16 Best Gifts For Stoners That Will Make Them High As F***

Are you looking for breathtaking gifts for stoners, but you can’t find anything so special?

Well, there is no need for worrying since in this article you will definitely find some of the best hilarious, unique and useful gifts that your stoner will enjoy.

1. This beautiful shisha is a beautiful gifts for stoners

gifts for stoners sisha

Formax Tobacco Glass Shisha 

What would be the very first gift on our list than this super cool Glass Shisha Hose Pipe- ideal if your friend travels a lot or simply loves sitting at home and chillin’ with fellows.

Hookah is made of high quality while the skull base has an awesome design so it will look perfectly on the shelf.

Your friend will love this Shisha Hose Pipe since it fits perfectly in the hand, it’s easy to use and even easier to clean.

2. He is going to have a good laugh at this

gifts for stoners money

Saving Up For Weed Tin Bank

This hilarious Tin Bank can be found in the room of every true stoner, so it’s time that you get the one for your friend. It is a perfect gift and your friend will laugh every time he looks at it.

But apart from that, this Tin Bank is very practical because most coins can fit and when it’s full and your friend really need that money, he can empty it through the bottom.

3. You might want to learn make a weed pie for him

gifts for stoners food

High Times Cannabis Cookbook

Have you ever thought of doing something crazy for your boyfriend’s birthday? I have a great idea for you – maybe you can make a weed pie for him, I am sure that is something he wouldn’t expect even in his craziest dreams.

So, grab this irresistible Cannabis Cookbook and start experimenting. I warn you – you might fall in love with it!

4. Weed ashtray

gifts for stoners ashtray

Marijuana Pot Leaf Ashtray

When comes to choosing a classic birthday gift for stoner – with this Weed Ashtray you can never be wrong.

It is always good to have the Ashtray with a unique design that will make every person in the house laugh. This Ashtray will definitely become favorite to your friend.

5. This well-designed weed hoodies

gifts for stoners hoodies

Shop4ever Marijuana Leaf Galaxies Hoodies

It’s Christmas time! Although it’s the best holiday, sometimes it’s pretty frustrating because of all the fuss.

So, if you are in a hurry and you don’t have a clue what to buy for your friend who likes weed, I’ve found that this Weed Smokers Hoody is a perfect Christmas gift for stoners. The color looks pretty cool and modern, plus the comfort is guaranteed.

6. This will grinder will keep his weed safe & fresh

gifts for stoners grinder

Best Bud Weed Grinder

You’ll probably agree with me that the weed grinder is a must have for every stoner. So, if you’re looking for a useful gift, this one will definitely serve the purpose.

It will keep herbs fresh and safe, so your friend can go to sleep with a clean consciousness. Since it’s lightweight and compact, it’s perfect for carrying around, just in case he needs it.

7. Ice Tray

gifts for stoners ice tray

Stoneware Weed Ice Cube Tray

If your friend is throwing a party, you simply have to buy him this hilarious Ice Cube Tray – it’s a perfect conversation piece.

I am sure that the guests will laugh each time they grab the ice cube from the bucket. One is for sure, with this Ice Cube Tray Marijuana Leaf, the party will be a great success.

8. No more to weed smell in the room

gifts for stoners candle

Cannabis Killer Candle

If you have a friend who enjoys the cannabis every day, you must be annoyed with the smell in his room.

So, you have two choices: to stop seeing your friend (although I believe there is no need for overreacting) or to simply buy him this Scented Candle so that awful smell can be gone forever. He will definitely appreciate this gift.

9. Fancy some shisha?

gifts for stoners shisha

Premium Hose Hookah

Of course, on our list of best birthday gifts for stoners, you’ll find this fantastic Hookah Complete Set. Your friend will be so happy to have it and he will carry it wherever he goes. More important, it’s easy to clean and to use.

10. Necklace with hidden knife

gifts for stoners necklace

Necklace With Hidden Knife

If you’re looking some ideas on unique gifts for stoners, I have the perfect gift that you should buy to your friend. This super cool Marijuana Shape necklace comes with a hidden knife, so he can use it whenever he needs to cut something.

Moreover, the necklace is definitely attention-grabbing, so he will be noticed at every party.

11. Nothing goes to waste with this


Skull Design Portable Shisha

Here we have another Shisha Complete Set – perfect when your boyfriend and you are taking a trip and you want to relax by the river.

While nicotine is effectively filtered, tar content is significantly reduced so the only thing left to do is to try out this nice-looking Shisha and simply enjoy the moment.

12. Let him learn more about weed

gifts for stoners book

The Little Black Book of Marijuana

Unfortunately, lots of people underestimate Cannabis and the reason for that lie in a lack of knowledge on pot culture and history.

Whether your friend falls into that category or he enjoys in collecting facts on Cannabis, this Little Black Book is the best guide for getting informed on Cannabis history.

Your friend will read without stopping.

13. He might need this to keep his breath fresh

gifts for stoners breath spray

T-Spray Beath and Teeth Spray

As I man I can tell that you never know when you will meet a good looking lady. I mean, you can go to the store and bum – she will stand there smiling at you and you won’t have the courage to talk to her and she will be gone forever.

So, it’s important to be prepared in every situation and this Breath spray will definitely help in boosting the confidence.

14. Weed pillowcase

gifts for stoners pillowcase

Baggie of Cannabis Weed Pillowcase

Among cool gifts for stoners is definitely this Weed Pillowcase – that will look amazing on every stoner’s bad. So, if your friend’s birthday is getting closer and you’re not sure what to buy – you should definitely go with this, he will love it.

15. This tobacco pipe

gifts for stoners pipe

American Eagle Smoking Pipe

If you’re looking for a gift that your friend will be proud at, this handcrafted Tobacco smoking pipe is a perfect choice. It can be said that it’s a piece of art since it is beautifully carved and your friend will definitely love it.

16. He is going to have a good laugh at this

gifts for stoners cigar box

Medical Marijuana Cigar Box

Among the best funny gifts for stoners, you’ll find this hilarious Medical Marijuana Cigar box. That the laugh is guaranteed proves the saying on the box “For daily use only”.

So, hurry up and get this charming gift for your favorite stoner.


 Now that you have this amazing list of the best gift for stoners, it’s time to bring some laugh and fun in your man’s life.

Whether your favorite stoner is more into weed pillowcase than smoking pipe I am sure he will be thrilled to have a unique gift from this list of gifts for stoners.

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