this silver top spins is so soothing, that he’ll be hypnotized.

97. Portable Scanner – Scanning document will be much easier with this

small gifts ideas for men portable scanner

Doxie Go Portable Scanner

He can scan photos and documents wherever he is, in a blink of an eye.

98. Phone Ring Stand – Phone addict need this to lay down and swipe their phone without getting slapped by their phone

small gifts ideas for men phone ring

Phone Ring Grip

He’ll easily hold his phone with this unique ring holder.

99. Microphone – He can now sing like Sam Smith

small gifts ideas for men vintage microphone

Pyle Vintage Microphone

Let him show his talent to the world and sing the best he can.

100. Power Bank – Is his phone is constantly run out of batteries

small gifts ideas for men power bank

Rav Power Portable Charger

He never knows when he’s going to need one of these, so the sooner you buy him, the better.

101. Money Clip With Knife – You can personalize this as well

small gifts ideas for men money clip with knife

Custom Engraved Money Clip With Knife

This money clip is going to organise his bulky wallet.

102. Fresh Potato – Put a potato in his stocking stuffer and surprise him with the present that doesn’t fit in his socks. I would love to see his face at the moment he realized what’s inside is a potato.

It is Christmas soon, enjoy the long holiday and I hope you to have fun.

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