13 Handpicked Groomsmen Gifts That He Won’t Throw Away

Before I show you the list of best groomsmen gifts ideas, I would love to congratulate to both of you and I hope you to have a wonderful and loving time together with him in the future.

Groomsmen are going to help you a lot on your wedding day. Let’s thank them with one of this groomsmen gift ideas.

1. Engraved flask is a great groomsmen gifts

engraved flasks for groomsmen

Personalized Groomsmen Flask $14.90

You can hardly get wrong with a personalized flask. It is easy to keep and can last for a long time. This flask can be engraved with his name along with the date of your wedding.

I really like the shield design on this flask. This flask comes with a gift box as well so you have a proper structure to easily wrap this gift.

2. Vintage Razor

groomsmen gift ideas

Dorco Razor Set $19.90

Even he already have 10 shavers in his bathroom I believe he will still keep this beautiful vintage shaver.

This old school shaver will last for a long time and unlike electronic shaver that will often break down after a few years of using.

Besides, the blade of this shaver is much cheaper than others advance commercial blade.

This shaver also comes with a travel kit as well so he can safely bring this when he go traveling. The double edge will give them the smoothest shave on any skin or beard type.

3. Premium Shave Set

best groomsmen gifts

Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Set $21.90

He will need this set to soften his beard and shave it smoothly. They will run out of shaving cream/soap one day and I am sure they will use this set one day.

The brush is made from 100% pure badger hair brush so it is softer and easier for him to apply the soap.

The soap is hypoallergenic to it is safe to use for every man. This is a great groomsmen gift sets.

4. Beard Oil

gifts for groomsmen

Art Naturals Beard Oil $12.50

This classic gift is the best groomsmen gift he will ever receive. This beard oil moisturises his beard for a full and healthy growth.

He can apply this after shaving as well so he can treat the skin and prevent dandruff from happening.

This beard oil is made from all-natural cold-pressed jojoba oil, 100% Moroccan argan oil, and vitamin E.

5. Toiletries Bag

groomsmen gifts ideas

Vetelli Leather Toiletries $39.90

This beautiful leather toiletry is a keeper. The waterproof lining prevents the leather from getting wet.

The two large compartment is enough for him to keep all his toiletries while he travels. The high-quality leather is made to last for a long time.

I am sure groomsmen would love to receive this gift.

6. Personalized Multi Tool

cheap groomsmen gifts

Engraved Multi-Tool $8.90

I need at least 3 of this in my house and lost 2 of them every time there is a party at my house.

It is a cheap groomsmen gift you can get that is also memorable with his name written on it.Besides, this multi-tool is also closely related to party as well.

I am sure he will remember all the good time he had on your wedding day. If you are looking for groomsmen gifts under $20, this should be a great idea.

7. Personalized Wallet


Personalized Wallet $19.90

Get a personalized one and only leather wallet he will ever have. I am sure he is going to use this one day instead of keeping it.

You know why I would say that? Because I am using one of the wallets given by my buddy with my name written on it. You will never get the wrong gifts if you get something h will use.

8. Engraved Wood Pocket Knife

cool groomsmen gifts

Personalized Pocket Knife $17.90

Don’t you think this is a cool groomsmen gifts? The handle is made from rose wood and they use laser to write the name on it.

I wouldn’t mind to frame and keep it as a decoration. I really like the stainless steel part where it covered with ornament design. The color of the wood compliment well with the stainless steel as well.

9. Alcohol Label

Groomsmen gift boxAlcohol Label

This alcohol label is so beautiful. Alcohol is a great gift that everyone can enjoy afterward. Pair the alcohol with custom made design label and make it as a personalized gift for him.

One thing I like about this idea is you can get him any liquor that he love.

10. Alcohol Gift Set

unique groomsmen gift ideas

Groomsmen Gift Box $15.90

You can easily make this yourself actually. Get him a cigar, a small liquor, cigar cutter and a card to put in this gifts box.

You can add on anything that he love such as chocolate, condom, gift card, flask, and many more. This is a great groomsmen gift box that you can easily customise.

11. Bobblehead

creative groomsmen gifts


I think this is the most creative groomsmen gift you can get for him. I think they will have a good laugh when they receive this personalized gift.

It is a great gift to put on the table and let him have a good laugh.

12. Minibar In A Jar

diy groomsmen gifts

This is a great DIY gift that can be made easily. Get a bunch of mini alcohol and put it in a jar. Just make sure he don’t finish everything before the party start.

This is a very cheap groomsmen gift ideas as well. Follow this tutorial to make one at The Shabby Creek Cottage.

13. Wooden Lapel

top groomsmen gifts

This wooden lapel is such a beautiful groomsmen gift. I like this gift so much as the groomsmen can wear this as a theme and the color from the wood compliment well with any color of suit that they are wearing.

There are a lot of wooden lapels and wooden bowtie to choose from. Check out The Two Guys Bowtie for more ideas.

I really hope you can find the perfect groomsmen gift for you coming wedding from this list. Do you have any friend who is looking for groomsmen gifts as well?

Share this gift ideas with them so they can the perfect groomsmen gifts that he won’t throw away.

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