12 Best Gifts For Piano Players (especially #9)

Are you looking for gifts for piano players? It can really hard to find a one that they will actually use.

I will show you the boring stuff you should buy for him that he will actually use.

Keep reading.

1. This is a great gifts for piano players to let him learn to play piano online

gifts for piano players pianu


Do you know you can learn how to play piano online?

Pianu is a great platform to do that. Pianu works with midi keyboard and all you need to do is plug and play.

I think this is a great gift for him who just started out learning how to play piano.

2. Himalaya Salt Lamp


Himlaya Salt Lamp

Piano player spend a lot of time sitting there training their skills.

It was said that there are many health benefits on this salt lamp such as increasing energy level, improve concentration, reduce allergy and many more. This is a great gift for both piano teachers and student.

3. Paper Weight Metal Piano


Paper Weight Piano

Keeping our brain active is something we tend to forget, especially when we are older. Regardless of his age, this 3D Model Kit is a perfect gift for any occasion.

It comes with easy-readable instructions. He will put a lot of effort to assemble this, but once he’s done, it will look just perfect on his table.

4. A Brand New Piano (Funny Version)


Baby Einstein Piano

I mean,…… a kids piano. That would be too expensive to buy a new piano. I think he can come out a great song with this. It is a funny gift for a pianist. A great pianist can come out a great song with this kids piano. 

5. Piano Cheese Board Set


Bamboo Piano Cheese Set

This cheese set is made from bamboo which will last for a long time. This is a great gifts for him to bring along to a picnic. This set include cheese fork, corkscrew and cheese knife that is all he need for a picnic.

6. The Piano Guys Album


The Piano Guy

There are a lot of great song in this album. This is a great gifts for piano teachers. It doesn’t have to be this album, you can buy him any album that they like. This album have over 1.5k 5 stars review on Amazon. 

7. Piano Bench


Artist Piano Bench

He can store all his music note, sweets, pendrive, porn, album, cheese board, engagement ring and everything that fit in here. This bench is made from solid hard wood so it can stand a lot of weight.

The best feature about this bench is that the height can be adjusted so he can play piano in a comfortable height. If he have a kids who play piano, then this bench is a best gifts he can ever get. 

8. Keyboard Note Stickers


Keyboard Stickers

Did he just started to play piano? This guide is going to help him to improve his skills. This sticker is made from high quality polyester so it will last for a long time. It is a removable sticker where it can be easily reposition.

9. Metronome


Taktell Metronome

Does he practice playing piano and he intend to become one of the best? Then we have a perfect gift that will help him to play more accurate so he can improve his skills.

This small, portable metronome works in a brilliant way which makes it a perfect choice for any beginner that needs a boost of confidence.

10. Piano Decoration

gifts for piano lovers gold plated piano

24k Gold Plated Crystal Studded Grand Piano Ornament

If you’re looking for a way to surprise your beloved Piano Player, then you’re at the right place. This breathtaking gift will definitely light up the living room with its high-quality shine.

The best part is that it comes wrapped in a sophisticated gift box where you can leave your personal message. Needless to say, this gift will bring a smile on his face the second he opens it.

11. Piano Poster

gifts for piano lovers poster

Grand Piano Poster

Every true piano lover knows the importance of having Print based on real 1927 Grand Piano Patent. The frame with a faux wood finish will emphasize the beauty of this gift.

That being said, he will be thrilled to hand this precious item on the wall in his living room so everyone can admire it.

12. Piano book


100 Most Beautiful Solo Piano Ever

Looking for something that will contribute bring his talent to the next level?

This Piano Songbook is a just perfect gift for him because it has 100 most popular songs that every piano player should know.

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