10 Best Gifts For Genealogist That He Won’t Throw Away

Looking for gifts for genealogist?

Genealogy is a science of tracing lines of descent, and as such, you might think that creative gifts for genealogists are almost impossible to find.

You, your friend, or your lover being in this kind of work is all the more reason to find useful gifts for genealogists no matter how hard the task might be.

But there’s no need for despair, I’ve put together a fun list to help you!

1. Family tree print is a great gifts for genealogist

gifts for genealogist family tree print

Personalized Family Tree Chart

One of the basics of genealogy is drawing the family tree. With this cool gifts for genealogists, your family tree has already been drawn out for you, all you have to do is fill in the names and hang it on your wall when you’re done.

With this cool gifts for genealogists, your family tree has already been drawn out for you, all you have to do is fill in the names and hang it on your wall when you’re done.

It takes out all the hassle and stress out of working hard on both research and drawing when one part of your assignment has been done.

It also comes with a delicate and smooth wooden frame that gives it it’s necessary elegance.

2. Headphones for him listening to his favourite song when he is stress out looking for clue

gifts for genealogist headphones

BOHM Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Who hasn’t been stressed out because of work? Genealogists have it especially hard due to having to research family trees for hours, sometimes even days.

Take away his stress with this sophisticated pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

The headphones are wireless and you can connect them via Bluetooth, making them truly one of the best gifts for the genealogist.

3. Portable scanner that he can bring anywhere to scan document

gifts for genealogist portable scanner

Doxie Go Portable Mobile Scanner

How many times has it happened that he was out in the field and found a useful document yet he couldn’t scan it or take it with him?

The portable scanner solves this problem by always being with him with rechargeable batteries and amazing software.

No computer is required for using it, and the scans are of the highest quality.

This scanner is one of the first things which comes to mind when you think “Creative gifts for genealogists”

4. This laptop bag with gadget organiser that will help his gadget stay organised

gifts for genealogist laptop bag

Cocoon Laptop Bag With Grid it Organiser

Of course being out and about requires for all of your equipment to be with him. But disorganization can be a huge issue!

We all know how long it takes to dig something you need out of your bag.

That’s why this useful gifts for genealogist will be oh huge help!

It’s water resistant and it has compartments able to fit all of your necessities, including your laptop, notebook, or IPad!

5. I think this gift will improve his skills

gifts for genealogist problem solver

The Family Tree Problem Solver

As writers have writers’ blocks, genealogists have blocks in their research.

This book is a useful gift for genealogist because it will help him improve his skills.

It’s a unique kind of guide which will show him the path to the key of his quest.

6. For him to keep all the photos that he gathered

gifts for genealogist external hardrive

Seagate Portable External Hard Drive

As a genealogist, naturally, he will be taking a lot of pictures. The problem occurs when he runs out of memory to store them.

That’s where this cool gifts for genealogist come in handy. With 1TB of memory, it ensures that he will never be without the work he has gathered.

And being portable, the hard drive allows him to connect it to any computer and view your pictures.

7. Great gift for him who just started out

gifts for genealogist how to archive

How to Archive Family Photos

If he’s just started out in this business, this useful gifts for the genealogist is a great way to show your support.

This is a step by step guide that will help him organize all the family photos accordingly. There’s no reason for him to struggle with this magnificent book at his fingertips.

8. He is going to love this as he is going to read a lot

gifts for genealogist kindle

Kindle Paperwhite

Because this line of work requires a lot of reading, another useful gift for genealogists is a kindle.

Paperbacks are so out of style and who in their right mind would carry all those heavy books with them when you can just conveniently store them on one device?

And if you’re not familiar, the screen of a kindle is made specifically made for reading so no need to worry about headaches and his eyes getting tired.

9. This DNA testing kit is definitely going to help him

gifts for genealogist DNA testing kit

DNA Testing Kit

One of the most useful gifts for genealogists definitely has to be this DNA testing kit.

When he’s on the verge of a discovery and he just needs another piece of evidence to make a groundbreaking conclusion, this kit will push him over the edge into success.

Due to this being a high-quality test, the results take a bit longer to process, 6-8 weeks to be exact.

10. A notebook for him to record his family tree

gifts for genealogist family tree notebook

Family Tree Notebook

Getting creative gifts for genealogist has been made easy for you because this handy notebook now exists!

Not only does it allow him to write down all the names of his ancestors, it also lets him write down all the necessary descriptions about your relatives.

His relationship with them, his memories, and what distinguishes that person from the rest are just some of the ideas of what he could write.

Hopefully, this list has been as fun to read as it was to make. Good luck with discovering who you are and taking your genealogy skills to the next level.

If this list has helped you, don’t be shy, share it with your friends who is looking for gifts for genealogist! Surely they’ll appreciate getting reacquainted with their past as well.

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