15 Best Gifts For Dog Lover (You have to see #13!)

If you are looking for amazing gifts for dog lovers, we have just the thing!

We all know that dogs are our best friends – they are smart, loyal and unselfish, they protect us and make us happier by showing us what unconditional love is.

So, it’s time to give them something in return, which will make a bond between a man and his pet even stronger.

1. FitBark – This is a nice gifts for dog lover to monitor his dog activity everyday

mens birthday gifts for dog lover

FitBark – Dog Activity Monitor

Active body equals active mind. And what would be better than staying healthy together with your dog? Your man will love this dog activity monitor because he will be able to track his dog progress every day and to understand the changes in his dog’s behavior. Because of amazing 14 days battery life, there is no need for worrying whether the battery will hold up while they are playing outside.

2. There are lots of cute puppies photography in this book

dogist mens birthday gifts for dog lover

The Dogist – Photography Encounter With 1000 Dogs

Not even men can resist to that cute dog’s eyes that are looking at you waiting for your love and attention. If you are in a search for unique gifts for dog lovers then you can stop searching. The Dogist is a breathtaking tribute to the cherish dogs in our lives. Here your man will find the portraits of different dogs and their special characters. It’s really worth his time.

3. Petzi

Petzi Treat Cam

Your man is probably one of those dog owners who can’t separate from his pet even when he has to work, right? Well, among other dog lover gifts, now we have this amazing pet camera. So, wherever your man is, he can stay connected with his dog thanks to this pet camera. It’s definitely an interesting way to speak to your dog, to take a picture and even to treat him. This camera will bring a lot of happy and funny moments into their life.

4. This bowl will make his dog eat slower and not to get choked


Outward Hound – Slow Feeder Bowl

Buying this as a gift for your man (I mean, for his dog) is certainly a healthy choice. With this innovative bowl, his dog will have fun while eating. But, that isn’t the only advantage of this fun feeder. Its purpose goes beyond the limits because it’s all about improving a dog’s digestion and helping in preventing bloat.

5. Surprise him with a dog gift box filled with surprises



Every dog wants personalized dog gifts so it’s time to get this gifts box for your man’s pet. With this gifts box, your man can choose a plan (1, 6 or 12 months) according to his dog’s desires. It’s certainly a unique way of keeping a dog happy and satisfied each month.

6. Tennis ball launcher

bazooka dog toys for dog lover

Bazook9 Tennis Ball Launcher

It’s good for your man to spend some time with his dog and of course to have some fun. This tennis ball launcher gun will definitely give him that. By the time playing is over the both of them will be satisfied and happy.

7. You can get almost everything about dog in BarkShop


Bark Shop

As crazy as it may sound, here you have comfortable shoes with cool dog illustrations. How creative is that? Wearing these unique shoes, your man will definitely get attention wherever he goes.

8. Retractable dog leash

dog leash gifts for dog lover

Retractable Dog Leash

While the control is all a man wants, a dog wants freedom. Obviously, a win-win situation is where the both of them get what they want. Because of that, the favorite gift among gifts for dog walkers is a retractable dog leash. It will enable your man to have a control over his dog while his dog is at a comfortable length and can freely walk where he wants.

9. Let him learn how to make his dog behave so they won’t eat his socks again


Ceasar’s Way – The Natural Everyday Guide To Understanding & Correcting Dogs Problems

This guide can be found among really useful gifts for dog owners. Every dog owner knows that knowledge is a foundation of creating a successful relationship with a pet. With this guide, your man will get the insight in his dog’s behavior. And after understanding his pet, he can commit to working every day with his dog.

10. Let his dog rest comfortably on this bed


Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

If you ran out of gift ideas for dog lovers, I have a solution to your problem. Like every human wants to enjoy life as much as possible, so does a dog. It’s time for your man to spoil his pet with this comfy pet bed. His dog’s life will never be the same.

11. Both of them is going to have a lot of fun with this


Chuck it! Junior Launcher

This is a great way for your dog both to exercise and have fun. Every man should have this launcher because it helps in building a strong connection with his pet while at the same time they are playing.

12. Pick up their poop the easy way


Mutt Mitts – Poop Pick up Bag

This is really something that every dog owner should buy. So, I suggest you getting this as a gift to your man’s dog. Comparing to other bags, this one is more effective in keeping areas around your house clean. It’s really easy to use and there is no need for worrying how to act in those unexpected situations with a pet.

13. Transform his pup into a tee!


Pop Your Pup

Here you have awesome dog shirts for humans, very artistic ones. There is nothing better for a man than having a cool shirt, except having a cool shirt while playing with his pet. You will definitely love this shirt on your man.

14. Dog Coloring Book


Dog Sugar Skull Coloring Book

It’s time to bring your man’s creativity back to life. I have to warn you that he may be a little bit skeptical at first, but as soon as he realizes what a stress reliever this coloring book is, he will be eager to color it.

15. What about a pet photography session?

gifts for dog lover photography session

It’s time that your man and his dog make some new memories. Since some of the best gifts for dog lovers is pet photography session maybe it’s time to give your man and his pet a remarkable gift. They will appreciate it.

Now that you finally have all information on dog lovers’ gifts, feel free to share this helpful article. And after that, spend some money on your man and his dog.

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