15 Amazing Gifts for Coffee Lovers That He Secretly Want on His Birthday

Are you looking for gifts for coffee lovers?

I’ve browsed around the web and found out there are lots of coffee gift out there you can get for him.

Besides, there are a lot of health benefits by drinking coffee. So I think this is a great gift for coffee lover who can’t kick start their morning without coffee.

I have listed the best coffee gifts ideas in this page and let’s keep on reading.

1. This cold drip coffee maker is a great gift for coffee lovers

cold-coffee-makerYama Cold Drip Coffee Maker

I once saw this in a coffee shop and I was fascinated by this thing. Not just a coffee maker but can be a beautiful decoration for your house as well.

2. Handpresso

Gifts for Coffee Lovers handpresso

Handpresso Outdoor Complete French Press

Does he like picnics or he simply enjoys the wonderful taste of his favorite coffee while sitting in the park? Then we have just what he needs- Outdoor Complete French Press, a perfect way to enjoy an espresso on the go.

He just needs to add water and his favorite grind, and the high pressure will create espresso like he never tasted before.

3. Coffee Syphon

coffee-syphonHario Coffee Syphon

What better way to brew coffee than with this amazing Coffee Syphon? It’s made of the best heat resistant borosilicate glass and it has a capacity for 5 cups, so the whole family can enjoy the lovely taste of first-morning coffee.

Thanks to its practicality, cleaning has never been easier and that’s what makes this a perfect gift for any coffee lover.

4. Coffee Maker

santos-coffee-makerBodum Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker

Looking for a new way to start his day? Then we have a perfect gift for him- Vacuum Coffee Maker that will certainly make his day special.

With it, he will have a lot of fun, due to its theatrical and entertaining method of brewing coffee. The best part is that coffee stays warm because of the amazing stopper.

5. Most premium coffee in the world

gifts for coffee lover luwak

Luwak Star Gourmet Coffee

Does he simply refuse to try out a new type of coffee and he’d rather stay loyal to his favorite coffee? Well, we have something that will make him break his rule without even feeling guilty.

Without a doubt, this flavourful coffee will wake up all his senses. The second he tries it, he will fall in love with both the smell and the flavor.

6. never spill his coffee with this spill-proof travel mug

gifts for coffee lover travel mug

Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug

Does he like traveling and he is a hedonist? Then we have a perfect gift for him that will keep his positive energy up all day long so he can enjoy the life to the fullest.

This amazing Travel mug is a perfect way for enjoying the coffee wherever he goes without worrying if it will spill out. The best part is that coffee stays hot up to five hours so he can relax and enjoy the taste.

7. Keurig Coffee Maker

keurig-coffee-makerKeurig Elite Brewing System

Click on the button, go brush your teeth, come out the washroom, enjoy the coffee.

8. Gold Keurig Cup Filter

cup-filterMaxBrew 24k Gold Reusable Filter

This gold filter actually won’t add harmful chemicals like paper filter. It is gold color and look very presentable. Probably the best coffee accessories gifts.

9. World Strongest Coffee, Death Wish Coffee

death-coffeeDeathWish Ground Coffee

This coffee is going to keep him wide awake in the morning. Best gifts for hardcore coffee lovers.

10. Vacuum Coffee


Vacu Vin Coffee Saver

For a coffee lover, there is nothing more important than keeping the coffee fresh and safe. This Coffee Saver Starter Set is a perfect gift for him because it will protect coffee from the harmful effects of light. What he will love is the fact that it’s dishwasher safe.

11. Bali Coffee Candy

coffee-candyBali’s Best Coffee

Does he have an impressive collection of the best coffees from all over the world? Then we have a right thing for him- Bali’s Best Coffee. With its rich taste, this coffee will be a wonderful addition to his ever-growing collection.

12. Electric Milk Frother and Warmer

milk-frotherSecura Automatic Milk Frother

How can you missed frothy milk?

13. Tonsik Coffee Cup


Tonsik Coffee Cup

Perfect gift for him and for you. The wooden handle actually keep your hand from being burned. This is a nice idea if you are planning to buy a coffee mug for him.

14. Sugar Cube


Indian Tree Brown Sugar Cube

We have a perfect gift that will make the morning coffee even more special- Brown European-Style Sugar Cubes. Life has never been sweeter than with these Sugar cubes.

15. Two in 1 coffee scoop and clip

gifts for coffee lover coffee atlas

The World Atlas of Coffee

Every true coffee lover has to be familiar with the origins of coffee and the ways how coffee is grown in the various countries. This fantastic book will definitely widen his horizon and make him even a greater coffee lover.

Have you found anything that he might love? Share this coffee gift ideas with your friend so they can find the best gifts for coffee lovers.

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