15 Best Handmade Gifts for Husband Birthday That He Will Find Awesome

Looking for handmade gifts for husband birthday?

If your husband’s birthday is coming up soon and you are the creative type, or perhaps just tired of popular every-other-person-has-it presents, I have found just the right ideas for handmade gifts for your husband.

There is nothing that says “I love you“ more than taking your time and putting an effort into a present.

And to be honest, making most of them is not even that hard or time-consuming.

I have collected 15 of the most creative homemade gifts for husband and I promise you’re gonna love at least 5 of them, just stick with me.

1. This 12 months of date nights is one of a best handmade gifts for husband birthday

handmade gifts for husband birthday date night

The Thinking Closet

This mini-book can do wonders for your marriage as you can ensure some fabulous and romantic nights for the whole year ahead!

This is definitely one of the greatest diy gifts for husband. Want to know why?

Because it is actually a gift for both of you! You can get as creative as you want, or you can follow the instructions from the link and you’ll find great PDF printables there.

The decoration is the best part, put some pictures or write love poems between the date cards, it’s all up to you!

2. DIY love coupon

handmade gifts for husband birthday love coupon

I Heart Nap Time

This one will never go out of style. I can’t name one person (one husband, to be precise) I know who wouldn’t like a massage, breakfast in bed or maybe even a whole day without chores with zero nagging at times.

So my suggestion for you is, be his genie from the bottle and make his wishes come true!

You’ll find 11 terrific coupons here, as well as one blank, so he could choose the last thing on his own.

3. This lovely carved candle with initial on it

handmade gifts for husband birthday carved candle

Hello Glow

When you think of romance and the romantic setting, I bet it includes candles. So get one for your husband, and decorate it by carving your initials on it.

You can add a little stand and color the carving, and the best thing is that you probably already have everything you need.

4. This lipstick art that is so easy to make

handmade gifts for husband birthday lipstick art

A Beautiful Mess

Have you lately noticed how the wall on your bedroom looks kind of empty and want to decorate it? If the answer is yes, consider doing this.

This is a great personalized present and, some would argue, the best handmade gift for husband if you don’t have much time.

Use all the lipsticks you own, and don’t forget two things, framing makes all the difference and to write a note on the back!

5. This mini dome is the sweetest thing he will ever receive


Country Living

I have always loved how display domes look and was recently amazed by how easy is to actually make one, so I wanted to share it with you.

The only casualty will happen to your kitchen, more accurately, to your glassware.

Turn it upside down, add a little glue and capture your favorite memories or gems in this adorable DIY gift.

6. This lemon vodka makes me drooling

handmade gifts for husband birthday lemon vodka

Fashionably Bombed

If your husband is a fan of lemon candy and a fan of vodka, imagine merging the two. This is a wonderful idea for special occasions drink that you will both enjoy in.

Follow these super easy steps, let the flavors blend for a week and you’re all set.

7. This vintage globe light for his reading purpose

handmade gifts for husband birthday globe light

Country Living

This is the best handmade gift for husband who loves geography or travels a lot.

For this amazing lamp you’ll have to work a little harder and with more precision but it is gonna be worth it.

Think of some way to mark the places you have visited together and gift him the whole world, thus telling him he is yours.

8. Pulled out memory box that share a series of photos of you together

handmade gifts for husband birthday pulled out box

Country Living

If you’re still looking for homemade birthday gift ideas for husband that will remind him just how much you love him every day, make him this scrapbook of your set of happiest memories that you have captured with the camera.

Dress up the box as you fancy and choose your moments wisely, it can only fit 5 pictures.

But if you really can’t decide which 5 and would prefer -insert number-, you can always get a bigger box.

9. This grilling gear that will make his summer exciting


Country Living

If you are married to a BBQ man and want to make him prepared for the summer, this is the best handmade gift for husband!

Make him a bottle of tasty homemade ketchup and a DIY dry rub for his juiciest steaks, add some skewers, a basting brush, present everything nicely on a cutting board and make your husband the ultimate grill master!

10. This night light is awesome!

handmade gifts for husband birthday night light

Country Living

This present has left so many people wordless, or rather with just one word in their reaction – “Wow!“ and there is a good reason for that.

This night-light is truly stunning, vintage and can bring you to the “good old days“ at the very look of it.

This idea gives a whole new purpose to the antique glass photo slides and you can even make it from your own photograph!

Admittedly, it is a bit more work, but the result will be incredible.

11. This tree log with initial is awesome

handmade gifts for husband birthday tree log with initial

Three Scoop of Love

Another idea for creative homemade gifts for husband, and you’ll need only one tree log. I just love how the wood looks, gorgeous and rugged with all of its natural flaws.

And with your initials carved on it, such a beautiful decoration for your living room, or perhaps his workshop.

Follow these simple instructions and you’ll soon be the owner of this personalized gift.

12. Turn his broken cabinet into a vintage painting

handmade gifts for husband birthday cabinet

Country Living

If your husband is out of town for a couple of days and you want to really surprise him for his upcoming birthday, why don’t you fix that broken cabinet of his?

This project requires more time and effort than usual DIY crafts do, but don’t forget, you get what you give.

The instructions are thorough and when he comes back everything is gonna pay off instantly.

13. This is such a beautiful gifts for him

handmade gifts for husband birthday butterfly cloaches

Country Living

Another great idea for the creative use of glassware or even jars.

I bet this would look wonderful in your husband’s office, and the instructions are easy to follow.

For this craft, you’ll need no more than a piece of styrofoam, some glue, artificial butterflies and several pieces of wire.

Add a little love and around 30 minutes of your time and you’re all set.

14. This paint-brush vase is too hard to pass

handmade gifts for husband birthday paint brush vase

Country Living

If your husband is an artist, he’ll be amazed at this idea. You will need no more than 15 minutes of your time, and the result is simply gorgeous.

Just take a tall, cylindrical vase, clothe it with 30-50 paintbrushes (depending on their thickness) and tighten all that with a couple of rubber bands.

It looks even better if you work with used brushes, with a smear of different color on each.

15. This lamp shade is beautiful for the house


Country Living

One more for the artistic souls that will simply brighten up the whole room. Dip those stir sticks into a can of paint and make sure the paint lines aren’t even.

You can even use all different colors for that matter, if you know he’ll love it!

Which one are you going to make for him?

As you can see, most of these presents are done in less that an hour and you can get all the necessary tools and decorations from Amazon, assuming you don’t already have them.

Your husband is going to appreciate what you did, and isn’t that much greater feeling of accomplishment than going to the store and buying a shirt for him?

You now have some great homemade birthday gift ideas for husband, so supply yourselves with some glue and scissors and start creating! But before that, just share this article with others who will love it.

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