17 Useful Gifts For Guitar Players That Will Make Them a Better Guitarist

Are you looking for gifts for guitar players but not sure what to get for him?

There are actually many things you can buy for them.

I have come out a list of gift ideas from men’s perspective that will help you to find the best present for a guitar player on his coming birthday, Christmas or valentines day.

Let’s keep reading.

1. This custom printed guitar case is a beautiful gifts for guitar players


Boldface Guitar Case

A black color guitar case is boring sometimes, let’s add some color on this guitar case. This beautiful printed guitar case available in 18 design option as well. Have a look in the button below.

2. Thumb Guitar Pick


Dunlop Thumbpicks

Guitar player need this as it hurt when he first started playing guitar. This will help him to keep playing while waiting his fingertips to heal.

3. Creepy Guitar Grip


Grip Studios Guitar Grip

He can use this creepy hand and hang his guitar on the wall. Such a cool guitar accessories to place his guitar on the wall.

4. Guitar Hand Exerciser


Guitar Hand Exerciser

He can now start practicing anywhere in the train, in the bus, in the bathroom, in your grandmother house  or even in the plane’s toilet. This is a great item for him to train in the middle of the night so he won’t disturb the neighbour or family from sleeping.

It is a nice guitar gift ideas.

5. Wooden Guitar Pick


Wooden Guitar Pick

Let him try something different instead of normal plastic made pick. The edges of this pick is tapered so it allow swift release from the strings. Besides, it create a warm tone as well.

6. Gold Color Pick Holder



I am sure any guitar player will have more that one guitar pick. This gold color pick holder is so shiny that he will never forget where he put his pick again.

7. Guitar USB


Guitar USB

USB as a gift is boring, But here is a thoughtful surprise, put all his favourite songs or pictures  in this USB. He will be touched when he saw all the songs and pictures.

8. Guitar Strap Pick holder


Strap Pick Holder

He can easily replace the broken pick while he is performing on stage with this strap holder.

9. Guitar Wall Hanger


Wooden Guitar Wall Hanger

This will save some space on his room by hanging his guitar on the wall. This hanger is easy to assemble and each of this hanger is handcrafted in Texas. Each hanger is made from the use using the best materiel that they can find.

10. Guitar Strap


Guitar Strap

One of my friend who is a guitarist said his guitar strap is very uncomfortable. This strap is made for comfort with a wide shoulder padding to distribute the weight evenly on his shoulder.

11. Guitar Toilet Flush


Guitar Flush

I never though this would exist, this world is full of surprise. Probably the best gifts for guitar players. Now he can flush the toilet like playing guitar.

12. Guitar Spoon

Guitar Spoon

This gift will definitely make him laugh. I wonder how the guitar will sounds like if he play guitar with this spoon.

13. Wooden Guitar Stand


Wooden Guitar Stand

I think this can be a beautiful decoration in the living room. The wood and color can easily compliment with any living room.

14. Guitar Ice Tray and Stirrers


Guitar Ice Tray and Stirrer

Instead of water, why not put vodka in the ice tray? Then it become vodka ice cream. Nice guitar gifts for dad who love vodka. I am sure he can come out a lot of good song when he is drunk.

15. High Performance Guitar Pick


Pykmas Pick

Ask him to sing and play a song for you with this guitar pick. If you are getting a gift for a perfectionist, this will make him play in a high level performance.

16. Left Handed Guitar


Left Handed Guitar

This is a perfect gift for left handed guitar player. He will definitely love it. It is rare to find a left handed guitarist.

17. Itunes Gift Card


Itunes Gift Card

Who doesn’t like gift card? He can buy and support his favourite artist now.

Do you have any friend who is planning to buy a present for a guitarist? Share this article with them so they can find the best gifts for guitar players.

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