9 Useless Mens Valentines Gifts That Might Cause Breakup + What You Should Buy Instead

What are the best men’s valentines gifts?

It can be a headache for a girl to buy present for a guy.

These are the valentines gifts for him that you shouldn’t buy for him.(unless you want to piss them off or prank them)

I will show you what to buy instead later in this post.

Keep on reading.

1. Hotline Bling Sweater – Probably the ugliest mens valentines gifts he will ever receive

hotline-bling-sweaterDrake Jumper

Probably the most super duper ugliest sweater in the whole universe. Even the most good looking human in the earth find it hard to pull this off.

Probably the worst valentines day ideas for him.

2.Poop Spray

poop-sprayPoop Spray

This poop spray release a genuine poop scent. Here is a small prank on him, replace the liquid into an empty Gucci perfume bottle. See him in action.


nothing-giftThe Gift of Nothing

He seems to have everything, why not buy him nothing? This thing got nothing inside, for real.

Greatest valentines day presents for him.

4.Unicorn Meat

unicorn-meatUnicorn Meat

Guess what inside?

5.Toilet Bowl Mug

toilet-bowl-mug Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

Coffee doesn’t taste right anymore in this mug. This is a great valentines gifts for your boyfriend.

6.Pink Color Blender Bottle

Blender Bottle

He is going to hide in the gym locker room just to take a sip of protein shake.

7.Elephant Underwear

elephant-underwearDing Dong Elephant Underwear

Find out more color and “length” options in the button below. Does the range of price according to the length of the elephant trunk?

8.Bacon Bodywash

bacon-bodywashBacon Bpdy Wash

Eat him whenever you are hungry. You will think of him whenever ….. you smell bacon. Eww….

9.Poop Pen


Shittty Pen

“Your #2 pen”. Epic.

It is a horrible gift I know, he probably not going to use it and keep it in the closet until UFO steal them for experiment.

So why not get him a proper gift like the one listed below.

Forget about toilet bowl mug, why not buy him a color matching mug so he can always get the right taste of coffee.

My Cuppa Coffee

Instead of buying him a “nothing gift”, why not this cool looking crystal shot glass?


Skull Shot Glass

If your boyfriend love whiskey or taking shot, why not get this for him.

Instead of poop spray, why not get him a Gucci perfume? This perfume received a lot of good online review

gucci-guilty check-it-out-button2

Instead of pink color shaker, why not get your boyfriend this protein shaker with automatic stirrer!


Promix Bottle Mixer

You can never go wrong with jerky

jerky-gift-set-for-him-on-christmasBBQ Jerky

Tactical Knife


Gerber Pocket Knife

This tactical knife will come in handy when you go for hunting, camping and many other outdoor activities. Outdoor lover is going to like this.

Forget about elephant underwear, get him a Vinyl player instead.


Taec Vinyl Player

This vinyl player actually have a USB output where you can transfer music from vinyl records to his Mac or PC. It is a great gift for music lovers.

This watch that looks like from Jupiter


Diesel Watch

This watch is looking great isn’t it? I think it is a great valentines gifts for men since the design of this watch is very classic.

Get Him a 9 Piece Set Wine Gift


Wine Gift Set

Wine lover is going to thank you if you get this for him.

Let’s get him something for outdoor activities



I think it is a great for him if he likes to hunt and exploring weapons.

Get this if he is a programmer


You are the CSS To My HTML Mug

“You are the CSS to my HTML” Your boyfriend is going to get this sweet message if he is a programmer.

Is he a photographer?

drone-christmas-giftBeginner Drone

Is he a photographer or like taking pictures? Then this drone with built in camera is for him. This drone is great gift for beginner as well.

Does he listen to music a lot?


Billy Extra Bass Earphone

This high definition earphone is going to make him more enjoyable listening to music.

Is any of your friends are looking for valentines day gift ideas? Why not share this with them.

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