10 Colorful Gifts For Skateboarders That Will Make Him Stand Out From Others

What are the best gifts for skateboarders?

If you’re looking to find a present for any and all occasions, a present that will last him a long time, a present just perfect for a skateboarder, then look no further.

We have come up with a list of awesome gifts for skateboarders to help you pick just the right one.

1. Beautiful green underneath the board. This is a beautiful gifts for skateboarders

gifts for skateboarders sector 9 longboard

Sector 9 G-Land Skateboard

This beauty is actually a longboard which means it’s a bit longer than the average skateboard, to be exact, the dimensions are 9.75×44.

It was made by Sector 9, who is yet to disappoint with their astonishing boards of great quality.

This is one of the unique gifts for skateboarders, guaranteed to put a smile on his face. And how couldn’t it?

Gliding along the pavement and performing tricks has never been more fun and easier, especially since the board comes with Sector 9 wheels and trucks, ready to ride as soon as he gets it!

2. He will love the color combination on this skateboard

gifts for skateboarders deep waves skateboard

Sector 9 Deep Blue Waves

The title says it all, as this beautiful gifts for skateboarders was painted in such an eye-catching way that it really does fulfill its purpose of standing out from all the other, bland, boards.

Well, bland in comparison to this one, anyway. Suitable for all types of riding, it is sure to inspire him to become a better skater, much like the manufacturers, who started small but are now behind all the best designs.

3. Galaxy Blue

gifts for skateboarders blue galaxy skateboard

Rimable Galaxy Blue Skateboard

With this cool gifts for skateboarders birthday, he will glide through space or at least have the intense feeling that he is, due to its majestic color and radical design. High quality is a definite guarantee since it comes with thick aluminum trucks.

The rimable plastic cruiser is fully assembled and ready to ride at the earliest opportunity.

Rides smoothly on all surfaces, so there are no problems with taking it to the park, school, work, and anywhere else your heart desires.

4. Sunset Ocean

gifts for skateboarders sunset ocean

Punked Low Rider Skateboard

Like the unique structure of this longboard? Who wouldn’t?

The center of the board is lower than where the trucks are mounted which makes it ideal for speed boarding because the lowered center gives the rider more stability.

What about the design? Sure, the sunset ocean is breath-taking but there’s a wide range of color you can choose from! It also comes with premium black grip tape, how convenient!

5. Rhythm complete

gifts for skateboarders rhythm complete

Rhythm Complete Skateboard

Bamboo is one of the most astonishing and the best material for making beautiful gifts for skateboarders.

Ride the proud designs of sector 9, and show off your skills in such a way that leaves everyone around speechless.

That’s more than likely to happen since this board is suitable for perfecting tricks. It also makes a divine addition to a skater’s collection, or it can represent the start of a new one.

6. Twister

gifts for skateboarders twister

Twister Cruiser Board

Are you ready to see the colors swirl as he does a flip or slide down a hill? Being plastic and durable, it’s just perfect for cruising and hill bombing.

Fast and easy to ride, with a smooth finish, it has quickly become one of the most awesome gifts for skateboarders.

Perhaps this board is more suitable for beginners, but there’s nothing stopping those more advanced to take it out and show it off.

7. Ireland bamboo design

gifts for skateboarders ireland bamboo

Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo Longboard

The luck of the Irish will always be by his side, or should we say, beneath his feet, while riding truly unique gifts for skateboarders like this one.

Made out of bamboo, it’s soft to the touch, and easy on the eyes due to its profound style.

Comes with wheels, and is assembled before you even get it, so no need to worry about that.

Glides through the wind smoothly, getting you from point A to B without a hitch.

8. Atom drop

gifts for skateboarders atom

Atom Drop Through Long Board

Curves and switching between surfaces while riding will no longer pose a problem due to the long standing reputation of Atom longboards for having one of the most stable skates there are.

What makes this skate an awesome gift for skateboarders is that it was designed with a wider, more concave deck.

This was a request and suggestion from many loyal riders. It proved to be a wise decision to listen to them, because who knows skates better than actual skateboarders?

It also comes with high-quality grip tape.

9. Eightbit

gifts for skateboarders eight bit

Eightbit Bold Color Longboard

Look no further if you’d like a more subtle and less eccentric design. Fun yet sophisticated, it does make the list of the most beautiful gifts for skateboarders.

What makes it unique is its size. Standing 41 inches tall, it is perfect for cruising, commuting and carving.

Not to mention that he will be in the center of attention with a board like this one. It comes fully assembled and with a one year warranty.

10. Arbor – Tribal Art

gifts for skateboarders arbor

Arbor Tribal Art Skateboard

A premium board from Arbor committed to bringing out the best of anyone who sets foot on it.

The warmth of the color and design will quickly grow close to his heart.

The board is shipped with red wheels but if you like, you may order different colored wheels. Perfect for enjoying a casual cruise every day.


Hopefully, this list has helped you pick out awesome gifts for skateboarders. There’s nothing one can cherish more than the thought put into choosing a present they would like.

Feel free to share this list with anyone who is looking for best gifts for skateboarders.

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