11 Good Housewarming Gifts For Guys (Door Knocker Edition)

Good housewarming gifts for guys aren’t easy to find but we surely want to help you with impressing your beloved one, whether it’s your best friend, husband or boyfriend.

So, keep reading because you’ll find a perfect gift that both he and his door will love.

1. A nice door knocker for the guy who love nature or gardening. This is a good houswarming gifts for guys

good housewarming gifts for guys celtic dor knocker

Celtic Green Man Door Knocker

Looking for nice housewarming gifts for him and you don’t know which one to choose? Well, we’re here to make it easier for you so we came up with this Green Man door knocker.

It will certainly add a nice touch to any front door, especially to your boyfriend’s. The spectacular look of this door knocker will simply impress him.

2. Dragon door knocker


Gothic Dragon Door Knocker

Finding great housewarming gifts for men has never been more interesting than now!

Since you have our help, there is nothing else for you to do than to buy this mysterious door knocker as a gift for your special one.

It would be a perfect addition to his Gothic décor and it will look amazing on his front door. One is for sure, this door knocker will be a great guardian for his lovely home.

3. The funny housewarming gifts with a lot of styles

good housewarming gifts for guys ballsy door knocker

Bronze Door Knocker With Balls

In case you’re looking funny housewarming gifts for him, search no more, because we’ve got you covered.

This gift will certainly make everyone laugh due to its quite charming look.

Made of brass and with a bronzed finish, this Door Knocker is just perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a problem with its creative and courageous look.

It’s easy to install. Needless to say, your friend will adore this gift and it will make his day.

4. Turtle door knocker for him who love ocean

good housewarming gifts for guys turtle door knocker

Solid Brass Sea Turtle Door Knocker

Looking for a great sound knocker that is just awesome? Then this one is a real deal for any type of door. His door will definitely love it.

Beautifully crafted, with a lot of details, this Sea Turtle Door Knocker is a must have. What we love the most is definitely its vivid antiqued green color and solid brass finish.

Moreover, this door knocker is quite sturdy.

5. The angry door knocker that will scare robbers away

good housewarming gifts for guys angry man door knocker

Legendary Angryman Door Knocker

Looking for a perfect knocker that will bring life to his precious front door? Then this one will definitely do the trick.

Thanks to its impressive look, it will become his favorite door knocker so he will throw away all the others.

It’s hand finished in verdigris bronze thus it has a mysterious note. There is no doubt that this little knocker will get all the attention. Wrap it up and make his day and door spectacular.

6. I pity this octopus that need to knock his head against the door everyday

good housewarming gifts for guys octopus doorknocker

The Amazing Octopus Door Knocker

Are you buying a gift for a guy who collects knockers? Then this one will add a unique accent to his ever-growing collection.

Since it’s made of aluminum, the durability is guaranteed so no need to worry about that.

Moreover, he will be happy to have this Octopus Doorknocker on his front door because it doesn’t look like an ordinary and mundane doorknocker.

7. The most expensive door knocker I have ever seen

good housewarming gifts for guys bumblebee door knocker

Brass Made Bumblebee Door Knocker

Looking for a door knocker that will get a lot of compliments? Lucky for you, we have the perfect one.

So, in case your boyfriend’s birthday is getting closer and his front door really needs a new door knocker, he will be more than happy with this one.

This high-quality knocker will last for a long, long time and everyone will love it! He doesn’t have to worry about how to install it because even a child can do it.

So, hurry up and grab one of these gifts before it’s too late.

8. This is a great housewarming gift for guys who love dog

good housewarming gifts for guys pug door knocker

Pug Bronze Door Knocker

Does your friend love puppies and he thinks they are lovely? Then this adorable Dog Knocker would be something that he will cherish.

Whoever comes at his doorstep, they will be amazed at how cute this dog knocker is and they will instantly smile.

What better way to greet his guests than with love and harmony? The Knocker is carefully handcrafted so it has a lot of details. It’s time to make his day special with this wonderful gift.

9. It’s ugly, but unique as well

good housewarming gifts for guys ugly door knocker

Japanese Dragon Door Knocker

Looking for a knocker that will make his door look cool? Then this one is a perfect gift for his birthday.

The guest will surely love it! Its color looks magically, regardless of the door’s color, which makes it perfect for front door, shop door or even office door.

It’s easy to install so that part won’t take up a lot of time. Not only that this knocker looks cool, but it is also a high-quality one, due to the Polyresin and metal ball ring.

There is no doubt that your friend will enjoy the sound of this knocker and he will be more than eager to give a warm welcome to his guests.

10. This beautiful door knocker with lots of details

good housewarming gifts for guys beautiful door knocker

Winthrop Door Knocker

Looking for a door knocker that looks extraordinary? Then you’re at the right place because here we have the one that is beautifully hand-finished by artisans.

With its simple yet unique look, it will fit perfectly on your friend’s door, because the door knocker is finished in ebony and faux gold.

It will completely change the appearance of his front door. When knocking, the sound is just amazing.

11. This door knocker basically say don’t come in or I will eat you alive

good housewarming gifts for guys skull door knocker

Skull Door Knocker

If your best friend has a unique sense of humor and he isn’t quite friendly, then this gift is perfect for him.

There is no doubt that the guests will have second thoughts on visiting him when they see this Skull Doorknocker.

Needless to say, this gift is a new, special way of greeting his guests.


Now that you have awesome housewarming gifts for guys, it’s time for choosing the very best one.

Whether he loves adorable, funny, unique or mystical door knockers, you are sure to find the one that he will love very much.

We believe that this article was helpful to you so we’d appreciate if you will share it with your friend who is looking for good housewarming gifts for guys.

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