17 Romantic Sentimental Gifts for Men That Will Make Him Crying Secretly Behind the Door

Are you looking for sentimental gifts for men that will make them cry secretly behind the door?

If you google it you will find lots of sentimental and romantic gifts you can get for him.

Here are 7 sentimental gifts ideas that I recommend for him from a men perspective.

Let’s keep on reading.

1. Letter To My Love – A Twelve Months Letter Sentimental Gifts For Men


Letter to My Love

We live in the world where our message can be delivered within seconds. Our inbox often piled with hundreds to thousand of messages. It is hard to find the message he sent you two years ago on Facebook where I can easily find the letter my mom wrote me 20 years ago.

A traditional letter never gets out of date.

The Cube Note : Not sure if you heard of this. This is how it works. You write or send a unique link to his friends to write a note for him, then they will combine each note in a cube and delivered to his house. I think this is a unique gift for him.

2. Best Boyfriend Ever – Tell him how awesome is your boyfriend with this t-shirt

best birthday gift for boyfriend awesome t shirt

Best Ever Boyfriend Ever T-Shirt

Get this t-shirt for him to tell how awesome he is. I think this gift will make him smile from ear to ear all day.

3. Best Husband Ever – How about this t-shirt for your husband?

birthday gift 9 ideas for husband awesome t shirt

Best Husband Ever T-Shirt

This T-shirt just state the fact! My friend’s wife bought a similar shirt like this one and he this while hanging out with us.

“Look at this t-shirt” He said to me.

He is one proud husband.

4. Message in a Bottle – Let’s customize a message in the bottle

love bottle valentines gifts for him

Message in a Bottle

It seems like living a fairy tale if you receive a love note in a bottle. I am sure this is a gift that he will remember,

5. Custom Wallet Insert – Let him think of you everyday

wallet card valentines gifts for him

Custom Engraved Wallet Insert

Want him to keep thinking of you every day? Write something touching on this wallet insert and he is going to miss you every time he saw this.

6. Tagua Nut – He is going to keep this forever

tagua nut valentines gifts for him

Engraved Tagua Nut

They actually engrave this on a Tagua nut. How amazing is that?

Gotta Get This For Him

8. Knock Knock Why You Are So Awesome – Tell him why he is awesome

awesome valentines gifts for him

Why You’re So Awesome

If you are shy to tell them how awesome they are in person, then this book template is going to help a lot.

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9. I think this will be the best bottle opener he will ever receive

best gifts for men who have everything bottle opener

Personalize 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

How awesome is this bottle opener? By the way, this bottle opener with made with real 50 caliber bullet.

10. Knock Knock Why I Must Have Sex With You -Just have some fun with him

knock knock pad - valentines gifts fo him

Knock Knock Why I must Have Sex With You

I think you should try this at least once.

11. Make DIY Stuff for Him


Before my mom passed away because of cancer, she tried to hand sew a pillow cover for me. But she is not able to finish it when her condition gets worse. My girlfriend then secretly finish the

My mom tried to hand sew a pillow cover for me, but she is not able to finish it as cancer took her away from me.

My girlfriend then finishes up the pillow for him and that is the most sentimental gifts from her.

Make something for him he can keep for life.

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12. Throw him a party inviting his high school friend

sentimental gifts for men party with high school

Let him know you are going to throw him a birthday party and kept it secret who you are going to invite. Surprise him by inviting his besties that he can hardly meet.

It doesn’t have to be a big party. Just a few best friends are better than 50 friends that he barely knew.

It is not about how big the party or which location the party is, this party is about who he spend time with.

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13. Get A New Experience For Him


Truly Experience

If he is your boyfriend, book something both of you can do together such as bungee jump, skydiving, snorkelling or random travel?

These activities are even much more fun if you have a few friends to join you.

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Truly Experience – This company provide experience as a gift. Book him an experience that he will never forget.

14. RFID Blocking Wallet – Get Something He Will Use Everyday That Stop Electronic Pick Pocketing


Travelambo Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallets

Yes, it is boring but useful gifts. This just reminds him every day that this gift is from you. You can get him a wallet, razor, tie, cufflinks, money clip, earphone.

I got a wallet from her and it wears off so badly and I couldn’t bear to throw it away. I just keep it in a box.

15. Money Clip With Knife – This is an unique money clip with hidden knife

special gifts for husband on his birthday gerber money clip

Gerber Money Clip With Knife

This money clip will bring him much convenient if he is an outdoor guy.

16. Tell him how great he is with this trophy

trophy valentines day gifts for him

Personalized Trophy

He is going to love you so much deeper with this gifts. It’s like winning an oscar!

I think it is a great compliment for him.

17. Donate On His Behalf


Sheldrick Trust Foundation

If he loves animals why not foster an animal?

What’s better than helping others in need?

Giving is better than receiving. Buy a bunch of food and give it to the homeless.

They will feel much more appreciation for everything you did for him.

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Gotta Get This For Him

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