11 Best Housewarming Gifts For Men That He Must Have in the House

Getting a housewarming gifts for men is quite easy actually.

From a men’s perspective, I think getting something practical is usually a great idea such as bed cover, foosball table, kitchen stuff, tools, or a couch maybe?

I’ve been searching around the web and find out there are many more really cool housewarming gifts you can get for him.

I will show you the link later in this post to the housewarming gifts ideas for him from other blog recommendation.

If you that is too much to digest, skip to the section where I handpicked a few gift that I find interesting.

1. Terrarium – This beauty is a great housewarming gifts for men to decor their coffee table


Award-Winning Glass Terrarium Indoor Garden Planter

This is an award-winning glass terrarium indoor garden planter pot. See that mountain shape in the middle? That is the part I like the most.

This mini garden is definitely going to draw attention in his living room or bedroom. This is a great gift for your boyfriend where both of you can grow this together.

It does cost a bit to get this best award winning terrarium, you can get a cheaper Terrarium in Amazon.

2. Rapid Beverage Chiller


Rapid Beverage Chiller

If he haven’t got enough time to chill his beer, coke or wine when his friends came for a surprise visit, then this rapid cooler is going to save his day just like Batman save Gotham from Joker. (yes, the impact is that big)

It takes 1 minutes to chill a can and 6 minutes to chill a wine. The can or bottle rotate while this electric cooler spray on ice water. Besides it also heat up baby bottle as well. How cool is that.

3. Foodie Dice


Foodie Dice

One main questions on dinner time everyone is facing.

“Whats for dinner?”

With foodie dice he never have to worry about what to cook anymore. Just roll the dice and decide whats for dinner. This dice contain 186,000 possible combinations.

This is a great gift for couples that just move in the new house. It is a fun gift for them to decide their dinner.

4. This doormat is definitely going to crack him up

housewarming gifts for guys funny doormat

Hi, I ‘m Mat Funny Doormat

I think this is a great conversation starter for him everytime his new neighbour drop by his house.

5. Tire Speaker


Seal Recycled Tires Speaker

Japanese never fail us. This made in Japan unusual audio gadget designs you will ever see-made with a car tire. Imagine this at the corner of his house, I am sure it is going to draw a lot of conversation between him and his visitor.

I think you can make one for him if your DIY game is strong.

This beauty does cost a lot and you can get a much more affordable one over here.

6. Cocktail Shaker


Professional Cocktail

This is a great gift for the guy who love to make drinks. Besides, this cocktail shaker comes with recipes as well so next time he can make the new recipe when you visit him.

7. Beverage Twin Dispenser


Beverage Dispenser

I think this is a great housewarming gift for guys who love party. Each jar can hold up to 92 gallons, that’s about 3 liters. This is also a great gift for the one who drink a lot of water. Besides, I find this beverage dispenser is very beautiful that suits every type of kitchen design.

8. Tool Kit


He is going to thank you for this every time he tried to repair something at his house. Although it is not a creative gift but it is very practical. This is a must have for every house. Even he is not a pro at repairing stuff, he will still need this tool kit.

9. Beautiful Fire Extinguisher


Beautiful Fire Extinguisher at Safe – T

Fire extinguisher can be beautiful too. Now he can use his fire extinguisher as decoration in his living room. No more awkward red color fire extinguisher at the corner of the house. This fire extinguisher actually work, it is not just for decoration purpose. Don’t get fooled by the beautiful design, this thing is functional.

10. Wooden Bottle Opener


Bottle Opener

This bottle opener come with a nice box. There are three of them, one for kitchen, one for living room and the other one to keep just in case you lost one. I mean, who doesn’t need a bottle opener?

11. Baseball Bat (For Safety Purpose)


Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher

I think every guy should have at least one baseball bat around their house, you know why?

  • First, they can play with it
  • Second, just in case if someone broke into their house he can use this to defend himself.

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