17 Quirky Gifts For Him (WTF is #14?!)

Are you looking for quirky gifts for him?

Are you ready to impress your special one, or even better, to shock him?

Quirky gifts that I listed here are going to make him laugh so hard that his tears will come out flowing like a river.

Whether he likes bottle openers or pillowcases, you’ll find the gift that he will love the most since we’ve made a list with a wide variety of products.

1. A deer rear bottle opener? That’s a really quirky gifts for him

quirky gifts for him deer rear

Deer Rear Bottle Opener

The very first gift on our list of unusual gifts for him is Deer Rear with Bottle Opener. Why not make opening that beer more interesting?

Your man will definitely this gift since it gives the whole new perspective when comes to opening his favorite beer. It will certainly add a unique touch to his living room.

2. I don’t really know why people like this magnet so much

creative gifts for him dog butt

Kikkerland Dog Butt Animal Magnet

For men who are really into weird things, this gift is just perfect. The set includes 6 magnets that have a quite interesting look.

His kitchen will definitely look more vivid with this set designed by Steph Mantis. No need to worry if magnets will stay in place because they are super strong.

3. This will be the weirdest gifts he will ever receive, a wall decal of an old women

quirky gifts for him old women

Wallmonkeys Senior Women With Asthma Inhaler Wall Decals

If you’re looking for an extremely weird gift for him, this one would be perfect. What would be weirder than having a Wall Decal that presents an old woman with Asthma Inhaler?

So, if your man loves uniqueness, feel free to buy him this gift and enjoy the happiness on his face when he opens it.

4. He is going to like this foldable keyboard

quirky gifts for him foldable keyboard

Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

If he spends a lot of time on the computer, we have a perfect gift for him- Portable Bluetooth Keyboard. Since the keyboard is foldable, he can use it in various ways.

What he will love about this keyboard is a smooth touch of buttons due to aircraft-grade aluminum.

Moreover, the rechargeable battery makes sure that he gets 60 hours of productive usage time. The package includes USB charging cable, the Bluetooth keyboard and user manual.

5. Do you want him to smells like fart?

weird gifts for him fart spray

Liquid Ass

If he doesn’t get along with neighbors, this gift is something that he needs to have. The Fart spray is disgusting enough so that the neighbors won’t ever bother him again.

It is highly concentrated so you probably don’t want to be in the room when he uses it. The 30ml of this unique Fart Spray is certainly made his day more interesting.

6. This horse head is perfect for Halloween

quirky gifts for him horse head

Horse Head Mask

One of best unique gift for boyfriend that you can find is this Horse Head Mask. This attention-grabbing mask will bring a lot of laugh to any party and your boyfriend will wear it with proud.

The best part is that the mask has quality construction so he will use it for a long time. Hurry up and make his day memorable with this amazing gift.

7. This poop is a handmade soap

quirky gifts for his birthday soap poop

Fake Poop Handmade Bathroom Soap

Looking for creative gifts for men? Why not buy him this one? Being one of a most popular gag gift, it is sure that your man will have a good laugh at it.

The soap is handmade and it can be said that it’s really a piece of art that will fit perfectly in the bathroom. We are pretty sure that the guests will be shocked with it.

8. If you plan to buy him nothing this year, this is the one for him

quirky gifts for his birthday nothing

The Gift of Nothing

If he hasn’t been a good husband lately, we have the perfect gift for him- Gift of Nothing. Needless to say, he will be confused with it but we think that he will get the message- no gifts for bad guys.

Sorry dude, you should’ve listened to your wife because now you have to pay the price. These make really unusual gifts for husband, don’t they?

9. The best ring holder for him

quirky gifts ofr him jewellery holder

Pipik Ring Holder

What better way to show his jewelry than with this hilarious Jewelry Holder? He can put his rings or bracelet on it but we are sure that he won’t be eager to do that.

However, if he won’t use it, we are sure that you will love placing your jewelry on this Holder. Due to its practicality, this makes just the perfect gift for his birthday.

10. For Oreo fans out there

unusual birthday gifts for him oreo spoon

The Ultimate Cookie Spoon

If he just can’t get enough of those Oreo cookies, this gift is simply a must-have!

The Cookie spoon will hold his cookies tightly so he can dip them into milk and enjoy the flavorful taste early in the morning.

The spoon can be safely washed in the dishwasher. What better way to start his day than with his loveable Oreo?

11. The best meat packed with protein (just kidding)

unique gifts for his birthday unicorn

Unicorn Meat

One of most unique gifts for men is surely this Canned Unicorn Meat. It’s not like he will eat it but it will certainly make his day special and he will have a lot of fun thanks to this unique gift.

We are curious about how he will react when he sees this can, whether he will be impressed or shocked?

12. Probably the best gifts for his “brother”

quirky gifts for boyfriend willy warmer

The Willy Set For His Peter

Looking for a gift but you’re not sure what to buy him to make his day remarkable? As always, we’re here to help you and that’s why we chose this gift.

With it, the precious part of his body will be warm and protected during those cold winter nights so he can fall asleep with a smile on his face.

The second part of the gift is a soap that makes sure that he goes to sleep completely clean.

13. This dinosaur….

quirky gifts for friends birthday dinosaur

T-Rex Inflatable Costume

What better way to be fearless and noticed than with this amazing Jurassic World T-Rex costume? It’s perfect for parties because of its unique look.

It’s made of 100% polyester, although the best part is that the costume is inflatable.

Keep in mind that we recommend hand washing it rather than washing it in the machine if he wants to use it for a long time.

14. Beer belly in disguise

quirky gifts for him beer belly

80 Ounce Beer Belly

If he likes having fun and he is constantly looking for ways to make you laugh, this gift is just perfect for his birthday.

It looks so real so he will enjoy wearing this Beer Belly.

Not only that he will look hilarious but he will also have access to his favorite beverage while wearing this Belly because it can hold up to 80 ounces of any beverage.

15. The best pillow for perfect sleep

quirky gifts for him nicholas cage

Nicolas Cage Pillowcase

Need some more ideas on unusual gifts for a boyfriend? This Pillowcase with Nicholas Cage face on it will certainly serve the purpose.

Whenever he goes to bed, he will laugh at this gift. The combination of cotton and polyester provide comfort while the design will look pretty cool in his bedroom.

We believe that he will find Nicholas Cage’s face early in the morning very appealing.

16. This thing is going to make him drunk really fast

quirky gifts for boyfriend barbuzzo

Barbuzzo Spin The Shot

Unique gifts for husband include this fun game, perfect for his birthday party. This gift will help in finding out how good he is at spinning the shots.

17. Dude actually using this?

quirky gifts for husband dude wipes

Dude Wipes Flushable

Dude wipes are among best weird gifts for men and you definitely should buy him one of these. Thanks to the vitamin E and Aloe, his face will be smooth.

The best part is that these wipes are perfect for traveling and keeping his hygiene on a high level.


There you have it- a list of 17 unusual gifts for your most important man. It’s time to make him laugh with one of these gifts and to make his day remarkable.

If you’ve found this unique list helpful, please do share it with others who is looking for quirky gifts for him.

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