15 Best Gifts For Men Under 50 (#11 is Awesome)

Looking for gifts for man under $50?

So, you want to buy him a gift but you don’t want to spend more than $50. No problem.

After researching for a couple of days, I was finally able to come up with cool and unique gifts that stay within desired price range of yours.

These gifts ideas for men under $50 that you’ll find below go from practical to cool ones. The only thing left for you to do is to choose the best one for him.

1. This horn shape coffee mug is one of the best gifts for men under $50. Watch this video to see how beautiful this mug is

Goat Story Mug

He might have many coffee mugs, but none of them can be as unique as this one. A horn shaped design really looks awesome! Due to the

Due to the straps he’ll be able to take his coffee with him, so that he can show off his favorite coffee mug to the world. No need to worry about leaking, since the mug is 100% leak proof.

No need to worry about leaking, since the mug is 100% leak proof.

2. This wooden wireless mouse and keyboard is definitely a great gift for him

gifts for men under 50 wooden keyboard

Smart Tech Handcrafted Wireless Wooden Keyboard & Mouse

Let him have a wonderful, golden time playing games on his computer.

I can only say this beautifully handcrafted keyboard and mouse are such an artful way to combine wood and technology.

There is no doubt that your favorite game lover will be amazed at this gift.

3. He is going to love this beautiful cup to enjoy his espresso

gifts for men under 50 espresso cup

Alpha Coffee Espresso Cup

Thanks to this clever set of coffee glasses, he’ll never again drink that awful, cold coffee. How’s that possible – you ask. Well, because these espresso shot glasses come with

Well, because these espresso shot glasses come with lid that will keep his coffee hot, so he can grab his faovrite book and relax, enjoying every single sip of that wonderful, warm coffee.

4. He is going to love this thermo bottle that looks like a bullet

gifts for men under 50 thermo bottle

Stansport Bullet Shell Thermo Bottle

If he loves taking long walks on these freezing days, this is just the thing he needs. An elegant thermos will help him to stay warm and to enjoy a wonderful, cold air.

There is enough space for even three cups of his favorite beverage.

5. Does he travel around with lots of gadget? Then he will find the gifts useful

gifts for men under 50 gadget organiser

Bag Smart Travel Organiser Bag

This amazing travel organizer will add an organized note to his trips.

No more hassle with cables and chargers. This organizer has a plenty of space to keep every little thing on its place.

Light weight and durable case comes with a handle, so it’s easy for carrying.

6. This bullet shape bottle opener is awesome!

bullet bottle opener

Chrome 50 Calibre Bottle Opener

Among all those unique gifts for him under $50, you’ll certainly love this amazing one. This remarkable, hand-crafted bottle opener will impress everyone in the room.

Without a doubt, he’ll be proud to have this gift made by military veterans.

7. You can get a personalized one as well

gifts for men under 50 personalized bullet bottle opener

Personalized 50 Calibre Bullet Shape Bottle Opener

Both his beer and he will fall in love with this fascinating bottle opener. Made from a real bullet, this is far from an ordinary bottle opener.

Moreover, it can be personalized. So, choose funny message and he is sure to laugh every time he opens the bottle.

8. This smart plug let him control his device anywhere in the house

gifts for men under 50 smart plug

TP-LINK Spart Plug

Looking for Cool gifts for men under $50? How about this one? For a man who wants to control everything.

Well, from now on he will control electronics, lights and switches with such an ease. He just needs to connect smart plug to his tablet or phone, and voila! He’s ready to take the charge.

9. He is going to have everything under control in the house with amazon echo

gifts for men under 50 echo dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Echo Dot will be such a nice addition to his home. Not only does it look very modern, but it also works perfectly.

If he wants to relax and listen to music, he just needs to connect the Echo dot to speakers.

Or if he’d rather listen to the news, he can sit down and listen to Alexa. But that’s not all. Buy this gift and find out all its possibilities.

10. He can bring this portable speaker to the backyard and enjoy his beer while listening to his favourite music or podcast

gifts for men under 50 portable speaker

ANKER Portable Wireless Speaker

From now on, he doesn’t have to listen to music only at his home. This cool-looking Bluetooth speaker will fill his life with a wonderful sound.

Due to a full-bodied stereo, he’ll hear every single note so clearly and vivid. Whether he’s at the office, in his car, or in the park, he can easily carry the speaker with him.

11. He is going to find this award winning credit card holder very useful

gifts for men under 50 credit card holder

Secrid RFID Award Winning Credit Card Holder

This amazing credit card protector is top notch gift. It is proven to be super safe, since its design prevents hackers from stealing credit cards numbers.

A simple yet stylish design makes this gift perfect for any bag and jacket.

Best of all, his credit cards will show up gradually with just one click.

Practical and elegant, this is surely one of the best gifts for men under $50.

12. I think this is a great tabletop to keep him warm when he is reading or working at home

 gifts for men under 50 tabletop firepit

Moda Flame Table Top Firepit

Do you know what can make Christmas even more magical? A table top firepit that will turn his home into the most welcomed one.

Authentic design is breath-taking and it’ll add a perfect touch to his table.

A cozy atmosphere, Christmas songs, presents, this lovely firepit and his family – doesn’t that sound like best Christmas ever?

It’s no wonder that this is one of the greatest Christmas gifts for men under $50.

13. He is going to love this denim apron if he loves cooking. (Sorry, model not included)

gifts for men under 50 denim apron

Adjustable Denim Apron

One of the coolest birthday gifts for men under $50 is this amazing apron.

But, you can buy two of these, one for you and the other one for him, because the apron is unisex.

I’m sure that you’ll have a great time cooking together and wearing these comfortable aprons.

14. This vintage hot dog toaster is all hot dog lover need

gifts for men under 50 hot dog toaster

Pop Up Vintage Hot Dog Toaster

If he loves hot dogs, make him the perfect one(s) with this convenient hot dog toaster. The toaster can cook even 4 buns at the same time, so you’ll be able to make your breakfast in a short time.

No need to worry about mess, because the toaster has a handy crumb catcher. Make the hot dog just the way he likes and wish him flavorful morning.

15. The easiest way he can make a sandwich with this gift

gifts for men under 50 hamilton sandwich maker

Hamilton Beach Dual Sandwich Maker

If you love doing small things for him, this is just the perfect gift. This quite handy dual sandwich maker will cook the most delicious sandwiches that you’ve ever tried.

Eggs, cheese, bacon, tomatoes – be creative and make him a flavorful breakfast in bed. He’ll be impressed with your cooking skills.

16. Why not get him this beautiful backpack?

gifts for men under 50 backpack

Herschel Supply Co. City Backpack

At 15″ high and 12″ wide, this backpack is perfect for your guy.

It’s neither too small nor too big, so he’ll enjoy wearing it.

A clever magnetic closure allows for an easy access to his things, at any moment.

Have you decided which on to get for him?

So, that would be all from me.

Whether you’re looking a gift for a hard-to-buy-for guy, a guy who appreciates elegance or for the one who loves Christmas, here you’ll surely find the best gift for him.

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