1 Simple and Unique Gifts for Him That Will Change The World

Is there really such an unique gifts for him exist that could change the world?

I am going to say yes, there is one.

This gifts is very affordable and you can get it anywhere.

This gifts will bring hope, faith of humanity, and save people life.

Such unique gift is “Giving”

Instead of buying gifts for him why not give him the cash that you plan to guy a gift for him and ask him to donate the money for those in need? or buy some food for the homeless?

Drinking your favourite Starbucks coffee makes you happy but buying a cup of coffee for the homeless will make you even happier.

“Giving is much more happier than receiving”

Don’t believe me? You can try this now.

Go to the street during your lunch time and buy a hungry homeless guy a meal.

Then come back here and scroll down to the comment section to tell me how it feels like to be a giver.

There is even a thread in Quora talking about Why is giving better than receiving?

Now Watch This Guy Change People Life by Giving (Prepare to Get Inspired)

This guy from Charity : Water took it to the next level. Please spend a few minutes and watch this inspiring video.

I think it is a meaningful idea that is never too late to give.

10 Random Act of Kindness That He Can do on His Birthday

Here is a few idea on giving that you can urge him to do on his birthday.

  1. Buy a homeless a set of warm meal
  2. Give a huge tips to your favourite waiter nearby your local area
  3. Give the street artist a cup of coffee who sing and lighten up your local street
  4. Go to a groceries store and pay for the guy in front of you
  5. Volunteer to Africa, Nepal or any country and help those in need
  6. Is your boyfriend/husband an entrepreneur? Ask them to give homeless a job.
  7. Pay it forward on a restaurant
  8. Adopt an animal and give them lots of love
  9. Buying jacket, shoes or clothes for the homeless during winter time
  10. Show tourist around your town for free and make friend with them
  11. Adopt an elephant! Yes you can do that with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Do This Now…..

Let’s make this a viral chain and start restoring the faith of humanity.

Now I want you to share this article to the birthday guy.