Birthday Gifts for Vinyl Lovers : 14 Beautiful Vinyl Player That He Will Absolutely Love

Buying a birthday gifts for vinyl lovers can difficult because choices a very limited.

Why don’t get him a Vinyl player?

Don’t worry if he already got one, because one vinyl player is never enough for a vinyl lover.

Just like we own 9 pairs of shoes.

By the way, I also include some other gift as well later in this post.

Let’s check them out.

1. This verticle vinyl player is such a beauty I am sure it is a gifts for vinyl lovers that they will love

gifts for music lovers floating record
Floating Record Verticle Turntable

Here we have a Turntable that plays our favorite records in a completely different way. Now you are probably thinking how is that possible? Well, this high-quality Turntable plays spin vinyl vertically through built-in speakers that will bring a fantastic sound to his room.

2. Crosley Turntable


Crosley Turntable

An USB port is included in this player. So he can play his favourite music through his phone. Speaker is built in as well.

More color is available.

3. Vintage Turntable


Victorola Vintage Nostalgic Turntable 

If he wants a Turntable with a unique look, this one is a perfect gift for him. Whether you choose Mahogany or Graphite color, it will certainly add a nostalgic touch to his living room. Apart from the look, this Turntable has everything he needs in order to enjoy the favorite music: built-in Cassette Player, Cd Player, and FM Radio.

4. Crosley Brown Turntable


Crosley Executive Turntable

What better way to expand his Turntable collection than to get him the one that is portable? From now on, he can enjoy music wherever he goes, he just needs to bring this Turntable and his favorite records with himself.

5. Spectra Wooden Turntable


Spectra Studebaker Wooden Turntable

Here we have a Turntable that has an antique wooden case design, a perfect addition to bring life and joy to his home. Thanks to a built-in speaker, his favorite song will sound better than ever.

6. Crosley Tan Turntable


Crosley Mini Turntable

He can just bring this portable turntable to Starbucks drink his favourite coffee while enjoying his music.

7. Retro Turntable


Gladhouse Vintage Turntable

This Turntable is just perfect for streaming his favorite music from his phone due to the Bluetooth connectivity. The best part is that is very simple to use because it has just right buttons- nothing too much.

8. USB Vinyl Player


USB Vinyl Turntable

What makes this Turntable stand out is the ability to connect it to the computer and to record albums directly to it. It’s time to make his own playlist for every day.

If You Have Extra Budget….

9. Vintage Player With Horn


Pyle Home Classical Horn Turntable

This classic is going to make my living room much more beautiful. Going to start saving money now.

10. Electrohome Retro Player


Electrohome Wellington Wood Retro Player

Here we have an authentic 4-in-1 Turntable that will make every day special to him. While stereo speakers give rich sound, it’s also possible to connect headphones so only he can enjoy the amazing sound.

11. Classic Turntable


Pyle Bluetooth Classic Style Turntable

That gold and brown color combination is really making me fall in love with this record player.

12. Four Legged Vinyl Player


Crosley Bermuda Portable Turntable

Just make sure nobody is sitting on it when it is closed.

13. Taec Analogue Turntable


TEAC Analog Turntable

I don’t know what makes this turntable so expensive but it does receive a lot of review on Amazon. Check it out in the button below.

14. Pyle Turntable


Pyle Vintage Classic Style Turntable

This is a great option if he prefer a modern style vinyl player.

Lets Compliment Your Gifts With These Items

15. Adele 25


“25” – Adele Vinyl Music Album

If he’s a fan of Adele, it’s time to get him this Vinyl and make his collection more interesting. He will be thrilled how different is to listen to Adele’s spectacular voice on the Turntable.

16. Norah Jones Vinyl


Norah Jones

What better way to enjoy the day than to listen to Norah Jones’s Album? Needless to say, this makes a perfect gift for any Vinyl lover.

17. John Coltrane Vinyl


A Love Supreme – John Coltrane

If he loves jazz, this is simply a must-have gift for him. Nothing will add more value to his vinyl collection than Coltrane’s piece of art.

18. Bob Marley – Legend


Bob Marley – Legend

One and only- Bob Marley. It’s time that recognizable reggae music fulfills his room with peace and love. One is for sure, he will enjoy the well-known rhythm while drinking beer with you.

19. Miles Davis – Kind of Blue


Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

None vinyl collection can be complete without one of the most influential people in the world of jazz- Miles Davis. Without a doubt, your beloved will enjoy music like never before.

20. Vinyl Case


Crosley Carrier Case

If there is an emergency (touch wood) in his house, he can just grab all his favourite vinyl in one go and get out safely.

21. Vinyl Bottle Opener


Button Badge Bottle Opener

He can open up your and his drink easily anytime.

22. Beatles Vinyl Clock

vinyl-clockThe Beatles Vinyl Record Clock

There are many more options beside Beatles, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Metallica, Rolling Stone, you name it.

23. Vinyl Bowl


Recycled Vinyl Bowl

I am very surprised that vinyl bowl actually exist. Eating ramen in a vinyl bowl is a new experience that should be try.

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