14 Mens Gifts Under 50 (#12 is a Quirky One)

Looking for men’s gifts under $50?

There are so many reasons to surprise your father, friend or partner. He’s making your life more beautiful and more enjoyable.

He makes you laugh, he makes you feel special. It’s now time to show him all your love and appreciation.

So, I did a little research and I’ve come up with this list. These gifts below that you’re about to read will help you to make his day special.

1. This is a beautiful calendar is one of the best men’s gifts under $50

mens gifts under 50 calender

MoMA Calender

What better way to stay up to date, than with this amazing perpetual calendar? A unique design makes this gift right on time for Christmas.

2. Get him a new wireless headphones so he can enjoy his favorite music

mens gifts under 50 headphones

Avantree Wireless Headphones

Well, where to start with this one? Should I start with its amazing comfort that allows for listening to music for many hours?

Or with a long lasting battery that will enable listening up to 40 hours?

Or perhaps I should mention premium sound and rich bass? I think you’ve got the point.

If you’re looking birthday gifts under $50, you should definitely go with this one.

3. This earbud management is going to keep his earphone organised

mens gifts under 50 earphone organiser

Blue Lounge Cable Yo-Yo

Thanks to this little gift, he won’t ever again have to deal with tangled headphones. Due to a slim design, earbud cable management will fit easily in his pocket, bag or on his desk.

Dark gray, lime green or light gray – choose the best color for him and make his day.

4. You can turn any television into a smart tv with this Amazon Fire TV Stick

mens gifts under 50 amazon fire tv stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The fire TV stick is a very popular Christmas gift under $50 and I think it’s pretty obviously why is that so.

Without cable or satellite, this handy device still gives a plenty of choices to watch his favorite sports and TV shows.

Moreover, he can play games, play music and watch Christmas movies.   And all that with just one device!

5. With this switch he can control everything with his phone

gifts for men under 50 smart plugTP-Link Smart Plug

One of the cool things for him under $50 that you can buy is certainly the innovative Smart Plug.

As the name itself suggests, this is one clever device that will control his life, or should I say the devices in his life.

From switches to electronics, this little guy will do everything in its power to make your man happy and satisfied.

6. He is going to have a great laugh at this mug

mens gifts under 50 funny coffee mug

Funny Glass Coffee Mug

Thanks to this hilarious coffee mug, he’ll smile at least three times a day (hopefully even more).

The coffee holds 13 ounces of his favorite coffee or tea, just enough to relax and enjoy the day.

Practical and funny, the mug is a great excuse to make him happy.

7. I find it hard to resist when it comes to food

mens gifts under 50 jerky

Buffalo Bills Jerky

Let him enjoy the holidays with this 12-piece Beef Jerky. Whether he wants something spicy or to enjoy the original taste, this little package has everything he needs.

The cooler is ideal to keep the jerkies in one place (before he eats them).

8. Does he love coffee? There are 80 variety of coffee in this pack

mens gifts under 50 coffee

San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee

San Francisco Bay coffee brings us that soothing and enjoyable atmosphere of San Francisco.

French toast, rainforest blend, fog chaser and breakfast blend- he’ll enjoy the flavorful taste, whichever one he chooses. One cup is enough to capture his heart!

9. This is a great gift for him so he can listen to his favorite music anywhere

mens gifts under 50 portable speaker

JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Why not bring the music with him and make his day fun, wherever he is? Thanks to a convenient design, this little guy will fit easily in his pocket.

The battery will last for even 5 hours, so he’ll have enough time to listen to his favorite music collection.

10. I…. never know back shaver exist

mens gifts under 50 back shaver

Bakblades Back Shaver

Are you getting bored thinking up of practical men’s gift ideas under $50? Well, I’ve found just the thing he needs, a thing that will boost his confidence.

This handy hair back shaver will enable him to finally get rid of those irritating hairs.

Lightweight and comfortable, he’ll have the complete control over the shaver.

He’ll easily reach any part of his back.

11. Everymen need a cast iron pan

mens gifts under 50 cast iron pan

Cast Iron Skillet

The iron skillet is perfect for taking his cooking skills at another level (or at least for not burning the food).

A special design allows for even cooking, regardless of the type of the food he wants to put into it. Moreover, his food will be prepared faster than with an ordinary skillet.

Best of all, when his dinner is ready and the skillet is cool, he’ll clean it in a blink of an eye.

Hot water and a little bit of soap and voila! The skillet will be as shiny as the first time.

12. I think this keyboard is compact enough for him to bring it anywhere

mens gifts under 50 compact keyboard

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Every guy who spends a half of the day on the computer will love this practical gift.

Due to a foldable design, he can set the keyboard aside, whenever he needs more space on the desk.

Moreover, if he wants to take the keyboard with him, he can put it in the pocket, because it’s that slim and convenient.

It will quickly pair with his computer, or press and the keyboard is ready to use.

13. He is going to find this portable scanner very useful in the office

mens gifts under 50 portable scanner

SkyPix Portable Scanner

His job will be a lot easier with this handy little device. Not only will he be able to scan all of his documents and photos, but he’ll also be able to do that on the go!

How amazing is that? He’ll love the smooth way the scanner slides over documents and how quickly they are scanned.

14. This charging dock is going to save a lot of his space

mens gifts under 50 charging dock

Multi-Device Charging Dock

In this crazy technology age, it isn’t surprising that his desk is chaotic- a phone on one side, a tablet on the other side, and not to mention headphones and chargers.

He probably doesn’t even remember the color of his desk! What he needs is this marvellous gift.

Simple and practical, it will be a perfect place for his gadgets. Made of Bamboo it will match perfectly with any interior design.

Which gift have you decided to get for him?

I’m sure that among the best men’s gifts under $50, you’ll manage to pick the one (or more) for your guy.

Since the list contains practical, funny and beautiful gifts, there is something for every type of men. Share this article with your friends and help them to make the right choice.