14 Best Handmade Gift Ideas For Him (Last One Is Awesome!)

Handmade gift ideas for him are one of the best ways to show how much you care, because you went the extra mile and instead of buying something everyone already probably has, you put in the effort and time to make something special.

Of course, you might lack ideas on what to make, so that’s why this list can really come in handy!

1. Chalkboard serving tray to serve coffee, tea, snacks or his favorite food is one of the best handmade gift ideas for him

handmade gift ideas for him board

Shanty 2 Chic

Serving trays have proven to be somewhat of a necessity around the house.

They come in handy when you have a lot of stuff to carry, but they’re also a very nice addition to your kitchen hardware.

Why not build one yourself? It’s easy, cheap, and it makes the perfect gift! After you’re done making it, sprinkle around some heartwarming messages on the chalkboard part!

2. This sharpie mug with your own personal message

handmade gift ideas for him diy sharpie mugs

Living Your Creative

Handmade Christmas gifts for him tend to be very exhausting to make and come up with.

But this is the ideal solution! Make him a mug and personalize it with messages straight from your heart.

The idea is to make the mug chalkboard, so you can wake his smile with a different note every day. Truly a beautiful and useful gift

3. He is definitely going to find this lunch tote useful

handmade gift ideas for him lunch tote

Design Sponge

In this age of fast food and living, it is important to stay healthy.

And you can help him do so with proper nutrition; with this lunch tote he can now bring his food to work instead of always having to buy it.

The money saved on making this thing, and the money he saves on buying fast food will definitely add up.

Plus, he will surely appreciate all the sweat put into this handmade gifts for his birthday or any other occasion!

4. Heavy duty tool organizer

handmade gift ideas for him tool organiser

Man Made DIY

If your man loves to toy around in the backyard, or if he’s always building stuff and fixing things, maybe it’s time to rethink your handmade Christmas gifts for him.

Lugging around all those heavy duty tools is a real hassle, and God forbid if one of them falls on the ground and breaks (or falls on your foot and breaks it!).

A roll for all those heavy tools is a great idea! It’s easy and fun to make, and you’ll ensure his tools don’t get lost while he’s out and about.

5. Make a new wallet for him

handmade gift ideas for him leather wallet


Gifts to make for him are almost never easy, but the outcome is so worth it. It’s the same thing with this handy wallet.

We all need one place to keep all of our necessities in, and this wallet is the perfect solution.

Now he’ll never have to wonder where his money, phone, and keys are! Plus, leather is an awesome look on anyone and anything.

6. Beer tote with bottle opener

handmade gift ideas for him beer tote

Rogue Engineer

Like many others on this planet, you man also loves drinking beer. Nothing better than sitting down after a long day and sipping a cold one, just letting all your worries out the window.

Dark beer, light beer, barley or wheat, red or green, Guinness or Budweiser, the beer tote does not discriminate!

A beer tote isn’t hard to make, and it’s also very useful, especially when he has friends over. Not to mention how good it looks!

No more need for tacky bags and other unworthy packaging, the beer tote beats them all!

7. This floating shelf that hide his stuff


Rogue Engineer

We all have our private things that should be kept just that: private.

So put in a bit of elbow grease and extra hours, and make this amazing floating shelf to decorate his walls and keep his things safe.

It’s bound to catch the eye of all your company, but only you and the special person you made it for will know its secrets!

8. Hot passion fruit hot sauce that he can’t resist!

handmade gift ideas for him passion fruit sauce

Curried Cantaloupe

You must be thinking how hot sauce and fruits can’t mix even in dreams, but trust us, this is exactly what you need to make if he’s into weird things, like combining weird foods.

Handmade gifts for his birthday that he won’t forget in a long time. Its tastiness will make him ask you to make it more than once!

9. This apron to get ready for summer

handmade gift ideas for him apron

I Heart Nap Time

Handmade birthday gifts for him who loves to cook definitely include an apron.

We’re all fed up with the cliché “kiss the cook” but aprons are still a must have in the kitchen, especially during the season of summer barbecues.

So take it with your own two hands and print him out a creative, one of a kind apron that he’ll use with love!

10. Homemade shaving cream that he will use everyday

handmade gift ideas for him shaving cream

The Paleo Mama

Guys are always dealing with that pesky beard, and some of them have the misfortune of having delicate skin which gets easily irritated.

And how wouldn’t it with all the chemicals in today’s shaving creams. This is why a homemade shaving cream is one of the best gifts to make for him; both him and his skin will be thankful!

11. Your dad is going to be so happy to receive this gift

handmade gift ideas for him photo frame

Lia Griffith

If the person for whom you’re making a present for is your father, then you should consider making a special frame with your favorite father’s day quote, or just a special message to your father in it! It’s thoughtful yet easy, and an ideal last minute solution

12. This leather cufflink is such a perfect gift!

handmade gift ideas for him cufflinks

Almost Makes Perfect

Cufflinks are gifts to make for him that never go out of style.

He’s always going to have some fancy event to go to, and where better to show off his elegant and astonishing cufflinks you made him!

They go well with any kind of formal shirt, and they are simply timeless!

13. Popcorn sampler

handmade gift ideas for him popcorn

DIY Projects

Popcorn is one of those foods that everyone loves to eat, and one of those foods of which we never get sick.

So why not make your dad or brother or loved one a popcorn sampler? It goes best with a rainy afternoon, blankets, and a ton of good movies! Is there anything better,really?

14. This trophy that makes him the best dad

handmade gift ideas for him trophy

Elementary Art Fun

A trophy is something we typically give to sportsmen who are the best at something.

But a trophy is one of the greatest gifts to make for him, your father, in order to show him that he’s the best in your life.

After all, he did put a lot of effort and time into making you who you are today. Sure, he’s not really an athlete but those years running after you sure qualify him!

Have you decided which one to make for him?

Hopefully, this list made it easier for you to decide what to make for that special man in your life, might it be your lover or family member.

Feel free to spread the love around and share this list with your friends who also looking for handmade gift ideas for him.