15 Romantic Birthday Gifts For Him That Will Make Him Cry

Romantic birthday gifts for him on our list will make him fall in love with you again.

Our goal is to help you in choosing the very best gift, that will make his day special and more important, the gift that will express your love.

1. The sweetest poem that will make him cry secretly. This is such a romantic birthday gifts for him

romantic birthday gifts for him poem

Once in a Lifetime Poem

Sometimes you can’t come up with words that can best express your love towards your beloved one. In these cases, the wisest thing you can do is to find a gift that will do that for you.

This Poem makes one of best sentimental birthday gifts for him that will literally make him cry.

But, it’s okay for a man to cry once in a lifetime, isn’t it?

2. Looking for romantic personalise gifts for him? Send him a message in a bottle

romantic birthday gifts for him message in the bottle

Message in a Bottle

If you’re looking for a way to surprise him on his birthday, this gift is just perfect for that.

Although we tend to be skeptical when comes to romantic gifts, even we must admit that we love personalized gifts such as this one.

Write him a letter and place it in this wonderfully crafted bottle, and then enjoy the smile on his face.

3. Fill this in and he will know how much you love him


Why I Love You

Have you ever written down all the reasons why he is the one for you? If not, now would be the best time to do that.

There is a plenty of space so you can write everything that you consider it’s important for him to know and you can also put your favourite photos in this Journal.

We promise you that he will enjoy reading this Journal.

4. A book that meant to read together

romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend me without you

Me Without You

Is he your soul mate and you can’t wait to find a perfect gift that will say that for you?

Well, you’re just where you need to be, so you’d better be prepared for buying this gift.

“Me Without You” is a beautiful book by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, with creative illustrations that represent the love between partners on a daily basis.

5. Write 12 letter that meant to be open in the future

romantic birthday gifts for men letter

Letters To My Love

There is something both nostalgic and romantic in writing letters to your beloved one.

Without a doubt, this gift would be something that will keep him happy and thankful for your love.

So, grab a pen and start writing down your favourite memories. “Letters to my love” is definitely one of the most romantic birthday gifts for husband.

6. Why not copy a list of love song or movies that he loves in this hard drive? Besides, he can make this gift as everyday use as well.

romantic gifts for him external hard drive

Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive

If the two of you enjoy spending weekends watching favorite movies and listening to music while dancing, we have a perfect gift for his birthday.

This External Hard Drive offers a plenty of space so you can make that list of movies and your favorite songs quite long.

He will be thrilled to have a collection that will remind him of your love.

7. This will let him to know more about you

sweet birthday gifts for boyfriend all about me

All About Me

If you aren’t afraid of showing your secrets to your partner, we have just perfect gift that he will be impressed with.

“All About Me” is a timeless journal that contains a lot of challenging and yet interesting questions that will help you in discovering things about yourself.

We can only imagine how it would be interesting for your boyfriend to read it.

8. Remember 5 years of moment that both of you went through with this book

lovely birthday gifts for husband journal

One Line a Day : 5 Year Memory Book

One of best sentimental birthday gifts for boyfriend is definitely this Memory Book that will make his eyes spark with happiness and love.

Filling in this memory-keeper will bring you a lot of wonderful moments.

The best part is that you will create a stronger relationship with your boyfriend and you will always have a chance to read about your ups and downs.

Gotta Get This For Him

9. Are you looking for something sweet that he can keep in the wallet?

romantic birthday gifts for him coin

Crosby & Taylor Pewter Sentiment Coin

Looking for a gift that he can always take with himself, wherever he goes? This creative Coin would fit perfectly in his pocket, so he can search for it whenever he needs love and support.

This gift will mean the world to him and he will be inspired to show you love.

10. Engraved tagua nut that he can keep forever

romantic birthday gifts for him tagua nuts

Engraved Tagua Nut With Box

His birthday is getting closer and you’re looking for sweet birthday gifts for a boyfriend?

Then you can stop searching since we have the right gift that will make his head spin.

This Tagua Nut has authentic natural color and really looks cool.

The best part is that you can engrave words of love to show him how much he means to you.

11. This figurine says everything about your love for him

romantic birthday gifts for him figurine

Willow Tree Promise

What better way to express your love to him than with Willow Tree Figurine?

There is no doubt that artist Susan Lordi creates figurines that represent love and appreciation.

This sculpture will bring love, comfort, protection and inspiration to your home and he will simply love it. It comes in a wonderful gift box.

12. This book will challenge both of you practice unconditional love

romantic birthday gifts for him love dare

The Love Dare Day by Day

How to give and receive love in a right way is the question of which this book will give him the answer.

With 365 devotional readings on unique aspects of love, 52 weekly dares that will keep your marriage alive, and lots of questions related to relationships, it’s not a surprise why this Book is a perfect thoughtful birthday gift for him

13. Looking for something personalise like this one?

romantic birthday gifts for him acrylic

Engraved I Love You

He definitely needs this amazing Keepsake on his bookshelf, so he can smile whenever he looks at it. There is no doubt that this gift will make his every day happier and full of love. Moreover, it will look beautifully in his room.

Moreover, it will look beautifully in his room.

14. I think this personalised wallet insert is a very romantic gift

personalized romantic birthday gifts for him

Personalized Aluminum Wallet Insert

If you want to buy him a gift that will make his birthday even more beautiful, this Wallet Love Note would do the trick. It’s small and practical, so it’ll fit perfectly in his wallet.

Engrave your favourite words that will always remind him of your love and enjoy the happiness on his face when you give him this gift.

15. This coupon book is going to be a great idea as well

romantic gifts for him coupon

The Romantic Coupon Book

Whether you’re in a relationship or in a marriage, this gift is just perfect for birthdays. This hilarious coupon book contains 22 breath-taking designs that will have your attention for months.


Now that you have read all about romantic gifts, it’s time to make his birthday special and memorable.

Show him how much you love him by choosing the best romantic birthday gifts for him on this list.

We believe this article helped you with choosing gifts, so feel free to share it with your friends.

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