18 Best Homemade Gifts for Dad That He Will Guarantee Love

I think homemade gifts for dad is the most thoughtful gift you can get for him. However, there are lots of homemade gifts that you can make for him if you search online.

Which DIY gifts you should make for your father?

Don’t worry, I’ve been searching all over the internet and handpicked 18X handmade gifts that your father will love from a men’s perspective.

Let’s see the first one.

1. This handmade leather wallet is an useful homemade gifts for dad

fathers day handmade gifts

Follow this tutorial

I found this handmade wallet tutorial and surprisingly it is actually not that hard to make a leather wallet. Over the tutorial, they have a template for you to get the right cut of the leather.

I think your dad will use this wallet for a long time. This wallet is made to be easily dissembled so you can easily replace the worn out part. This homemade gift is suitable for father’s day, birthday and Christmas.

2. Infused Liquor

what to get your dad for fathers day

Not just a nice gifts for him, but a beautiful gift as well. Maybe you can make this liquor for the whole family to enjoy on his birthday. It is so easy to make but you need 3 weeks of preparation to make this gift.

You can add in any liquor that he like such as bourbon, vodka, white rum, tequila, or brandy? As for the fruits, it depends on what season you are in. You can follow this tutorial.

3. Marbled Watercolor Mug

homemade presents for dad birthday

Follow this tutorial at Puppytalk

This mug is an art. Look how beautiful this mug is. Besides, it so easy to make. All you need is a mug, nail polish, and a master degree in art.

It is so beautiful and easy to make, maybe you can make one for your boyfriend as well. I think you can make a few more of this mug and turn it into a kitchen decoration.

4. Leather Journal

homemade dad birthday gifts

Follow this tutorial at The Logbook

Does your father love to write? The make this leather journal for him. It is so easy to make that even kid can join as well. You can make any size that convenient for him to bring it anywhere.

5. Magnetic Knife Rack

best handmade gifts for men

Follow this tutorial at ehow

This is the coolest handmade gifts for your dad who love to cook. It seems hard to make but with the right tool you can definitely nail this handmade gifts.

If he have any unused knife and tools, you can make it as a decoration as well. Just put in a higher place that kids can’t be reached.

6. Wooden Beer Tote


Follow this tutorial at The New Hobbyist

If your father’s birthday is around summer time, then he is going to love this. He can bring a 6 beer easily to travel and share with his buddy.

Besides, Chris from The New Hobbyist have a template of this beer tote so you don’t have to wonder the measurement of this beer tote.

7. Firewood Tote

easy homemade gifts for dad

Follow this tutorial

This is a great homemade birthday gift for your father who is going to celebrate his birthday during winter time.

I am sure your dad will find this gift convenient for him to bring the firewood to the house to keep you and the whole family to stay warm. This is an easy homemade gift for dad.

8. Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

cool homemade gifts for dad

Follow this tutorial at Food For My Family

Almost every men need to shave their beard. Your dad will be delighted to receive this shaving cream.

This cream works great with sensitive skin and can prevent him from getting razor burn as well.

This cream doesn’t contain any soap so it won’t leave your father skin dry. Besides, you can make extra for your mom or yourself to any shave leg hair.

9. Bacon Candy, Bacon Salt and Bacon Jam

handmade gifts for fathers birthday

Follow this tutorial at Pretty Organized

Let me ask you, who doesn’t like bacon? Trust me, your dad is going to love this. Since you can make three different type of bacon here, you can wrap this up as a homemade gift basket for your father.

This bacon salt is a killer. He can add everything with this salt and make it taste like bacon. The bacon candies are best serve while watching television.

And the bacon jam, slam that on a toast for his breakfast. Oh god, it makes me hungry while writing this. This is a great handmade gift for father’s birthday.

10. No Sew Slipper Socks

birthday presents for dad homemade

Follow this tutorial at Martha Stewart

Can you make one of this for me if you are doing one for your father please? It is a great handmade Christmas gift for your father to keep his feet warm during this winter. Besides, this slipper socks is so easy to make.

11. Unique Lamp Desk

birthday gifts for dad homemade

Follow this tutorial at Instructables

Does he have a home office? If so he will definitely love this unique lamp desk. It only need a few basic too to make this lamp.

It is always a good idea to give extra light on his desk otherwise it is hard to read under the dark. He is going to show off this in the office.

12. Leather Tie Clip

best homemade gifts for dad

Follow this tutorial at Lovely Indeed

This is a great gift for your father who wear suits or smart casual to the office. You need a thick leather, tie clip, hammer and a punch set with letters and numbers.

You can put any initial, name or date on this tie clip.

Make this one and only tie clip for his birthday and Christmas. He is going to show off this art to his colleague.

13. Cozy Handwarmer

homemade presents for dad

Follow this tutorial at Rea Ann Kelly

Christmas can be really cold. This cozy hand warmer is going to warm up your father hand. Just put in into the microwave for 20 seconds and he is done.

I love to put this in the pocket of my jacket when I use to take bus to work. It really helps my hand to stay warm.

Besides, it is easy to make and you can make a few more for your mom as well. It is a great white elephant gift idea as well.

14. Grilling Apron

homemade birthday gifts for dad

Follow this tutorial at Purl Bee

He is going to need this whenever he have a barbecue party. Besides, this apron can be adjusted so it will easily fit you, your father and your mom.

You can use any fabric that he will love. I would suggest to use a darker color fabric to make this apron as it won’t look too obvious when he got a splat of spaghetti sauce on the apron. Make this on his coming birthday.

15. PJ Pants

dad birthday gifts homemade

Follow this tutorial at Sew 4 Home

This gift will make him stay comfortable at home after a long day at work and on a lazy Sunday. You just need a fabric and a sew to make this.

You can complete this pants faster if you have a sewing machine. Besides, you can make it for the whole family as well.

16. Leather Mug Jacket

handmade gifts for dad

Tutorial at Design Sponge

This is a beautiful gift for your father to think of you everyday when he had a cup of coffee. You just need a little bit of leather to make this leather jacket.

It is a nice thoughtful gift that will keep you father’s hand from getting the burn.

17. Memory Box

great birthday gifts for dad homemade

Follow this tutorial at Mom of One

The time you spend with him on father’s day is going to be a precious one. If you love to bring your father to a movie, live sports, flight tickets, or concert then make this ticket box for him.

It is a very sweet gift to remind him how you spend the time with him. I think you can include a date on the box as well or a hidden message at the back of this box.

18. Leather Cord Roll

father birthday gift ideas homemade

Follow this tutorial at Brit & Co

If your father is a tech guy, then this he is going to use this cord roll a lot to keep his charger or earphone tangle free when he go to work or travel abroad.

Besides, this cord roll is easy to make as well. You need a piece of leather, snap button, knife, pencil and ruler.

I hope you are inspired with all these homemade gifts that you can make for you father on father’s day, birthday or Christmas.

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