26 Unusual Luxury Gifts For Men (You Got To See #23)

Are you looking for luxury gifts for men who have everything? This task is harder than eating a moon.

But don’t crack your head too much, I have figure out 26 unusual luxury gifts ideas to help you out.

Let’s keep on reading.

1. A wearable bass? This is such an unique luxury gifts for men. Check out this video on how it works

SubPac M2 Wearable Bass

Wear it and feel the bass. Playing games with this gadget will give him a whole new experience.

2. You can buy a car with this coin…..


 1907 Indian Gold Coin

Are you looking for something reallllllllyyyyy really expensive gift for men who have everything? They only have 1 stock left on this.

If this is not expensive enough then you must be really rich. Just contact me, I want to be your friend.

3. The most premium coffee

expensive gifts for men coffee bean

Luwak Star Gourmet Coffee

This is a premium coffee that is hard to get.

4. He is going to get lots of compliment with this perfume

luxury gifts for men perfume

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

One of a reviewer said “For the first time I stopped a stranger while shopping today to ask what scent are you wearing?

He smelled deliciously masculine and I had to get what he was wearing for my husband. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille! I went out and purchased this scent.”

5. Get him a high quality leather wallet that will last him for a long time

luxury gifts for men wallet

Bellroy Leather Wallet

It is time to replace his old wallet and get him a new and high quality wallet. This wallet is definitely a luxury gift for him that will last for a long time.

6. Do you know what is this? It is a wireless home speaker!

expensive gifts for men home speaker

Bang & Olufsen Wireless Home Speaker

This is a beautiful home speaker that he will definitely love to have it in his house.

It seems like a nice piece of decor but in fact, it is a speaker. I think the design will blend in well with any home decor that he have in his house.

This wireless home speaker is such a beautiful gifts for him.

7. Get him the best chair on the market

luxury gifts for men chair

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

This chair is designed to let your shoulder, neck, hips, knees and ankles pivot naturally so he can sit with a correct posture.

I think this is the best chair thoughtfully design for comfort.

8. Have you thought of getting him this awesome curved tv?

luxury gift for men curved tv

Samsung Curve Ultra Smart LED TV

I could have a movie marathon on this tv for 24 straight! This beautiful curved tv is going to make him enjoy life a little more.

Watching Netflix will never be the same again with this 88-inch curved tv.

9. I think this electric skateboard a very popular gift this year

luxury gifts for him boosted board

Boosted Board

This is a great luxury for him if he live in an urban area where he can easily reach his destination with this electric skateboard.

10. He is going to find this floating speaker amazing

luxury gifts for men floating speaker

7 Arc Star Bluetooth Floating Speaker

This floating speaker looks like it came straight out from Star Wars movie. How awesome is that.

He is going to be so excited to receive this levitating speaker.

11. Get him this weird and expensive looking watch


 Montegrappa Chaos Gold Watch

They say unicorn will appear when the watch strikes at 3am.

12. He is going to love this beautiful matt black turntable

luxury gifts for him turntable

Project Essential Matte Black Turntable

Does he love listen to music? This turntable is such a beauty that let him enjoy his favourite music.

13. Does he love playing games? This luxury edition Monopoly is such a beauty

luxury gifts for him monopoly

Luxury Edition Monopoly

I think this game can be passed down to the next generation as it is made from high-quality wood and faux leather on the rolling area.

14. Let’s go travel with him to this place where he can enjoy breakfast with giraffe


The Safari Collection Price (vary)

This is not a photoshop image. It is one of the manor in Africa where you can have breakfast with giraffes. This is more than awesome!

It seems like a fun and luxury travel gifts for him.

15. What about a statue made from lego to decorate his house?

luxury gifts for men statue of liberty

Statue Of Liberty Lego (2882 Pieces)

I think this will be a great conversation starter at his house.

16. Need some distraction from his stressful work? Then he is going to love this mesmerising kinetic sculpture. Watch this video to see it in action

Kinetic Energy Sculpture

This beauty is a great desk decor in his office.

Get this for him if he very stressful at work. It will definitely calm him down.

17. 24K Gold Spinning Top


24K Gold Plated Spinning Top

Have you watch the movie Inception? This is what Leonardo DiCaprio use in the movie.

18. Bring him close to the moon (No kidding)


£350,000 on Truly Experience

It used to be an opportunity for astronauts, but now even kids can take part in this. You will be flying with a bloon where you will have a 12 hours experience and 2 hours cruising in near space.

This is probably the best anniversary gifts he will ever receive.

19. The one and only music box expresso machine


$4,200 on Hammercher Schlemmer

Music will be played while this espresso machine is making your coffee. This machine can be personalise as well.

20. Listening to music is never going to be the same again with this headphones


Hifiman Magnetic Headphone

He is going to enjoy listening to his favourite music with this headphone.

I heard people say it is like listening to a singer that sing into your ear.

21. Let him check out what’s going on in outer space


Orion Telescope

He can easily check out his wife who live on the moon. Just kidding. Scrolling facebook all day can be boring, why not let him check out what’s happening in outer space?

Scrolling facebook all day can be boring, why not let him check out what’s happening in outer space?

This gift is going to make his sleepless night a lot more interesting.

22. Designer Foosball Table


Designer Home Foosball Table Amazon

It is just too beautiful to play foosball. He is going to enjoy this with his friend when his friend is coming over to hangout.

23. 24 carat gold toilet roll



No kidding, this Australian company are taking toilet paper up to a whole new level. So, are we going to flush it down the toilet or we can resell on ebay after using it? I am confuse.

24. Handmade wooden wine vase


Opus One Wooden Wine Case

Get this handmade wooden wine vase for your dad on his coming birthday along with an Opus One 2012 wine.

25. I am going to get this as my first luxury watch for myself on my coming birthday

luxury gifts for him brietling watch

Breitling Navitimer

This watch is going to looks great on him from casual to smart casual wear. Besides, Breitling is a Swiss watch made from highly skilled master.

You will never go wrong if you get this watch for him.

26. The most comfortable shaver that he will ever experience

luxury gifts for him one blade shaver

One Blade Shaver

If you are looking for a shaver for him, I would highly recommend you to get this one.

Do you know why men sometimes don’t shave their beard? Because it hurts sometimes.

This shaver will eliminate that and provide him the smoothest shaving experience ever.

Do you have any friend who is looking for luxury gifts for men? Then share these gift ideas with them so they can find the best luxury gifts for their love one.

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