14 Meaningful Gifts for Him That Will Make Him Secretly Cry

Whether you want to remind your dad or your partner how much he means to you, you’ll probably need some ideas on meaningful gifts for him.

Below I’ve made a list of most interesting gifts that are perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s day or any special occasion. It’s time to show some love.

1. Copy all the song he love in this USB, or make a video and tell him how much you love him. This such a meaningful gifts fo him


1 GB USD Memory Stick

Now you’re probably thinking what the heck am I supposed to do with this Memory stick- but keep reading because you’ll love the idea.

Obviously, every couple has a list of favorite songs that relates to a specific part of their relationship, and what is a better way to keep all those songs in one place than to use this USB Memory stick?

It comes with a cardboard cassette tape so there is enough space to write a meaningful message.

2. Interesting questions that worth to answer

qna valentines gifts for him

Q&A A Day 5 Year Journal

If your dad has been writing a Journal for years and he always needs a new one, among meaningful gifts for dad I have the Journal that he will adore.

This one is special because it’s a-five-year diary and he will be able to track down how his answers have changed over the years.

There is a variety of questions, from the interesting ones to the provocative ones so the fun is guaranteed.

3. Never run out of questions anymore

birthday gifts for couple

TableTopic Couple Edition

The Valentine’s is getting closer and you want to buy a special gift for your boyfriend? Stop searching right now, because one of the best meaningful gifts for him is definitely this one.

Answering to these questions will be challenging and the two of you will learn a lot about each other and take your relationship to another level.

4. Customise this wallet card

wallet card valentines gifts for him

Engraved Wallet Insert

When was the last time you told your father that he means the world to you? That’s right, you can’t remember.

But relax, I don’t judge you because all of us sometimes take people we love for granted.

However, now would be the time to buy him this Wallet card and to engrave those special words that will keep reminding him how much you love him.

5. Need another way to say “I love you”?

me without you valentines gifts for him

Me Without You

While some people doesn’t have a problem expressing emotions, others just don’t know how to do that properly.

Now, if you fall into the second category, this gift is a perfect choice among most charming meaningful gifts for husband. This creative book will definitely show your man how special he is to you.

6. New things to do to spend time with him

try valentines gifts for him

Try Something New : 100 Creative Ways To Spend Time Together

When you’re in a relationship, you have to find ways to shake things up otherwise your love will fade away.

So, make sure that once in a while, your partner and you do something new and fun. That’s why this book is a must have for every couple- you’ll find 100 creative ways on how to spend time together and you’ll fall in love again.

7. Make this jar full of love

meaningful gifts for him memory jar

Get a jar like this

If you’re looking for a creative way to show your man how much you love him, among meaningful gifts for boyfriend you’ll find this so-called Jar Full of Love.

In other words, just buy him a jar where you’ll put notes on the most remarkable moments of your relationship. That way, he can read one note every day to make his day better.

8. Try these dating ideas

gary chapmen valentines gifts for him

52 Uncommon Dates

Have you ever thought of the importance of dating? The author of this amazing book comes up with 52 different dates that you should try out with your man.

It’s time the two of you make a bond on a higher level and to love each other more and more every day.

9. Tell him what you love about him

a journal of us valentines gifts for him

Why I Love You

When comes to relationships, being creative is a must. It’s time to fill out this special Journal and give it to your man.

This journal will dare you to come up with all the reasons you can possibly remember why you love him. He will enjoy reading it.

10. Got a message for him?

love bottle valentines gifts for him

Message in a Bottle

Among meaningful gifts for men, you’ll certainly find this Message in a bottle. This Personalized gift is perfect for every occasion, whenever you want to remind your spouse how much you love him. Hand burnt edges on scroll will impress him.

11. This will keep the conversation going all day

best birthday gift ideas for husband

Conversation Starters For Husband & Wives

Obviously, there will always be things that your man and you can talk about, although sometimes you will need some ideas.

So, to spice up your marriage, buy a Questionnaire Journal, one for your man and one for you and enjoy discussing the answers.

12. He is going to keep this forever

letter gifts for boyfriend birthday

Letters to My Love : Write Now Read Later

When you’re in a marriage, you’d caught yourself in trying to remember all those wonderful memories that you made together.

I believe it’s never too late to start writing letters and collecting your memories, so when the two of you grow old, you can always read them and bring back to life all special moments.

13. Want him to know you better?

questionaire journal gifts for him

The Secret Me : A Questionnaire Journal

In case you think that you know all about your man, I would say think again because there will always be something you don’t know about each other.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find out something new. This Journal will help you in finding out those things and the two of you will enjoy talking.

14. Why not adopt a cute puppy?

gifts for dog lover photography session

If your boyfriend loves dogs, there is no better gift for him that to bring him a cute puppy. Just imagine the two of you playing in the park with that irresistible puppy while spending a quality time together.


Now that you have these fantastic ideas on meaningful gifts for men, the only thing left for you to do is to buy a gift for your special one.

Keep in mind, that it doesn’t matter what you will buy him as long as you buy it with love, because he will definitely appreciate it.

If this article was helpful to you, feel free to share it with your friends who is looking for meaningful gifts for him.

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