Leather Gifts for Men : 13 Best 3rd Year Anniversary Gifts For Him

Have you ever wonder where is the best place to shop leather gifts for men on your 3rd year anniversary?

This can be very time consuming but don’t worry, I have been all over the internet to look for the company that sell amazing leather stuff.

Keep on reading.

1. Fossil watch is a nice leather gifts for men

leather gifts for him watch

Fossil Brown Leather Watch

Is he a businessman that keeps things simple and elegant? Then we have just the thing he needs- A Leather Watch.

Thanks to its brown color, it will fit perfectly with his business attire and his attitude that tells “Everything is under control”.

One thing is for sure, wearing this unique, water-resistant watch, he will seem so confident and powerful, so other colleagues will simply admire him.

2. New Normal – Wireless Leather Headphones

leather-gifts-for-boyfriend-on-his-birthdayNew Normal Wireless Headphones

Listening to his favorite music has never been more delightful than with this amazing Wireless Leather Headphones. Because of unique design that allows a perfect distribution of weight, ear fatigue will be gone forever.

The best part is the integrated USB that enables plugging directly into a computer, USB wall wart or external battery. Due to its practicality and comfort, these Wireless Leather Headphones are just what he needs.

3. Log Carrier

leather gifts for him log carrier

Leather Log Carrier

When comes to winter, I really love it but it’s bothering and exhausting when we have to carry the firewood in and out all the time. So, it’s not a surprise why this Leather Log Carrier is one of the favorite gifts for us.

It really makes transporting firewood a lot easier. Apart from its functionality, the Log Carrier is designed to fit perfectly in the house and the hearth.

4. Leather messenger bag

leather gifts for him messenger bag
Colombian Leather Messenger Bag

The charm of this leather bag lies in its natural material that seems perfectly imperfect. In case you’re confused, your loved one will notice some color variations in leather, but that’s completely natural.

It comes with a removable and adjustable strap so he can adjust it the way he likes the most. We recommend hand washing so the charm of this bag lasts.

5. Leather journal

leather gifts for him notebook

Bonded Leather Journal

You can get creative and write “10 things I love about you” in this journal and this will give him a little surprise.

6. Leather Laptop Sleeve

leather gifts for 3rd anniversary leather notebook sleeve

Plemo Leather Water Resistance Laptop Sleeve

If he takes his laptop wherever he goes, we have a perfect gift for him. This Leather Laptop Sleeve is slim and lightweight thus perfect and it will fit perfectly in his briefcase.

Due to its envelope design, water-resistant leather and fluffy fabric lining, his laptop will be safe and sound while he has an easy access to it.

7. Leather toiletry

leather gifts for hm toiletry

Vetelli Toilerty Bag

What a better way to hold his skin care products than in a luxurious Leather Toiletry Bag? Made from the high-quality material, this bag is simply designed to be strong and durable, so he can enjoy its practicality for many years.

The best part is that two travel bottles come with this bag, which makes it a perfect gift as a travel toiletry bag.

8. Wallet

leather gifts for men wallet

Men’s Genuine Oiled leather Wallet

Having an elegant Leather Wallet is a must-have for him. Made from high-quality, Italian leather, the durability is guaranteed, so no need to worry if this wallet will hold up over the years.

As practicality is concerned, he will have enough space for his credit cards and they won’t slip out. What he will love is definitely its unique vintage design.

9. Farrow



Their wallet is spot on. This company made leather slim wallet so your boyfriend won’t look like he is carrying a zoo inside his pocket. Recommended gift : Note Wallet

10. Phone case

leather gifts for him phone case

WenBelle Phone Wallet

Does he want to get rid of that bulky wallet? Then we have a gift that will definitely serve the purpose.

This Wallet Case is a perfect for holding his credit cards so they are available to him all the time, while he also has an easy access to his phone.

No need to worry if his credit cards will be safe, because there is a double sided magnetic closure.

11. Backpack

leather gifts for men backpack

Solo Vintage Colombian Laptop Backpack

Does he wear his backpack all the time, like he cannot live without it? If that’s the case, we have a perfect addition to his backpack collection.

This Leather Backpack comes in brown color and with padded compartment for his laptop which makes it a perfect gift for him. However, the best part is padded straps so he can enjoy all the comfort of this high-quality backpack.

12. Wine case

leather gifts for him wine case

Ameri Double Wine Case Carrier

Is he a wine lover and he has an ever-growing collection of only the best wines? Then we have just the perfect thing for him that will make his eyes glisten with joy.

Due to its hard case construction, synthetic suede interior, and heavy duty foam padding, this Leather Wine Case Holder is perfect for keeping his favorite bottle of wine safe and sound. There is no doubt that this gift will be his favorite one.

13. Engraved money clip

leather gifts for husband money clip

Engraved Money Clip

Are you looking for a personalized gift that will make him feel truly special? Stop searching because we have a perfect gift for him- Leather Wallet and Money Clip that will hold his money and credit cards in one place.

Engrave his initials and make his day special with this attention-grabbing gift. Needless to say, he will be proud to have the engraved wallet and he will take it everywhere with him.

Do you have any friends who is looking for leather gifts for men? Share this gift ideas with them.

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