15 Awesome Gifts For Men Under 5 That He Will Love

Gifts for men under $5 that you will read about in this article are suitable for any occasion.

Whether you’re looking to buy a practical gift or the one that will make his eyes glisten with happiness, you are sure to find just the right thing for him.

Now, let’s see what would be the best gift for your significant other.

1. This is a great unique gifts for men under $5

gifts for men under 5 bottle opener

Steel Ace Bottle Opener

Who says that he doesn’t need one more bottle opener? In fact, I’m pretty sure that this one will be his favorite opener due to its practicality and a cool-looking design.

Because of its suitable size, it’ll easily slide into his pocket. With this bottle opener, he’ll always be ready to open his favorite beer.

2. Money clip that organize his cash and credit card


Deezomo Polished Brass Money Clip

Why bother with a bulky wallet, when he can have this handy item?

Don’t let the look of this money clip fool you because this tiny piece of copper will certainly keep his money and credit cards on safe.

Made from 100% copper, it’s very sturdy and durable. The smooth finish makes this little guy very appealing. Let him spend his money with style!

3. A travel size cologne is a good idea to discover his favourite perfume without spending big bucks

gifts for men under 5 cologne

CREED Travel Size Cologne

If you’re in a search for the perfect fragrance for your man, then this mini Eau de perfume is a great gift for him.

Why spend a bunch of money only to realize that you’ve chosen the wrong fragrance for him? Instead of that, buy him this travel size bottle at a great price.

This gift is an ideal, inexpensive way to find out whether or not the notes of this fragrance resonates with his personality.

4. He is going to have a smooth shave with this shaving cream

gifts for men under 5 cremo shaving cream

Cremo Original Shaving Cream

I bet he still haven’t found a shaving cream that suits his skin completely.

Either the cream doesn’t have suitable ingredients so his skin becomes irritated, or his razor won’t slide through the cream.

Luckily, his troubles will be over, due to this amazing shaving cream. Made of natural ingredients, it will keep his skin nurtured while shaving will be a piece of cake.

5. If he accidently cut his face while shaving, this gift will help sooth the pain

gifts for men under 5 nick stick

Pacific Shaving Company Nick Stick

Whenever he doesn’t have time and wants to shave quickly, cutting his face is just inevitable.

Thus, every man who shaves his beard needs to have one of these, and so does your loved one.

Nick stick is just the perfect gift to soothe his skin after cutting. The combination of vitamin E and Aloe will bring his skin back to life.

6. He is going to find this useful when he go travelling

gifts for men under 5 dude wipes

Dude Wipes

Let him feel cool with this cool gift for him under $5. The Dude wipes are an ideal way for him to feel fresh at any part of the day.

Moreover, they will easily fit into his bag. That way, he can carry it with him wherever he goes. No need to worry if the wipes will be suitable for his skin, because they are Alcohol, Paraben, and Fragrance-free.

7. Get him a Dash button so he can buy anything that is out of stock easily

gifts for men under 5 dash button

Amazon Dash Button

Looking for some unique gifts for him under $5? How about this one? For a guy who loves to have just the right amount of supplies at his home.

Thanks to this amazing Dash button, he will never again run out of his favorite products.

It’s easy to use, and he can even cancel the order, in case he changed his mind.

8. Get him a jerky

gifts for men under 5 jerky

Sweet Baby Ray’s Jerky

Looking for the best gift for men under $5? Then you’re at the right place. Made of high-quality ingredients, this Beef jerky is just finger licking.

If the two of you love hiking or long walks, you can take this tasty treat with you.

It will give you the energy to move on, but make sure to bring a bottle of water with you.

9. Get a pocket size moleskin for him so he can write down his to-do list, important date or groceries list

gifts for men under 5 pocket size moleskin

Pocket Size Moleskin Notebook

It’s always good to have one of these with him because he never knows when the inspiration will come or when he’ll need to make a to-do list.

Thus this stylish notebook is a perfect way to keep his thoughts on safe. Because of its convenient dimensions, he can put it into his bag.

10. Let him keep his pen and pencil in this roll up case

gifts for men under 5 roll up pencil case

Roll-Up Pencil Case

If he’s anything like me, he then loses pens all over the house. That’s why you should buy him this leather holder as a gift.

This is quite a handy accessory that will keep his pens and pencils organized and in one place. Since it’s made of leather, it’s comfortable for carrying.

Retro pirate treasure map design makes this gift really unique.

11. If he is a business or marketing guy, then this is a great gift for him

gifts for men under 5 book

The Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon has just the right words so he can improve the quality of his life.

Not will only these inspirational stories show him how to find the joy and happiness in his life, they’ll also help him to create a financial abundance.

Let him step up into the world of greatness! This book will change his life forever!

12. I don’t know why I laugh so hard at this pickle ornament


Pickle Glass Ornament

This cute novelty ornament is certainly worth the money.

Remind him of an old tradition when the children were looking for a pickle ornament on a Christmas tree in order to get a special gift.

Beautifully created, the ornament will add an authentic touch to his Christmas tree. It comes in a lovely Christmas gift box!

13. Tabasco for tonight dinner!

gifts for men under 5 tabasco

Tabasco Sauce

One of gift ideas for him under $5 is a well-known tabasco sauce that turns every meal into smoking hot.

He can use it to spice up various kinds of food, from pasta to chicken. Just one drop will be enough to keep his mouth on fire.

14. He is going to need this to wake up early to enjoy this coming holiday

gifts for men under 5 coffee

Caribou Coffee

A regular coffee is sooo outdated, don’t you think? I mean, why drink coffee that doesn’t taste special, when he can drink this one?

This coffee is simply a way of life. Bold, dark roasted, with notes of sweet vanilla – this coffee will be such a treat for him.

He’ll love starting every day with a cup of this extraordinary coffee.

15. Famous Amos is delicious!

gifts for men under 5 famous amos cookies

Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Cookies are just the right snack on the go.

Whether he wants some sweetness in his day, or he’s hungry, these tasteful cookies will help him to stay on track.

Have you decided what you should get for him?

Hopefully, you realized that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to give him a nice gift. I always say that the price doesn’t matter.

In fact, he’ll be happy that you thought of him and bought him something to make his day. If your friends also need some ideas, do share this list with them who is looking for gifts for men under $5.