22 Quirky Gifts For Tattoo Artists (#10 is Amazing!) Updated 2023

Looking for gifts for tattoo artist?

Tattoo artists can be really hard-to-buy-for, due to their creative nature. How can you know what would be the best gift for your favorite tattoo artist?

Well, with my help, of course. After searching for hours, I’ve finally found 12 best gifts for tattoo artists.

Gifts for tattoo artists that you’ll read about are perfect for any occasion, whether you want to buy him just because gift, Christmas gift or a birthday gift.

(This post is updated for 2018!)

1. This beautiful vintage t-shirt

tshirt birthday gifts for tattoo artist

Vintage Tattoo Equipment T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love to do their job in comfortable clothes? This is especially true for tattoo artists. So, buy this Vintage T-shirt for your friend and he will be so grateful to you. Comfort, classic fit, and lightweight are what make this t-shirt such a thoughtful gift!

2. This sock is so cool

socks christmas gifts for tattoo artist

Koi Fish Socks

Here’s another piece of clothes that your best tattoo artist will appreciate.

These extraordinary socks are made by Russian artists, so that’s where bold and bright design comes from.

In addition, the socks are durable and comfortable since they’re made from cotton. On top of all, they won’t slide down.

3. How about this t-shirt

unique tshirt gifts for tattoo artist

Sacred Heart Mexican Folk Art Ethnic Devotion Symbol T-Shirt

This lovely T-shirt carries the symbol of devotion thus it may serve as an inspiration for your tattoo artist.

Thanks to its design, this T-shirt is a great present for every occasion, whether it is a birthday party, Thanksgiving, Easter, or any other memorable event.

It’s comfortable and comes in different colors.

4. This gift is so cool

cool birthday gifts for tattoo artist

Department 56 Snow Village Halloween House

If you’re after a unique and dazzling gift for your favorite tattoo artist, this is the way to go.

This Halloween Rusty’s Needle House will be a great addition to your friend’s tattoo studio.

Coming from Department 56, this house is known for its high quality. So, your friend will be impressed with fine details and remarkable design of this house.

5. He is going to find this awesome

nice gifts for tattoo artist birthday

Department 56 Headless Harley Rider Accessory

If your dear friend also loves motorcycles, you can buy him this beautifully crafted accessory.

This piece of art also comes from Department 56, ensuring top-notch performance and meticulous design.

The colors are mesmerizing, as well as details. Add to that headless Harley rider and this unit is one of the best gifts for tattoo artists.

6. This is a modern tattoo machine

tattoo machine gifts for tattoo artist

Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary

If you want to buy a memorable gift for your tattoo artist, go with this Dragonhawk Mast rotary tattoo machine.

It features a Japanese motor, ensuring top-notch performance, control, and precision.

With this ergonomically-designed machine finishing various styles and techniques will be a whole lot easier. What’s more, the unit operates quietly and without vibration.

7. This book will inspire his work

book for tattoo artist birthday

Tattoo World Book

This book is a must-have for any serious tattoo artist.

Containing about 1,000 illustrations from the best artists up to date, this book represents designs and various styles from all parts of the world.

Some of them are classic Americana, Japanese and East Asian iconography, as well as photorealism.

If this book doesn’t boost creativity and inspiration, we don’t know what will.

8. Let him sketch with this digital pad

digital pad tattoo gifts for his birthday

A4 Light Pad

The A4 light pad is a great tool for tattoos artists since it’s so practical. Powered by USB, this unit is easy to carry around and have it ready when inspiration sparkles. Moreover, the light pad comes won’t make eyes tired.

9. Let him decorate his shop or room with this print

prints for tattoo artist

Tattooing Machine Invention Poster

This one-of-a-kind poster is a great gift for any tattoo artists, so you just can’t go wrong with it.  It’s made in the USA with special printing technology. Thanks to that, this poster will last for more than 100 years.

10. This gifts for tattoo artists is going to help him draw better during the night

gifts for tattoo artists steampunk illuminated lamp

Steampunk Illuminate Sculpture

When you’re shopping for unique gifts for a tattoo artist, you get this futuristic airship sculpture that just takes your breath away.

It shines as brightly as your favorite tattoo artist’s imagination, so he will definitely get more inspiration to draw.

Made in a meticulous way, it’s not surprising that every tattoo artist loves it.

12. I never knew pen can be this awesome

gifts for tattoo artists pen with holder

Handcrafted Collection Steampunk Pen

This gift is just a perfect one for his desk as it will add a nice touch to it.

Since it’s made of a high quality material, this gift will be his favorite for many years.

But the best part is that he’ll fall in love with the remarkable details, as each part is hand-finished by some of the best artisans.

He will admire it over and over again.

13. I think this is a beautiful box to keep his favorite tattoo gun

gifts for tattoo artists jewellery box

Steampunk Jewelry Box

What better way to keep his pens in one place than with this remarkable jewelry box?

Not only that he’ll love its practicality but he’ll also love its beautiful design.

It goes without saying that this jewelry box is a real piece of art so hurry up and get him one.

14. This skull figurine is going to inspire his floral theme tattoo

gifts for tattoo artists floral skull

Handcrafted Human Skull Figurine

Being an artist means that he can find an inspiration in everything around him, whether he’s at home or he’s walking down the street.

That’s why he’ll appreciate this gift. The floral look of the skull figurine will give him some fresh ideas that he’ll use in his tattoos.

Because of its size, it will fit perfectly on his bookshelf.

15. This is a beautiful cat figurine

gifts for tattoo artists cat figurine

Blake Jensen Cat Art Figurine

As a tattoo artist, he’s always searching for colorful items that will bring more love and joy to his workspace.

That’s why this gift would be just perfect for his birthday, as it will bring more joy to this day.

This cat figurine looks so awesome, that he will be hypnotized with its vivid colors.

From head to tail, this cat is a true, dazzling piece of art.

16. This dragon skull is going to look good in his home or workplace

gifts for tattoo artists dragon skull

Dragon Bones Wall Trophy

If you’re looking for a gift that will make his day, this one is just perfect for that.

Skull Trophy is beautifully created and it will look perfectly on the wall in his living room.

There is no doubt that this brilliant item is attention-grabbing and that everyone will love it.

It’s so authentic that you can watch it for hours.

17. I accidentally found this online, I mean how can he not like this?!

gifts for tattoo artists apocalypse gas mask

Apocalypse Gas Mask Statue

Among best gifts for tattoo artists, you’ll find this quite a strange one.

If your favorite tattoo artist has a unique style then this retro steampunk mask will literally take his breath away.

Since it’s hand painted, the colors are really rich.

He can place it on a table or on a shelf. Either way, it will look extraordinary.

18. This gun shoots laser beam. Just kidding…

gifts for tattoo artists vaporiser disruptor

Colonel James Fizzwig Vaporiser Disruptor

If he has a spectacular collection of artworks, then you really have to buy him this gift.

Since it comes with a display stand, showing it off will be a piece of cake.

Specifically designed to take our breath away, this collectible is just a must-have for anyone who appreciates a real art.

19. This owl is ready to the moon

gifts for tattoo artists owl

Owl With Jetpack Statue

I don’t know what is it about tattoo artists and tattoos of owls.

Why they keep drawing them and why are they so fascinated about owls?

However, I do know that your loved one will be thrilled to have this item in his home.

Whether he wants to place it in his bedroom, living room or at his desk, this item will stand tall in all its beauty.

He’ll be thankful to you because you managed to surprise him.

20. A wall clock that doesn’t really look like one

gifts for tattoo artists wall clock

Time Sculpture Wall Clock

Looking for cool gifts for tattoo artists? Stop searching right now because I’ve got you covered!

There is no doubt that this gift will make him smile because he just couldn’t believe how beautiful this sculptural wall clock it is.

With exquisite details and gorgeous colors, this clock will bring his living room back to life.

21. This submarine is actually a box

gifts for tattoo artists submarine

Submarine Box Statue

Among countless gifts for tattoo artists, is definitely this submarine vs. Octopus statue.

A perfect combination of golden, red and black will leave him speechless.

If he loves thinking about the meaning of artworks, now he’ll have the opportunity to watch this piece of art for hours and to figure out what it represents.

22. He will definitely appreciate the beauty of this hand-carved buffalo skull

perfect gifts for guys skull decor

Hand Carved Buffalo Skull

If you don’t want to buy him a standard piece of art, but you’d rather buy something that he’d never expect, this gift would be just perfect.

There is no better way to surprise him than with this exceptional buffalo skull, that looks really spine-chilling.

But, in spite of its demon design, this buffalo skull is safe for his home.

Moreover, it can be hanged on the wall so everyone can see it.

Have you found what you want?

Now that you’ve gone through this list and saw some of the best artworks, you’re more than ready for shopping.

Why not buy him a gift that he will fall in love with and inspire him? I’m sure your friends will also enjoy these ideas, so don’t forget to share them who is looking for gifts for tattoo artist.

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