13 Best National Boss Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Get You Fired

National boss day gift ideas are always a topic of conversation.

What do you get the man you work for? How do you draw the line between professional and personal? Both questions are best answered with clear examples of presents.

I’m assuming your boss is actually a decent person since you’re considering buying him a gift.

Help yourself to this list and find a perfect gift for your boss this national boss day!

1. This beverage chiller can chill his wine in a minute so he can share his wine with his favorite client. I think it is a great national boss day gift ideas

national boss day gift ideas beverage chiller

Rapid Beverage Chiller

This chiller is perfect for the office as well as for his home.

All of his favorite beverages will always be cool and ready to drink, which comes in handy while he’s talking with clients. ‘

Imagine how impressed the client will be when your boss pulls out a cold drink out of his chiller.

It’s sure to relieve the tension and make the atmosphere more relaxed which will, of course, enable him to make a deal with his client more easily.

2. He is going to need this power bank so he won’t missed out important call from his client

national boss day gift ideas power bank

Easy Acc Power Bank

Being the busy man he is, your boss probably has the same problem we all face in today’s world: a low battery.

Ensure that never happens again with a power bank as powerful as this one. It lasts a long time and can charge multiple devices at once.

It’s not an issue if he owns an Apple or an Android product because the power bank can charge both.

Your boss will surely be thankful for this present because it will allow him not to miss any important calls or messages.

3. This clock is big and clear, he is never going to be late for his next meeting

national boss day gift ideas clock

Retro Flip Down Clock

If your boss is one of those people who’s always late and who can’t seem to organize his time accordingly, a good present for the boss would be a clock. “Ah, but he already has one” you’ll say.

That may be true, but this clock is very hard to miss due to its well defined and broadly displayed numbers and dimensions.

It’s a quirky yet elegant addition to the office.

4. I think it is a great idea to put this bluetooth tracker inside his luggage so he can track his luggage when he is traveling for a meeting

national boss day gift ideas bluetooth tracker

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

This Bluetooth enabled item finder is a great gift idea for your boss due to its high functionality.

He can just clip it on his keys, remote, phone, or even throw it in his luggage.

This way, he doesn’t have the need to fret when the loses something; he can simply track it over his mobile phone!

As far as the luggage is concerned, there’s no need to worry if it will get lost somewhere on his travels. The item finder takes care of all.

5. Is your boss travel a lot? Then this travel pillow will make him to give you a promotion

national boss day gift ideas travel pillow

J- Travel Pillow

If he travels a lot, best gifts for your boss would be something he can use during those travels. Such as a travel pillow.

But this isn’t the standard version we’re used to and know isn’t comfortable during long flights.

This pillow has a special part designed to put his chin on, so his head doesn’t flop around while he comfortable doze off during a long journey.

6. This is a thoughtful gifts for your boss as this chair is adjustable to fit his posture

thoughtful gifts for your boss

Herman Miller Executive Adjustable Chair

An appropriate birthday gift for the boss would probably be this magnificent office chair. It’s both sophisticated and highly functional.

The stylish black goes with any style of the office and your boss is guaranteed to like it regardless of his personal taste since classics agree with everyone.

The best thing about this chair is that it’s adjustable in a lot of ways, which allows your boss to personalize the height and uprightness.

It will better his posture and perhaps even your salary. All of this puts it among the marvelous gifts for a great boss

7. What to get my boss for his birthday? This is a great gifts to ease the strain on his wrist

what to get my boss for his birthday

Evoluent Verticle Mouse

If your boss works in front of a screen most of his time, you should consider getting him a vertical mouse.

It’s a mouse designed in such a way that keeps your hand in a neutral position while using it, which prevents wrist twisting and straining, as well as cramps in your hand.

This is the best gift for the boss, especially if he’s an older gentleman.

8. I never knew calender can be so modern

national boss day gift ideas calender

MoMA Perpetual Calendar

“What to get my boss for his birthday? What will be nice and functional?” If this is going through your mind, let me answer your questions with another question:

What better way to keep up with current affairs and be more organized than a snazzy calendar in your office?

This unique style offers serenity as well as amazement from each new person that sees it.

Your boss will be likely to receive a lot of compliments on it which will only make him love the calendar more!

9. The perfect view to look at when he need a deep thinking session

national boss day gift ideas sculpture

Swinging Sticks Kinetic Sculpture

You’ve heard of feng shui , but maybe sculptures that aspire certain emotions and energies are more of appropriate birthday gifts for the boss.

No one would like to walk into a rearranged office that doesn’t fit their taste, but an ideal addition to the workplace is a sculpture such as this one.

Place it somewhere where it will always be in his field of view, so he knows where to turn to when he needs to think about a serious issue concerning his work.

It will help him concentrate and provoke his thoughts.

10. If you are planning to buy a gift for your boss with your colleague, this Montblanc Fountain Pen is for him

national boss day gift ideas fountain pen

Montblanc Classique Gold Fountain Pen

Always the best this to resort to for when you want to keep the relationship professional.

This high-quality pen is an appropriate birthday gift for boss, especially if some of your colleagues are planning to share the bill.

11. Trust me, I have read this book and he will like it for sure

national boss day gift ideas book

The Snowball : Warren Buffett and the Business Life

The perfect book for a business man that will help him improve his work and which will help him climb the scale of the business world.

If your boss is a professional and well-read man, this book will definitely be his cup of tea

12. Now he can read his book while waiting or traveling

national boss day gift ideas kindle paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Perfect for any bookworm, a kindle is just the gift he needs to spend his time productively while waiting for clients.

In this modern age, no one needs to carry paperbacks when you can store all your books on one device, hence why your boss will love this present if he loves to read

13. This is a great earphone for him to listen to his favorite podcast and music

national boss day gift ideas earphone

Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones

High quality, noise-canceling ear buds that allow him to unwind during long journeys or just during his walk to work.

They’re stylish and easy to use, so it doesn’t matter how good your boss is with technology.

They also come with a compact case for storage.

Have you found what you want to get for your boss?

If you follow the advice given, your boss is bound to have a gift for the national boss day that he will cherish for a long time.

It’s always nice to appreciate the people we work for, and this is just one of the ways which allow us to do so.

Your friends will like to get a glimpse of these ideas as well, so don’t forget to share it with them who is looking for national boss day gift ideas.

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