15 Great Gifts For Writers That They Will Find Useful

Looking for great gifts for writers?

Although being a writer is interesting, there are times when it’s also challenging and exhausting due to a lack of inspiration.

Being a writer means that you have to have the right tools in every moment because you never know when the ideas might come (or not come) to you.

So, if you want to surprise your dearest writer and to boost his creativity, this list of best gifts for writers will definitely help you.

Whether he needs an inspiration or he just wants to improve his writing, you’re sure to find a perfect gift for him.

1. This great gifts for writers will come handy every time they are out of ideas to write

great gifts for writers emergency pack

Writer Emergency Pack

There is nothing worse for a writer than getting stuck on words. But no need to despair, because this gift is just perfect for any writer who needs some help on finding an inspiration.

Thanks to 26 idea cards, Writer Emergency Pack will definitely give your dearest writer some new ideas.

These cards offer very useful suggestions that will help him to see things from a different perspective so he can finally finish his story.

2. This book is about what it takes to be a writer in 21st century

great gifts for writers you are a writer

You Are A Writer

You are a writer by Jeff Goins, is a meticulously written book that offers valuable steps for improving writing.

Going through this book, he will learn how to write with confidence, how to build an audience and how to turn his hobby into a real career.

Whether he’s a beginner or he’s been writing for years, this book will definitely widen his horizons and take writing to the next level.

3. A creative pendant with typewriter

great gifts for writers necklace

Vintage Typewriter Pendant Necklace

Here you have one of a kind necklace that will take his breath away with its remarkable look.

While the image of an old-fashioned typewriter gives an authentic touch to this necklace, the chain looks very elegant.

Due to this extraordinary combination of authentic and elegant, it’s not surprising that this gift is the most popular present for writers.

4. For him when he is mentally challenge as a writer

great gifts for writers the mental game of writing

The Mental Game of Writing

If you’re looking for gifts for creative writers, no need to look further.

I’ve found this amazing book by James S.Bell, that is just a perfect gift for your favorite writer.

The Mental Game of Writing is a remarkable collection of practical ideas, inspiring quotes, and personal anecdotes that will help him to unleash his creativity.

Moreover, he will finally be able to overcome self-doubt and other insecurities when comes to his writing.

5. He can write down his ideas during shower time

great gifts for writers waterproof pad

Aquanotes : Waterproof Notepad

As you already know, every writer needs a tool that will keep his thoughts in one place.

And what better place to write down his thoughts than in the shower?

Thanks to this waterproof notepad, he will be more creative and productive, because his ideas will be written before he can forget them.

In case you aren’t sure what to get a writer, with this gift you just can’t be mistaken.

6. This is what he need to write efficiently

great gifts for writers tools

Writing Tools : Essential Strategies For Every Writer

Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark is an extraordinary guidebook that every writer needs to have, from students to experts.

Not only that this book is practical, but it’s also entertaining, so your writer will certainly enjoy reading it.

Offering many different strategies and useful advice, it’s not surprising that it’s one of the favorite books on writing.

7. He is going to love this non-glaring table lamp that let him control the brightness and color of the lamp

great gifts for writers LED light

Dimmable LED Light

Writing all night certainly isn’t good for his eyes because they get tired.

Luckily, I’ve found a gift that is just perfect for keeping his eyes fresh so he can write as long as he wants.

Not only this LED Desk Lamp offers eye-caring light without harsh glow, but it also uses less energy (comparing to other lamps that have the same level of brightness) due to high-quality LEDs.

It’s simple yet sophisticated design will add a nice touch to his desk.

8. This is a great book about writing and life

great gifts for writers writing and life

Some Instruction on Writing and Life

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott is a book written in a funny way, that gives new insights into the world of creativity.

If your dearest writer wants to take his writing to the next level, this gift is just what he needs.

Offering inspirational stories, Anne Lamott makes writing process easy and understandable.

With this book, he will realize that he has a lot to offer to the world.

9. He is going to need this listen to his favorite non-vocal music while writing

great gifts for writers headphones

BOHM Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone

What better way to wait for ideas to come than listening to his favorite songs?

These high-quality headphones will give him the opportunity to enjoy music without being distracted by the outside noise, due to the active noise cancellation system.

10. This should upgrade his dialogue writing skills

great gifts for writers write a dialogue

How To Write Dazzling Dialogue

Here you have another great book on writing by James S.Bell- How to Write Dazzling Dialogue.

In this book, he will learn the importance of writing ravishing dialogue, so his audience will read his book in one breath.

From 5 ways to improve the dialogue to 11 secrets of creating dazzling dialogue, he will write like never before.

11. He definitely need this when he is sitting for too long

great gifts for writers betterback


Sitting for a whole day must be exhausting for his back, but he probably doesn’t pay much attention to the pain in his back, because he’s fully focused on writing.

That’s why you need to take care of him, and this gift is just a perfect way to do that.

Wearing this Back Support Belt, his back will have correct posture and remarkable support so the pain will be gone forever.

12. This is a book for every writer should read

great gifts for writers snowflake method

How To Write A Novel Using Snowflake Method

How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method is a remarkable book that will help him to get started and to organize his writing.

No need to stress about writing his story, because this book shows how to unlock his creativity.

If you’re looking for best gifts for aspiring writers, this book is just what you need.

13. This neck massage is going to ease his neck after a long day

great gifts for writers massager

Zyllion Pillow Massager

Among the best birthday gifts for your favorite writer, you’ll find this amazing Massager.

While heating function will relax his neck muscles, 4 Shiatsu Massage Modes will relieve muscle tightness, so he will be refreshed and ready for writing.

14. This book will tell him how to write scripts that sells

great gifts for writers screenwriting tips

Save The Cat : The Last Book On Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need

If you’re looking for cool gifts for writers, this one is just a perfect gift for your loved one.

Save The Cat, written by Blake Snyder is a practical book that reveals many secrets on how to hold the readers’ attention from the beginning to the end of a story.

15. A new chair for his comfort

great gifts for writers office chair

High Back Executive Chair

Among good gifts for a writer, this High-back Executive Chair is the most popular one.

Thanks to the padded seat that supports back, your dearest one will enjoy the comfort and he will be able to write all day, without feeling the tension in his back.

All the gifts for writers that you’ve found on this list are perfect for any writer who wants to improve the quality of his work.

Hopefully, among these great gifts for writers, you’ll find the perfect one for your loved one.

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