16 Best Gifts Under 100 For Him That He Dream To Have

Buying gifts under $100 for him is surely a meaningful way to show how much you love them.

But, there are times when you have doubts and are not sure would that be just the perfect gift for your father, friend or husband.

That’s why I made this list, to help you with finding what they’d really love. These gifts below that you’ll read about are perfect for making them happy.

1. This beard kit is an awesome gifts under $100 for him

gifts under 100 for him bevel shaver

Bevel 30 Days Shave Kit

Let him have the best grooming experience ever. Thanks to this complete shaving system, his skin will be soft and hydrated.

He’ll be able to shave his beard without cutting himself because of all these products.

Bevel Priming Oil will prepare his skin for shaving, while Bevel shave cream and Bevel brush will make shaving smooth and precise.

The Icing on the cake is Bevel restoring balm that will soothe his skin.

2. This mug is going to make any drinks taste better

gifts under 100 for him mule mug

Moscow Mule Copper Mug

With this gift, you are sure to have a great time. Made of pure copper, this quality cocktail mug will keep your favorite beverage really cold.

So, invite your friends and start making countless cocktails.

Of course, you have to make one for your guy, so he can taste a true explosion of different flavors served from this dazzling cocktails mug. Salty, sweet, acid – take your time to discover all those variations.

3. Charge his gadget with this solar charger

gifts under 100 for him solar charger

Waka Waka Solar Powered Charger

Bring some lightness into his world with this remarkable solar-powered flashlight. After 12-24 hours in the Sun, the battery will be ready.

He’ll be able to charge phones and tablets wherever he is, as long as this little guy is by his side.

Because of its convenient size, he can attach it to his backpack or place it into his pocket.

The best part is the flashlight that will come in handy when he’s outdoor.

This gift is perfect for any guy who wants to take a break from electricity.

4. This shot glass that made from brass

gifts under 100 for him brass shot glass

Brass Shot Glass With Wooden Case

These amazing short glasses fall into the unusual-gifts-for-him-under-$100 categories and we can see why is that so.

Their authentic look is really attention-grabbing. Each glass has an anchor and is made of sturdy brass.

The shot glasses come in a beautiful wooden case, so they will always be on safe.

Moreover, there is one more function that this fascinating custom case has. It is perfect for displaying at his home bar.

5. This noise canceling headphones is going to let him listen to his favourite music with comfort

gifts under 100 for him headphones

BOHM Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Looking for Christmas gifts for him under $100? I suggest you these outstanding headphones. They have everything one could ever ask for.

While an Advanced Bluetooth technology allows for streaming music from his tablet and phone, a rechargeable battery provides him even 18 hours of listening to his favorite music.

The flexible ear cups and lightweight headband will give him all the comfort he needs so his ears won’t get tired quickly.

The icing on the cake would be a luxurious design that makes the headphones just the perfect gift for any audiophile.

6. This portable espresso maker that makes his favourite coffee everywhere

gifts under 100 for him portable espresso

Staresso Portable Coffee Maker

Buying a gift for a passionate coffee lover? Then this is just the thing he needs. The Staresso coffee maker will give him a chance to make his very best coffee and espresso.

Whether he wants a warm coffee to enjoy Winter or he wants a cold one to refresh him during Summer, this machine will give him both.

Moreover, his coffee will be ready in several minutes. But what’s even better is easy and fast cleaning.

7. This beautiful 3 in 1 turntable that bring convinient listen to music

gifts under 100 for him electrohome turntable

Electrohome 3 in 1 Turntable

This unique turntable is just the perfect gift for your father. The old-fashioned look will bring him back to the best moments of his life, including those with you.

Going through those wonderful memories, he’ll realize that there is so much that he can do to make new ones. Built-in stereo speakers will fill his home with outstanding sound.

Moreover, a “diamond tipped” ceramic needle will transform every note into a wonderful one.

Best of all, the retro look will add a nice, soothing touch to the room.

8. This classic watch that looks good almost on every outfit

gifts under 100 for him daniel wellington watch

Daniel Wellington Watch

Since every guy is practical, this is a perfect gift for every important man in your life.

A nice color, leather band and a buckle closure make this watch ubiquitous.

They will enjoy the comfort of this watch as well as its quality.

9. A really nice fountain pen for him to work

gifts under 100 for him fountain pen

Parker Black Lacquer With Golden Trom Fountain Pen

What would be a better gift for your father than this sophisticated, high-quality fountain pen? The combination of black and golden color will simply hypnotize him.

Since the Parker is a manufacturer, there is no doubt that this pen performs smoothly, accurately and beautifully.

10. He is going to fall in love with this decanter

gifts under 100 for him decanter

Handmade Whiskey/Bourbon Decanter

Look just how sensational this decanter is! Filled with his favorite spirit, it will look even more special since the beauty of the ship will be amplified.

Made of high-quality material, the decanter will be a part of his family for a long time. Best of all, it will help in preserving the flavorful aroma of his drink.

11. This awesome adjustable mouse for his comfort


Microsoft Wireless Arc Taouch Mouse

Perfectly precise and perfectly elegant, this mouse is top-notch. A flexible design allows for easy use – flat for packing, curved for playing.

He’ll love the comfort because his hand will be in a more natural position. That means, no more painful wrist for him.

12. This sand art is amazing. I think it a great piece of home decor for him

gifts under 100 for him sand art

Rainbow Vision Sand Picture

This worthwhile piece of art is, without a doubt, one of the best birthday gifts for him under $100. Each time he turns it, it will create a different sand picture.

Mesmerizing, soothing, fascinating – it seems like there are not enough words to describe the beauty of this picture.

13. This mug is too beautiful to pass..

gifts under 100 for him pineapple mug

Handcrafted Pineapple Mule Mug

He doesn’t have to go all the way to Hawaii to enjoy marvelous cocktails. In fact, he can even make one (or a bunch of them) in the comfort of his home, with this sparkling cocktail mug.

It can hold 20 ounces of his favourite cocktail. The unique design and golden straw make drinking even more enjoyable.

14. Dragon lighter

gifts under 100 for him dragon lighter

Zippo Fire Breathing Dragon Lighter

If your husband wants only the best, the Zippo lighter is just the thing he needs. As you probably already know, Zippo makes outstanding lighters that last for years.

So, light his world with this one-of-a-kind Dragon lighter. He can even use it in the windy environments since it’s windproof.

15. This adjustble table light is going to give him comfor to his eyes

gifts under 100 for him table lamp

TaoTronics Table Light

If your friend spends a lot of time studying and reading, you just have to buy him this lovely table lamp.

Due to 7 level of brightness, his eyes won’t get tired quickly, so he’ll be able to learn even more. Thanks to a convenient design, the lamp is perfect for any kind of table.

16. This sleek design home speaker is going to look great in the house

gifts under 100 for him home speaker

Panasonic Wireless Home Speaker

This speaker has the simplest look that you’ve ever seen, and that’s why it’s one of the unique gifts for him under $100.

Due to its classic color and simple design, it will fit perfectly in any interior design.

With music streaming app he’ll have the opportunity to make his own playlist and listen to it day and night. Best of all, a powerful sound system will bring magical notes to his home.

Which gifts are you getting for him?

Now that you have this list of best gifts for him, it’s time to spend some money.

I’m sure that with such a wide variety of practical, unique, and Christmas gifts for him under $100, you’ll manage to find the perfect ones for your guys.

Please, do share this list with your friends to help them find the best gifts under $100 for him.

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