18 Boring Gifts for Dad That Will Make Him Excited on His Coming Birthday

Are you having trouble choosing gift for dad?

Well I do all the time, but I have spend 100 years (I live in Mars) to figure out what you can buy for him.

Buy him a gift that he will use.

I will show you what gift you can get for him that he will use even though he don’t love it.

Keep reading.

1. This is a gift for dad that will let him live a healthier life


Himalayan Salt Lamp

Do you know that there are many benefits of Himalaya salt lamp that you don’t know?

It was said that it can cleanse the air, ease coughing, reduce allergy and many more.

You can read it the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp here.

2. Let Him Remember the Nostalgic Moment


Nix Advance Digital Photo Frame

Don’t just buy a digital frame for him. Put in all the memorable photos that you have been spend time together in this digital photo frame.

I am sure it will bring him to tears. Those sweet memories are very nostalgic. Probably the best fathers day gift ideas that bring back all the sweet memories.

3. Let’s Go Picnic Dad!


VonShef Picnic Backpack

This is the best birthday gifts for dad who born on summer time. Lets spend some quality time picnic with your dad on his birthday.

4. Let Him Shop!


Amazon Gifts Card

Here is a gift ideas for dad, if you are not sure what you should get him why not buy him a gift card so he can buy what ever he like. You can personalise this gift card as well.

5. Grow Some Goatee Dad


Goatee Template

I laugh so hard when I saw this. Goatee template actually exist. Greatest funny presents for dad who need to maintain his goatee.

6. Unleash Your Manliness Dad


Vikings Double Edge Shave

Forget about automatic shaver. This manual shaver is going to make your dad so much sexier than yesterday.

7. Just Don’t Let Mom Know This


FHM Magazine

Enjoy it dad. Don’t tell mom I bought you this on your birthday. Read at your own risk dad.

8. Let Your Papa Smells Like Cigar


Cuba Variety Cologne

Don’t try to light this cologne. Yes it is a cologne NOT a cigar.

This is a pretty cool gifts for dad.

9. Your Dad Smoke Cigar?


BCIC Cigar Co. Cigar Humidors

This cigar humidifier is going to keep his cigar fresh.

10. Let Your Dad Sign a Million Dollar Deal


Deluxe Golden Dragon Fountain Pen

Is your dad an entrepreneur? Let your dad’s client know he is worth a million dollar bucks. (pssst….this pen doesn’t cost you a bomb)

11. Dad Drink With Style (without the umbrella)


Copper Moscow Mule

This handcrafted 100% copper mug is a great gift for your dad.

12. Keep His Coffee Warm


Thermos Beverage Bottle

His coffee will never get cold again. He can bring his favourite coffee from home and have it in the office. I am going to get this gifts for dad birthday.

13. Kill 2 Bird With One Stone


Ninja Master Prep

Your mum love blender, your dad love smoothies. It is a great birthday present ideas for dad. Whole family will have smoothies after dinner.

14. Grind That Coffee


KRUPS Coffee & Spices Grinder

A gift for your dad that love coffee. Besides your mum can use this to grind spices as well. Your mum is going to love it too.

15. Get Your Dad an Invicta 18k Gold Watch (that won’t break your bank)


Invicta 18k Gold Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Watch

The actual price for this watch is $695.00 but after discount on Amazon this gold watch only cost $86.29. Not sure if they still keep the same price.

16. Neck Pain Back Pain Go Away


Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Pillow

This neck and back massager is going to make your dad relax while watching tv.

17. Let’s Grill Some Meat on This Coming Summer Holiday


Mr.Barbecue 21 Piece Tool Set

Is summer holiday around the corner? Get this for your dad and spend some quality time barbequing with your family.

18. No More Back Pain on Christmas


Leveraxe Splitting Axe

Have you heard of a new invention call Leverage Axe? This unbalanced looking axe actually make splitting wood easily without using a lot of strength.

This is a great Christmas gift for dad to get the wood ready before the crazy snowstorm kicks in on January.

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