14 Useful Gifts For Civil Engineers (#6 is Funny!)

Looking for gifts for civil engineers? If you also have a civil engineer in the family or close circle of friends, I simply know that you will agree it is not that easy buying for them.

So, I did a little research instead of you and found these great gifts for civil engineers.

I think I found just the perfect gadgets and the most unusual gifts for civil engineers.

Some of them are practical, some hilarious, some even nutrient, but all of them are simply cool gifts for civil engineers.

What is left is to simply recognize the style of your engineer among these 14 best gifts for civil engineers.

1. This gifts for civil engineer that fix almost everything is going to amaze him

gifts for civil engineers bondic

Bondic Plastic Welder

This will in no time completely replace glue, you ask why? It is clean, waterproof, heat resistant, of perfect size and, what is the most important, with this you are able to fix almost everything in just seconds!

He will be, with absolutely no doubt, amazed. This 3D tool was voted as the most innovative product and can be used on plastic, metal, wood and materials.

Write your engineer a funny side note such as “Do not use on roads or bridges“ and voila, there is your perfect gift!

2. Let him measure accurately with this digital tape measure

gifts for civil engineers digital tape measurement

E-Tape Digital Tape Measure

I simply don’t know where to start with this one, with the perfect accuracy or so many other advanced features such as choice of metric or US units, 3 different memories or perhaps its weather resistant yet modern and stylish design.

There is no man that wouldn’t love this, especially a civil engineer who will so know how to appreciate it!

There is a large digital display on it, and the battery that will last up to 64 hours of continuous usage, so I say, go for it!

3. Let him had a laugh at this t-shirt

gifts for civil engineers t shirt

Funny T-Shirt For Civil Engineer

This t-shirt will definitely bring a smile to his face, and we all know that there is no point in arguing with engineers.

They are always right and will proudly wear this shirt, I can guarantee it.

I always go for black when buying others clothes, but you can choose from 12 colors and sizes go up to 4x large, how great is that?

4. It gets really cold to work during winter, this handwarmer is a great gift for him

gifts for civil engineers handwarmer

Zippo Handwarmer

Winter is here and when the temperature goes below freezing, imagine how civil engineers feel working outside.

These hand warmers have proven to be one of the best gifts for civil engineers. With zippo being the manufacturer, there is no doubt in quality and design is absolutely flawless.

You can choose from 10 colors, and each will bring him up to 12 hours of delicate and consistent heat. Your engineer will be so grateful!

5. He can brew his favorite coffee anywhere with this portable coffee maker

gifts for civil engineers coffee maker

Staresso Portable Coffee Maker

When you open the link you’ll probably end up ordering two of these, because this is not only one of the cool gifts for civil engineers but rather for all the coffee lovers.

With a smooth design and easy to clean parts, this STARESSO can make you a perfect double espresso in the morning, rich and creamy cappuccino in the afternoon, or perhaps a cup of cold brewed coffee to freshen your summer days.

And all this in just a few minutes and you can carry it in your backpack!

6. This is a great mug for him

gifts for civil engineers mug

Funny Engineer Mug

Another hilarious present, if your engineer is a funny type. This is a great way to ensure they have a smile on their faces, at least several times a day.

It fits 11 ounces of their favorite coffee or tea. Furthermore, this ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

7. This beanie comes with a light. This is going to keep him safe during the night shift

gifts for civil engineers beanie with light

Panther Vision Beanie With Light

This convenient beanie, except it, looks great, also serves a great purpose, to make work easier for your special engineer.

With sunset being at 4 or 5 pm during the winter, this is a perfect combination of a high-quality headlamp and a beanie warming his head, thus making his both hand free for work.

8. For the engineer who loves cooking

gifts for civil engineers cutting board

Engineer Bamboo Cutting Board

If your engineer enjoys cooking, look no further! This brilliant cutting board is made from 100% natural bamboo will ensure lightweight at the same time as tenacity and durability.

The engraved side can be just for display and show off, and the solid one will be the best cutting board this engineer has ever used, I promise!

This great cooking tool is one of the most unique gifts for civil engineers who are, as the board says itself, “chefs by night“.

9. Get him this variety of jerky that he can easily eat during the day

gifts for civil engineers jerky

15 Jerky Gift Pack

Men need their daily dose of protein, and tell me what is a better snack than jerky?

If your engineer often has a craving for jerky, these 15 individually wrapped premium snack sticks will be an ideal present!

He will never be hungry, at least for a week or two, and will have you to be grateful to.

10. Air purifier is a great gift to keep him healthy as he breathe in a lot of nasty air while working outside

gifts for civil engineers air purifier

Dyson Cool Link Air Purifier

Working outside can be tricky and unhealthy, quite an irony, right?

This gift will significantly improve the health of your favorite engineer by cleaning the air he breaths.

Except removing more than 99.9% of all the pollutants and allergens, this great device also includes a purifying fan for that perfect summer breeze you can turn on and off as you please.

Filters are super easy to change and on top of everything, the manufacturers provided a night-time auto mode, when it works using the quietest settings. Simply genius.

11. Make sure he has enough water during the day

gifts for civil engineers infused water bottle

Infusion Pro Infused Water Bottle

This eco-friendly water bottle has so many features and advantages, you will never settle for a regular one after using it. And there is no need for it, because it comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Not only it is leak proof and is made of Tritan plastic and stainless steel, it has a removable fruit / ice compartment.

With a capacity of 24oz (700ml), your engineer will never be thirsty! And for the looks, you can choose from white, green, pink and black versions.

12. If you are going to get him a watch, G-Shock watch is definitely a great gift as their watch is shock resistance

gifts for civil engineers G Shock watch

G-Shock GA100-1A1 Black

If you have already decided that present will be a hand watch and still have no clue about the style you should get, check this out! It looks really impressive, but that’s not even the reason I’m mentioning it.

This Casio watch is both shock and water resistant, has an incredibly precise stopwatch, 29 time zones, pre-programed calendar, LED light and so much more!

13. Need to charge up his gadget? This solar power bank is a great gift for him as he spend a lot of his time outdoor

gifts for civil engineers solar power bank

Solar Power Bank

If you’re dealing with someone who spends a lot of time outdoors these solar power banks are absolutely unusual gifts for civil engineers.

With so many electronic devices this will come in handy, as it can charge two devices at the same time.

There is a lithium battery armed with a solar panel in it, so it can charge itself under sunlight.

Moreover, if you press the button the LED flashlight turns on, and one more press causes an emergency light.

14. Now he can light up his cigarette easily with this windproof lighter

gifts for civil engineers windproof lighter

Tesla Coil Windproof Lighter

Another great invention carrying the name of one of the most influential people of all times.

This lighter is USB rechargeable, brilliantly constructed and innovative device.

Safety comes first and it is easy to use. One click and your cigarette is lit. It is a perfect gift for outdoorsy types because it is windproof.

Charge it once, and you’re set for the whole week, so don’t wait for a second more if your engineer is a smoker!

Have you decided which gift to get for him?

With such a diversity I’ve tried to use while looking for these unique gifts for civil engineers, I’m 100% positive that one (or 10 for that matter) can work for you.

If you’re still not sure, try to pick one main quality you would like your present to have, for example, practicality and then make a choice.

I know that buying gifts are hard, especially for civil engineers as they can be a little picky, but these are all really good and ingenious presents.

You can not go wrong with any of these cool gifts for civil engineers. Share this list with others who’re seeking for diversity.