14 Best Gifts For Gym Rats That Will Make Them Look Like Hulk (Especially #10)

Are you looking for gifts for gym rats?

There are a lot of stuff you can get him such as towels, dumbells, subscription, tools and much more.

I have handpicked 14 best gym gifts from men’s perspective and hopefully, you will find a gift that suits him. You got to see the #10.

Let’s get started with the first one.

1. Vegetarian Protein is an awesome gifts for gym rats who is a vegetarian


Naked Whey Protein

If you think he is having too much meat, then get this vegetarian protein powder for him to repair his muscle. This protein powder is made with only 1 ingredient, 100% grass fed Pure Whey Protein with zero additives. Naked Whey no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and is GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Growth Hormone Free, and Soy Free. This whey protein is sourced from a small dairy farm in California to ensure a non-denatured whey packed full of essential clean protein, glutathione , and amino acids .

2. The 4 Hour Body


The 4 Hour Body

This best-selling book contains a lot of tips, hacks, and tricks to get the perfect body that he want. There are topics including

  • How to stay in shape while bingeing during holiday or Christmas
  • How to sleep 2 hours per day and feel fully rested
  • How to improve fat loss with a few bag of ice
  • How to lose fats with odd combination of food and cocktails
  • How to reverse permanent injuries
  • How to lift 150 pounds more in  6 months
  • Gain 34 pounds of muscle in 28 days
  • and more than 50 topics covered with real world experiments and including 200 test subjects.

This is a great book to get more understanding of his body towards the goal he set in a very smart way. This is a great present for gym lover.

3. Gym Backpack

gifts for gym junkies

The Glo Bag

This is probably the best gym gifts for him as there are a lot of space on this backpack. One of the reviewer mention that the shoe compartment at the bottom of this bag can fit up to size 12 shoes, there are a lot of room for clothes such as a full-length pair of sweat pants, underwear, workout shirt, socks, and towel. The middle compartment can fit all his toiletries and water bottle. Not to mention that reviewer is over 6′ and 225 lbs. The way this backpack is designed makes everything become easier to take out your belongings.

4. Fitbook



Get this for him to record all his nutrition and workout progression. Besides, this includes a FREE download for the fitbook+ goal setting app to help him set a realistic, healthy 12-week goal and provide you with a printer-friendly download of your goals.

5. Barbell Apparel Jeans


Barbell Apparel

Do you know what is one of the biggest problems for a guy with big thigh? Finding the right jeans. That’s why you can see many gym rats wearing sweatpants walking around in the shopping mall. It is not because they wanted to, they just couldn’t find the right jeans for their thigh. Barbell Apparel has made these jeans for the guy who have big thigh. The stretchy material on this jeans makes these jeans comfortable to wear. They put an extra inch on the thigh area on purpose so he can wear this comfortably.

6. Bowflex Dumbells


BowFlex Adjustable Dumbell 

This a cool dumbells that make home workout easier without piling a lot of weight plate at home. What I like the most about this dumbells is I can change the weight easily with the dial system so I can perform a superset without losing time changing the weight. He can adjust each of this dumbells from 5 to 52.5 pounds. There is a lot of workouts can be done with this dumbells.

7. Sweat Proof Earphone


Tecton Sweatproof Earbud

Going to the gym without earphone is like eating pizza without cheese. (that’s a poor metaphor I know). Music just helps us to get the pump to lift more. A workout can go wrong without a proper sweat proof earphone. This earphone comes with HD sound so it provides a powerful bass sound. The winged design helps this earbud to fit perfectly on the ear to provide a nonslip grip so it won’t fall over during a rigorous workout.

8. Foam Roller


Master of Muscle Foam Roller

Sometimes our muscle need massage. It is a great gift for hardcore body builder as they need to take care of every single detail of their muscle. Besides, this roller foam massage can make him train harder and longer.  The dual pressure zone provide the muscle soreness relieve for all key areas such as lower and upper back, hamstrings, quads, knee delts, shoulders, and neck.

9. Funny Gym Rat Tank Top


Logopop Tank Top

This is a funny tank top you can get for gym rats. “Donald Pump” that’s a very creative wordplay over there.

10. Demon Bells


Demon Bells

This is the coolest and unique gym equipment you can get for a trainer, coach or your boyfriends. There is a lot of exercises can be done with kettle bell that includes whole body exercise. He can still do a home workout if the gym is closed. The demon face design on this kettlebell made this an unique gifts for him who love exercise. All Demon Bells are man made in the US with sand cast and high-tech powder coat for rust protection and chip resistance. This Demon Bell is great for decoration as well.

11. Water Bottle



Yes, he needs to change his dirty water bottle once in a while. This bottle was made from nontoxic material, dust and leak proof, fast water flow, and impact resistance. I think the impact resistance water bottle is what you are looking for as guys always throw around their water bottle while in the gym.

12. Gym Towel


Youphoria Towel

I believe he is been using that gym towel for quite some time now. It is time to get rid of his old towel and get a new one. This towel is made from microfiber that dries up to 10 times faster than the normal cotton towel. This towel comes in three sizes. I think this is the best workout towel for him.

13. Gym Watch


Fitbit Watch

This is the best fitness watch for the gym for him I can found. It can track his heartbeat, steps, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, check exercise intensity during a workout, and much more. besides, this watch looks great on anybody due to its versatile design and color.

14. Workout Gym Basket


Muscle Box

This is probably the best gym subscription box you can get him. They will send him a monthly useful box that includes protein, inspirational, gym apparel, online deals, supplement, motivation and workout accessories.

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